P unneeded-build-dep-on-quilt

All reports of unneeded-build-dep-on-quilt for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

This package build-depends on quilt, which is not required since dpkg-source will apply patches at unpack time for 3.0 (quilt) source packages.

Remember to remove any references to quilt in the rules file (e.g. "--with quilt", dh_quilt_* or quilt makefile includes).

This tag is meant to remind people that with 3.0 (quilt), quilt is not necessary. If you keep the build-depends on quilt to ease backporting to older releases, then please ignore/override this tag.

Severity: pedantic, Certainty: possible

Check: patch-systems, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

389-admin (source)

389-admin-console (source)

389-adminutil (source)

389-console (source)

389-ds-base (source)

389-ds-console (source)

389-dsgw (source)

7kaa (source)

abiword (source)

acedb (source)

acidbase (source)

agave (source)

aiccu (source)

ampliconnoise (source)

anarchism (source)

ann (source)

apparmor (source)

apt-watch (source)

argyll (source)

arpack (source)

aspell-fr (source)

audex (source)

aurora (source)

autotrust (source)

axis2c (source)

bcpp (source)

bedtools (source)

biabam (source)

bibletime (source)

bidentd (source)

biococoa (source)

biogenesis (source)

bjsonrpc (source)

blacs-pvm (source)

bluez (source)

bmagic (source)

bouncycastle (source)

bulletml (source)

bygfoot (source)

bzr-builder (source)

cal (source)

carmetal (source)

castle-combat (source)

certmonger (source)

cfengine2 (source)

chaosreader (source)

childsplay (source)

chipmunk (source)

cjk (source)

clearsilver (source)

clipper (source)

clojure1.2 (source)

clojure1.4 (source)

coccinella (source)

concalc (source)

connectagram (source)

contour (source)

cpufreqd (source)

cpuset (source)

cricket (source)

crystalspace-glshader-cg (source)

curl (source)

cutter-testing-framework (source)

cwiid (source)

cyrus-imapd-2.4 (source)

cyrus-sasl2 (source)

datapm (source)

ddclient (source)

deap (source)

dejagnu (source)

dhcp-probe (source)

dialign (source)

django-threaded-multihost (source)

dkms (source)

dnssec-tools (source)

dozzaqueux (source)

dracut (source)

drbl (source)

dssi-vst (source)

dvbstreamer (source)

dvgrab (source)

dvipsk-ja (source)

dynagen (source)

dynamips (source)

eficas (source)

ekg2 (source)

elbcli (source)

elmerfem (source)

emacs23 (source)

emacs23-non-dfsg (source)

emacs24 (source)

emacs24-non-dfsg (source)

encfs (source)

enigma (source)

eo-spell (source)

epigrass (source)

etoys (source)

evolver (source)

expeyes (source)

faulthandler (source)

feel++ (source)

fetchmail (source)

ffmpeg2theora (source)

firefox (source)

flam3 (source)

fofix-dfsg (source)

fragmaster (source)

freegish (source)

freeglut (source)

freeipa (source)

freeplane (source)

freeplayer (source)

freetennis (source)

frontaccounting (source)

fso-datad (source)

fso-deviced (source)

fso-gsmd (source)

fso-specs (source)

fso-usaged (source)

ftgl (source)

fusioninventory-for-glpi (source)

gargoyle-free (source)

gauche (source)

gauche-c-wrapper (source)

gauche-gl (source)

geoclue (source)

geoclue-providers (source)

gerris (source)

getdp (source)

gfarm (source)

gfarm2fs (source)

ginspector (source)

glrr (source)

glrr-widgets (source)

gluegen2 (source)

gmotionlive (source)

gmt (source)

gmult (source)

gnarwl (source)

golly (source)

gourmet (source)

gpsim (source)

gpsshogi (source)

grib-api (source)

gsmartcontrol (source)

gsutil (source)

gtk+2.0 (source)

gtk-gnutella (source)

gtk-recordmydesktop (source)

gtkguitune (source)

gtkhotkey (source)

guifications (source)

guile-1.8-non-dfsg (source)

gvrng (source)

gweled (source)

haml-elisp (source)

haproxy (source)

herculesstudio (source)

hiki (source)

