I quilt-patch-missing-description

All reports of quilt-patch-missing-description for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

quilt patch files should start with a description of patch. All lines before the start of the patch itself are considered part of the description. You can edit the description with quilt header -e when the patch is at the top of the stack.

As well as a description of the purpose and function of the patch, the description should ideally contain author information, a URL for the bug report (if any), Debian or upstream bugs fixed by it, upstream status, the Debian version and date the patch was first included, and any other information that would be useful if someone were investigating the patch and underlying problem. Please consider using the DEP-3 format for this information.

Refer to http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/ for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: patch-systems, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

3depict (source)

4store (source)

7kaa (source)

abinit (source)

abr2gbr (source)

abyss (source)

accerciser (source)

accountsservice (source)

ace (source)

acedb (source)

aces3 (source)

acgvision-agent (source)

acoustid-fingerprinter (source)

acpitool (source)

activemq-activeio (source)

activemq-protobuf (source)

activity-log-manager (source)

activiz.net (source)

adacontrol (source)

adanaxisgpl (source)

adios (source)

adlint (source)

adonthell (source)

adonthell-data (source)

aegis (source)

aeskulap (source)

afuse (source)

airstrike (source)

alacarte (source)

algol68g (source)

algotutor (source)

alien-hunter (source)

allegro4.2 (source)

alpine (source)

alsa-driver (source)

alsa-lib (source)

alsa-tools (source)

alsa-utils (source)

alure (source)

am-utils (source)

amanda (source)

amap-align (source)

amarok (source)

amide (source)

amoeba (source)

ample (source)

amule (source)

amule-adunanza (source)

analog (source)

anjuta (source)

anjuta-extras (source)

ann (source)

anthy (source)

antigrav (source)

antlr (source)

antlr-maven-plugin (source)

ants (source)

ap-utils (source)

apache-log4j1.2 (source)

apbs (source)

apcupsd (source)

apf-firewall (source)

apr-util (source)

apron (source)

apt-watch (source)

apt-xapian-index (source)

aptitude (source)

arb (source)

ardour (source)

argyll (source)

arj (source)

arora (source)

arpack++ (source)

arpalert (source)

arpon (source)

arptables (source)

as31 (source)

asciijump (source)

asclock (source)

asis (source)

asm2 (source)

asmix (source)

aspcud (source)

aspectwerkz2 (source)

aspell-fr (source)

astk (source)

asunder (source)

asus-oled-dkms (source)

at-spi2-atk (source)

atitvout (source)

atlc (source)

atris (source)

ats-lang-anairiats (source)

aubio (source)

audacious-plugins (source)

audtty (source)

augeas (source)

auth2db (source)

autoconf2.59 (source)

autoconf2.64 (source)

autodir (source)

autodock-vina (source)

autogen (source)

automake1.11 (source)

avahi (source)

avfs (source)

avian (source)

avidemux (source)

avifile (source)

aweather (source)

awn-extras (source)

axis2c (source)

aylet (source)

balazar (source)

balazarbrothers (source)

balsa (source)

basenji (source)

bash-completion (source)

bashdb (source)

basket (source)

bastet (source)

batik (source)

bcpp (source)

bdii (source)

beast (source)

beast-mcmc (source)

berusky (source)

berusky-data (source)

biabam (source)

bibshelf (source)

binclock (source)

bindex (source)

bindfs (source)

biniax2 (source)

binkd (source)

binutils (source)

binwalk (source)

biosig4c++ (source)

bird (source)

bisho (source)

bitstormlite (source)

bjsonrpc (source)

blacs-pvm (source)

blam (source)

blcr (source)

blitz++ (source)

blktap (source)

blktool (source)

bloboats (source)

blockattack (source)

blockout2 (source)

blueman (source)

blueproximity (source)

bluetile (source)

bmagic (source)

bml (source)

boa (source)

boinc (source)

boswars (source)

bouncy (source)

box2d (source)

boxshade (source)

brian (source)

brltty (source)

broadcom-sta (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn (source)

browser-history (source)

brutalchess (source)

brutefir (source)

bsd-finger (source)

bsfilter (source)

bsh (source)

bsl (source)

bucardo (source)

buffer (source)

buoy (source)

busybox (source)

buxon (source)

bvi (source)

bwidget (source)

byacc-j (source)

bytecode (source)

bzip2 (source)

c2esp (source)

cabal-debian (source)

cairo (source)

cairo-dock (source)

cal (source)

calf (source)

calibre (source)

calligra (source)

camlimages (source)

cardstories (source)

caret (source)

