P source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary

All reports of source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The source tarball contains a prebuilt binary for Microsoft Windows. They are usually provided for the convenience of users. These files usually just take up space in the tarball and are of no use in Debian.

Check if upstream also provides source-only tarballs that you can use as the upstream distribution instead. If not, you may want to ask upstream to provide source-only tarballs.

Severity: pedantic, Certainty: certain

Check: cruft, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

ace (source)

activemq (source)

altos (source)

amoeba-data (source)

ant1.7 (source)

antlr (source)

argyll (source)

atanks (source)

autopano-sift (source)

avrdude (source)

baycomepp (source)

baycomusb (source)

bible-kjv (source)

bibus (source)

billard-gl (source)

bml (source)

boinc-app-seti (source)

boost-mpi-source1.49 (source)

boost1.49 (source)

boost1.50 (source)

boxbackup (source)

bppsuite (source)

bsfilter (source)

bullet (source)

camlpdf (source)

cbflib (source)

cecil (source)

celestia (source)

chipmunk (source)

cl-sql (source)

cmake (source)

coin3 (source)

combat (source)

context (source)

deng (source)

devil (source)

dime (source)

distribute (source)

docvert (source)

drobo-utils (source)

enigmail (source)

erlang (source)

exiv2 (source)

extrema (source)

fgfs-base (source)

filezilla (source)

fische (source)

flvtool2 (source)

freemat (source)

funtools (source)

gadfly (source)

gambc (source)

gap (source)

gatos (source)

gccxml (source)

gentle (source)

gettext (source)

glassfish (source)

glm (source)

gnugk (source)

goattracker (source)

golang (source)

goo (source)

gpodder (source)

gpsbabel (source)

graphviz (source)

gsoap (source)

hashcash (source)

haskell-tinyurl (source)

highlight (source)

hugs98 (source)

id3v2 (source)

indigo (source)

inkscape (source)

insighttoolkit (source)

iputils (source)

jblas (source)

jed (source)

jline (source)

jsxgraph (source)

julius (source)

jython (source)

king (source)

kraptor (source)

lammps (source)

libcec (source)

libdmtx (source)

libflaim (source)

libkml (source)

libmng (source)

libnb-platform-java (source)

libpar-packer-perl (source)

libphysfs (source) overridden

librcps (source)

libreoffice (source)

libsvm (source)

libterralib (source)

libticables (source)

libtk-img (source)

libxflaim (source)

lisaac (source)

lmodern (source)

lockfile-progs (source)

luatex (source)

lucene-solr (source)

lyx (source)

lzma (source)

macopix (source)

melting (source)

miro (source)

missidentify (source)

mlterm (source)

mobile-atlas-creator (source)

mono (source)

mono-basic (source)

monodevelop (source)

moodle (source)

mozart (source)

mp3info (source)

mpeg2dec (source)

mpich (source)

mrtg (source)

muparser (source)

myodbc (source)

nautilus-clamscan (source)

ncpfs (source)

netpanzer (source)

netw-ib-ox-ag (source)

nexus (source)

nmap (source)

nyquist (source)

octave-nan (source)

octave-tsa (source)

ode (source)

ogre (source)

ogre-1.8 (source)

opencascade (source)

openmsx-catapult (source)

otp (source)

pam-tmpdir (source)

paml (source)

password-gorilla (source)

pd-mjlib (source)

perl-tk (source)

pgadmin3 (source)

phantomjs (source)

php-doc (source)

pidgin-musictracker (source)

portabase (source)

portmidi (source)

powder (source)

pptview (source)

pq (source)

praat (source)

ps2eps (source)

puppet (source)

pwlib (source)

pyopengl (source)

pyparallel (source)

python-cddb (source)

python-gdata (source)

python-pyhyphen (source)

python-regex (source)

python2.7 (source)

python3.2 (source)

python3.3 (source)

qca2 (source)

qmail-run (source)

qmail-tools (source)

qt4-x11 (source)

qtmobility (source)

quisk (source)

qutecom (source)

regina-rexx (source)

rinetd (source)

root-system (source)

ruby-prof (source)

samba (source)

samba4 (source)

scalpel (source)

scilab (source)

scratchbox2 (source)

screen-resolution-extra (source)

scummvm (source)

sdl-image1.2 (source)

sdl-mixer1.2 (source)

sdl-stretch (source)

sdl-ttf2.0 (source)

simage (source)

sks-ecc (source)

snmptt (source)

snort (source)

sofia-sip (source)

soqt (source)

soundmodem (source)

stardict-tools (source)

svox (source)

syslinux (source)

syslinux-legacy (source)

system-config-lvm (source)

tachyon (source)

tcpser (source)

tcptrace (source)

teem (source)

tetzle (source)

tex-gyre (source)

tex4ht (source)

texlive-base (source)

texlive-bin (source)

texlive-extra (source)

texlive-lang (source)

texmacs (source)

texmacs-extra-fonts (source)

texmaker (source)

tilp2 (source)

torcs (source)

tralics (source)

tsocks (source)

ttf2ufm (source)

tucnak2 (source)

ucl (source)

uicilibris (source)

uif (source)

uif2iso (source)

umlet (source)

uphpmvault (source)

videoporama (source)

viewvc (source)

vim (source)

virtualbox (source)

vlc (source)

w3af (source)

wbxml2 (source)

wiggle (source)

wims (source)

wine-gecko1.4 (source)

wireshark (source)

wsjt (source)

x-kit (source)

xbmc (source)

xboard (source)

xen (source)

xmail (source)

z88dk (source)

zentyal-openvpn (source)