hunspell-dict-ko (source)

hypre (source)

iamcli (source)

ibm-3270 (source)

ibus-hangul (source)

ibus-xkbc (source)

icinga-web (source)

idm-console-framework (source)

idzebra (source)

igstk (source)

imhangul (source)

imhangul3 (source)

imwheel (source)

indicator-sound (source)

indicator-sound-gtk2 (source)

input-utils (source)

iozone3 (source)

itsol (source)

jasmin-sable (source)

jclic (source)

jedit (source) overridden

jsdoc-toolkit (source)

jss (source)

jsxgraph (source)

juman (source)

kaa-base (source)

kaa-metadata (source)

katoob (source)

kicad (source)

kmldonkey (source)

kumofs (source)

kwwidgets (source)

latex-make (source)

lazarus (source)

lcms2 (source)

ldns (source)

libalberta2 (source)

libalog (source)

libapache2-mod-auth-openid (source)

libapache2-mod-nss (source)

libapache2-mod-ruid2 (source)

libaws (source)

libbrahe (source)

libcanberra (source)

libcgns (source)

libcommons-dbcp-java (source)

libdecodeqr (source)

libdri2 (source)

libdvdread (source)

libesmtp (source)

libextutils-libbuilder-perl (source)

libffado (source)

libfile-slurp-unicode-perl (source)

libfso-glib (source)

libfsobasics (source)

libfsoframework (source)

libfsoresource (source)

libfsosystem (source)

libfsotransport (source)

libgettext-ruby (source)

libgsm0710 (source)

libgsm0710mux (source)

libgtkdatabox (source)

libhangul (source)

libhugetlbfs (source)

libimage-imlib2-perl (source)

libinnodb (source)

libjamon-java (source)

libjboss-cache1-java (source)

libjboss-metadata-java (source)

libjogl-java (source)

libjogl2-java (source)

libjpeg-turbo (source)

libkcddb (source)

libkcompactdisc (source)

libkolab-perl (source)

liblatex-decode-perl (source)

libmozilla-ldap-perl (source)

libnet-dns-perl (source)

libnet-dns-sec-perl (source)

libnss-mysql-bg (source)

libopkele (source)

libosl (source)

libpam-encfs (source)

libpeas (source)

libphone-ui (source)

libphone-ui-shr (source)

libpodofo (source)

libshr-glib (source)

libspnav (source)

libtelnet (source)

libview (source)

libwmf (source)

libxbean-java (source)

libzip-ruby (source)

linux-wlan-ng (source)

linuxdcpp (source)

lirc (source)

llvm-3.0 (source)

llvm-3.1 (source)

logkeys (source)

logrotate (source)

lua5.1 (source)

lua5.2 (source)

lua50 (source)

luabind (source)

luajit (source)

lustre (source)

lxde-common (source)

m17n-im-config (source)

mafft (source)

maildirsync (source)

maude (source)

mcl (source)

med-fichier (source)

mediathekview (source)

mensis (source)

metis-edf (source)

midgard2-core (source)

milter-greylist (source)

mipe (source)

mirage (source)

mlton (source)

mmdb (source)

mod-vhost-ldap (source)

monotone (source)

moodle (source)

mpdcron (source)

mpich2 (source)

mriconvert (source)

mrtg-rrd (source)

msgpack (source)

mtdev (source)

mtpaint (source)

multipartposthandler (source)

mumps (source)

mxml (source)

mydumper (source)

mythtv (source)

nabi (source)

nagvis (source)

nam (source)

nast (source)

nautilus-filename-repairer (source)

ncbi-blast+ (source)

neko (source)

nepomuk-core (source)

netcat (source)

netcat-openbsd (source)

netgen (source)

netperf (source)

nfdump (source)

ngetty (source)

nload (source)

nlopt (source)

ns2 (source)

ns3 (source)

numdiff (source)

oce (source)

octave-epstk (source)

oggfwd (source)

ohcount (source)

oidua (source)

onboard (source)

opencascade (source)

opendnssec (source)

openigtlink (source)

openmpi (source)

openmpi1.6 (source)

openstv (source)

openturns (source)

openvanilla-modules (source)

openvas-plugins-dfsg (source)

optgeo (source)