carmetal (source)

cbflib (source)

cc1111 (source)

cccd (source)

ccfits (source)

cctools (source)

cd-hit (source)

cdcat (source)

cdcd (source)

cddlib (source)

cde (source)

cdparanoia (source)

cecil (source)

ceferino (source)

cegui-mk2 (source)

celery (source)

celestia (source)

cenon.app (source)

certmonger (source)

cfitsio3 (source)

cgiemail (source)

cgoban (source)

cgsi-gsoap (source)

charva (source)

charybdis (source)

checkpolicy (source)

cheetah (source)

chef (source)

chef-server-api (source)

chef-server-webui (source)

chemical-structures (source)

cherrypy3 (source)

chicken (source)

chipmunk (source)

chkrootkit (source)

chktex (source)

chntpw (source)

chromium-browser (source)

ciderwebmail (source)

cinfony (source)

cksfv (source)

cl-clx-sbcl (source)

cl-mcclim (source)

cl-spatial-trees (source)

clam (source)

clang (source)

clanlib (source)

classworlds (source)

clearsilver (source)

clementine (source)

clhep (source)

clif (source)

clirr (source)

clirr-maven-plugin (source)

clisp (source)

clojure1.2 (source)

clojure1.4 (source)

cloog-ppl (source)

cloop (source)

clp (source)

clucene-core (source)

cluster-agents (source)

clusterssh (source)

cmake (source)

cmdpack (source)

cmospwd (source)

cmt (source)

cmtk (source)

cobbler (source)

cobertura (source)

coccinella (source)

coccinelle (source)

codeblocks (source)

codecgraph (source)

cogl (source)

coils (source)

coinor-cbc (source)

coinor-cgl (source)

coinor-csdp (source)

coinor-dylp (source)

coinor-osi (source)

coinor-symphony (source)

coinor-vol (source)

coinutils (source)

collectl (source)

collectl-utils (source)

combat (source)

comixcursors (source)

commons-daemon (source)

commons-httpclient (source)

compass-yui-plugin (source)

compiz (source)

compizconfig-backend-kconfig (source)

concalc (source)

conmux (source)

connect-proxy (source)

cook (source)

coriander (source)

cortado (source)

couchdb (source)

cp2k (source)

cpio (source)

cpptest (source)

cpuburn (source)

cpushare (source)

crash (source)

crawl (source)

cricket (source)

critterding (source)

crm114 (source)

cronolog (source)

crossfire (source)

crossfire-client (source)

crossroads (source)

csound (source)

ctemplate (source)

ctioga2 (source)

cufflinks (source)

cup (source)

cups (source)

cutecom (source)

cutesdr (source)

cvschangelogbuilder (source)

cvxopt (source)

cwiid (source)

cxxtools (source)

cycle (source)

cyrus-imapd-2.4 (source)

cyrus-imspd (source)

cyrus-sasl2 (source)

cytadela (source)

dacs (source)

dans-gdal-scripts (source)

dar (source)

dares (source)

darkice (source)

darts (source)

datapm (source)

db (source)

db4o (source)

db5.3 (source)

dbus (source)

dcap (source)

dcmtk (source)

dconf-qt (source)

dd2 (source)

ddclient (source)

ddd (source)

dds (source)

deal (source)

dealer (source)

debmirror (source)

decibel-audio-player (source)

delta (source)

device-tree-compiler (source)

devil (source)

dff (source)

dfo (source)

dfu-programmer (source)

dhis-server (source)

diagnostics (source)

dicomnifti (source)

dicompyler (source)

digikam (source)

diod (source)

dipy (source)

dirdiff (source)

distributed-net (source)

ditz (source)

django-threaded-multihost (source)

dmalloc (source)

dnssec-tools (source)

dnstop (source)

docbook-to-man (source)

docker (source)

doclifter (source)

dolfin (source)

dolphin-plugins-bazaar (source)

dooble (source)

doxygen (source)

dozzaqueux (source)

dracut (source)

drbd8 (source)

drbl (source)

dsc-statistics (source)

dumbster (source)

dune-common (source)

dune-geometry (source)

dune-grid (source)

dv4l (source)

dvbstreamer (source)

dvbtune (source)

dvd-slideshow (source)

dvdauthor (source)

dvhtool (source)

dwarfutils (source)

dynamips (source)

dynamite (source)

e17 (source)

easymp3gain (source)

easyspice (source)

ebook-speaker (source)

ebtables (source)

ebview (source)

ecb (source)

eclipse (source)

eclipse-emf (source)

ecore (source)

editline (source)