oregano (source)

osgearth (source)

oss4 (source)

otf2bdf (source)

owfs (source)

paje.app (source)

pandorafms-agent (source)

partclone (source)

pcalendar (source)

pd-ggee (source)

pd-hcs (source)

pd-libdir (source)

pd-motex (source)

pd-pddp (source)

pd-plugin (source)

pd-vbap (source)

pdns-recursor (source)

pebl (source)

perroquet (source)

petsc (source)

pgocaml (source)

pgsnap (source)

phlipple (source)

phonefsod (source)

phoneuid (source)

photon (source)

php-fpdf (source)

php-gettext (source)

php-imap (source)

php-kolab-filter (source)

pianobooster (source)

plasma-mobile (source)

plasma-mobile-config (source)

plplot (source)

plr (source)

popt (source)

postgresql-autodoc (source)

prelude-lml (source)

probalign (source)

prosody (source)

pth (source)

pulseaudio (source)

pygments (source)

pygobject (source)

pygobject-2 (source)

pygrace (source)

pykaraoke (source)

pylons (source)

pymecavideo (source)

pyroman (source)

pysycache (source)

python-dingus (source)

python-krbv (source)

python-nss (source)

python-webob (source)

python-whiteboard (source)

pythonqt (source)

qct (source)

qimhangul (source)

qsstv (source)

quickfix (source)

quodlibet (source)

quodlibet-plugins (source)

rail (source)

rakarrack (source)

rdtool (source)

readseq (source)

renpy (source)

robocode (source)

robocut (source)

rolldice (source)

ruby-eb (source)

ruby-filesystem (source)

ruby-gsl (source)

ruby-imagesize (source)

ruby-kakasi (source)

ruby-odbc (source)

ruby1.8 (source)

ruby1.9.1 (source)

rxp (source)

samtools (source)

sass-elisp (source)

sawfish (source)

saytime (source)

scapy (source)

scilab-swt (source)

sciscipy (source)

scmail (source)

scotch (source)

scribus (source)

scribus-doc (source)

scribus-ng-doc (source)

scsitools (source)

sdic (source)

sfact (source)

shinken (source)

sigscheme (source)

sivp (source)

sketch (source)

smartmontools (source)

smbind (source)

smbldap-tools (source)

smbnetfs (source)

smc (source)

socat (source)

sofa-framework (source)

softhsm (source)

solfege (source)

spacenavd (source)

sparskit (source)

speech-tools (source)

spooles (source)

sqlite3-pcre (source)

sqlobject (source)

squeak-vm (source)

sshmenu (source)

startactive (source)

structure-synth (source)

suck (source)

sunpinyin (source)

supercat (source)

suphp (source)

swfmill (source)

t-coffee (source)

taglib (source)

tclcl (source)

tcltls (source)

tcpxtract (source)

tdiary (source)

tdiary-contrib (source)

teem (source)

texlive-bin (source)

thunderbird (source)

tinywm (source)

tnef (source)

togl (source)

tomoe (source)

toshset (source)

tpm-tools (source)

translate-toolkit (source)

transtermhp (source)

treeline (source)

ttyrec (source)

turbogears2 (source)

tuxguitar (source)

uae (source)

uim (source)

unalz (source)

up-imapproxy (source)

urlgrabber (source)

util-vserver (source)

vala (source)

vala-0.10 (source)

vala-0.14 (source)

vala-0.16 (source)

valkyrie (source)

velvet (source)

virt-manager (source)

virtinst (source)

vym (source)

wayland (source)

webissues-server (source)

websvn (source)

weston (source)

whohas (source)

wims (source)

wordnet (source)

writetype (source)

wxgeometrie (source)

xdiskusage (source)

xdrawchem (source)

xf86-input-multitouch (source)

xf86-input-wacom (source)

xfprint4 (source)

xinput-calibrator (source)

xmlcopyeditor (source)

xmlindent (source)

xppaut (source)

xpuzzles (source)

xracer (source)

xsd (source)

xserver-xorg-video-qxl (source)

xyscan (source)

yaz (source)

yorick (source)

yorick-yao (source)

ytree (source)

zaz (source)

zeroc-ice (source)

zthreads (source)

zvbi (source)