eficas (source)

eglibc (source)

eina (source)

einstein (source)

ekeyd (source)

ekiga (source)

electric (source)

electricsheep (source)

elementary (source)

elfutils (source)

elilo (source)

elki (source)

elmerfem (source)

elvis (source)

elvis-tiny (source)

emacs23 (source)

emacs24 (source)

emma (source)

emma-coverage (source)

empathy (source)

empty-expect (source)

enblend-enfuse (source)

encfs (source)

enchant (source)

enemylines3 (source)

enemylines7 (source)

enigma (source)

enigmail (source)

enna (source)

entagged (source)

epcr (source)

epdfview (source)

epic5 (source)

epiphany-browser (source)

epm (source)

erm (source)

eruby (source)

esdl (source)

esound (source)

espeak (source)

espeakedit (source)

espresso (source)

esys-particle (source)

etoys (source)

etw (source)

euca2ools (source)

eurephia (source)

evince (source)

evolution (source)

evolution-rss (source)

exactimage (source)

exiftags (source)

exim4 (source)

exiv2 (source)

expeyes (source)

extace (source)

extremetuxracer (source)

exult (source)

ez-ipupdate (source)

eztrace (source)

fabric (source)

fact++ (source)

fakeroot (source)

fastjet (source)

fatresize (source)

fbi (source)

fbpanel (source)

fbreader (source)

fbset (source)

fcitx-configtool (source)

fcitx-hangul (source)

fcitx-table-extra (source)

feh (source)

felix-latin (source)

fflas-ffpack (source)

ffmpeg-php (source)

ffmpeg2theora (source)

ffrenzy (source)

fftw (source)

fftw3 (source)

fftw3-mpi (source)

fgfs-base (source)

fiaif (source)

fife (source)

file-mmagic (source)

file-roller (source)

firestarter (source)

fish (source)

fizmo (source)

flann (source)

flint (source)

flite (source)

flog (source)

flup (source)

fontconfig (source)

fontforge (source)

fonts-beteckna (source)

fonts-dzongkha (source)

fonts-manchufont (source)

foo2zjs (source)

foobillard (source)

fop (source)

fpc (source)

fplll (source)

fqterm (source)

fragmaster (source)

frame (source)

freebsd-buildutils (source)

freebsd-sendpr (source)

freedroid (source)

freedroidrpg (source)

freeglut (source)

freemind (source)

freeplane (source)

freeradius (source)

freerdp (source)

freesweep (source)

freetts (source)

freevo (source)

freewheeling (source)

freewnn (source)

frontaccounting (source)

frown (source)

frozen-bubble (source)

fsgateway (source)

fsl (source)

ftdi-eeprom (source)

ftgl (source)

ftpgrab (source)

funkload (source)

funnyboat (source)

fuse-zip (source)

fusionforge (source)

fusioninventory-agent (source)

fusioninventory-for-glpi (source)

fuzzyocr (source)

fwbuilder (source)

fxload (source)

fxt (source)

g2 (source)

gaffitter (source)

gambas3 (source)

game-music-emu (source)

gamin (source)

gamine (source)

gaphas (source)

garden-of-coloured-lights (source)

gauche (source)

gbatnav (source)

gbirthday (source)

gbonds (source)

gcal (source)

gcalcli (source)

gcc-h8300-hms (source)

gccxml (source)

gco (source)

gcompris (source)

gconf (source)

gd4o (source)

gdal (source)

gdata-sharp (source)

gdb (source)

gdb-msp430 (source)

gdbm (source)

gdcm (source)

gdm (source)

geany-plugins (source)

gearhead (source)

gearhead2 (source)

gebabbel (source)

gecode (source)

gedit (source)

geis (source)

geki2 (source)

geki3 (source)

gemanx-gtk2 (source)

gems (source)

genders (source)

genetic (source)

geneweb (source)

genext2fs (source)

gentle (source)

genus2reduction (source)

geoclue (source)

geographiclib (source)

geos (source)

gerris (source)

getdp (source)

getfem++ (source)

gexiv2 (source)

gfan (source)

gfarm2fs (source)

gfs2-utils (source)

gftp (source)

ggcov (source)

ghc (source)

ghostscript (source)

gif2png (source)

gifticlib (source)

giftrans (source)

gimp (source)

gimp-plugin-registry (source)

gimp-texturize (source)

ginkgocadx (source)

git-extras (source)

givaro (source)

gjots2 (source)

gksu (source)

glabels (source)

glade (source)

glade-3 (source)

glance (source)

gle-graphics (source)

glib2.0 (source)

glide (source)

glob2 (source)

globs (source)

globus-core (source)

globus-gass-cache-program (source)

globus-gram-protocol (source)

globus-rls-client (source)

globus-rls-server (source)

glpi (source)

gluegen2 (source)

gmail-notify (source)

gmchess (source)

gmediaserver (source)

gmic (source)

gmime (source)

gmp (source)

gmp4 (source)

gmt (source)

gmysqlcc (source)

gnarwl (source)

gnat-gps (source)

gnokii (source)

gnome-activity-journal (source)

gnome-alsamixer (source)

gnome-applets (source)

gnome-bluetooth (source)

gnome-commander (source)

gnome-contacts (source)

gnome-control-center (source)

gnome-desktop (source)

gnome-documents (source)

gnome-games (source)

gnome-js-common (source)

gnome-keyring (source)

gnome-media (source)

gnome-menus (source)

gnome-menus2 (source)

gnome-orca (source)

gnome-panel (source)

gnome-phone-manager (source)

gnome-python-desktop (source)

gnome-python-extras (source)

gnome-rdp (source)

gnome-scan (source)

gnome-screensaver (source)

gnome-screenshot (source)

gnome-session (source)

gnome-settings-daemon (source)

gnome-sharp2 (source)

gnome-sushi (source)

gnome-system-tools (source)

gnome-terminal (source)

gnome-themes-standard (source)

gnome-tweak-tool (source)

gnome-u2ps (source)

gnome-user-share (source)

gnome-utils (source)

gnome-vfs (source)

gnomekiss (source)

gnomeradio (source)

gnonlin (source)

gnotime (source)

gnu-smalltalk (source)

gnudoq (source)

gnugo (source)

gnuhtml2latex (source)

gnumed-client (source)

gnunet (source)

gnupg2 (source)

gnuplot (source)

gnuplot-mode (source)

gnuradio (source)

gnurobots (source)

gnutls26 (source)

gnuvd (source)

goban (source)

gobi-loader (source)

goffice (source)

gogoc (source)

golang (source)

goobox (source)

google-glog (source)

google-mock (source)

gosa (source)

gosmore (source)

gozer (source)

gozerbot (source)

gparted (source)

gpe-bluetooth (source)

gpe-calendar (source)

gpe-clock (source)

gpe-julia (source)

gpm (source)

gpsbabel (source)

gpsim (source)

gpsshogi (source)

grail (source)

graphite2 (source)

graphmonkey (source)

graphthing (source)

graphviz (source)

grass (source)

gravitywars (source)

grcm (source)

grdesktop (source)

grep (source)

gresolver (source)

grib-api (source)

gridengine (source)

gridsite (source)

grok (source)

groundhog (source)

grub2 (source)

gshare (source)

gsoap (source)

gst-libav1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-bad-multiverse0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-bad0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-bad1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-base0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-base1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-good0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-good1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-ugly0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-ugly1.0 (source)

gst0.10-python (source)

gstm (source)

gstreamer0.10 (source)

gstreamer0.10-dvswitch (source)

gstreamer0.10-editing-services (source)

gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (source)

gstreamer1.0 (source)

gstreamermm (source)

gsutil (source)

gtest (source)

gtg-trace (source)

gtk+2.0 (source)

gtk+3.0 (source)

gtk-chtheme (source)

gtk-recordmydesktop (source)

gtk2-engines (source)

gtk2-engines-murrine (source)

gtk2hs-buildtools (source)

gtkaml (source)

gtkglarea-sharp (source)

gtkglextmm (source)

gtklp (source)

gtkmathview (source)

gtkpod (source)

gtkpool (source)

gtksourceview3 (source)

guacamole (source)

guake (source)

guava (source)

guile-1.6 (source)

guile-pg (source)

guppy (source)

guymager (source)

gvfs (source)

gvpe (source)

gvrng (source)

gweled (source)

gwenrename (source)

gworkspace (source)

gxmessage (source)

gxneur (source)

gzip (source)

h323plus (source)

h5utils (source)

hachoir-wx (source)

hal (source)

hal-info (source)

haproxy (source)

haskell-aeson (source)

haskell-base64-bytestring (source)

haskell-clientsession (source)

haskell-crypto (source)

haskell-debian (source)

haskell-edison-api (source)

haskell-gtk (source)

haskell-hledger-vty (source)

haskell-hledger-web (source)

haskell-ltk (source)

haskell-maccatcher (source)

haskell-unix-bytestring (source)

haskell-unlambda (source)

haskell-webkit (source)

haskell-yesod (source)

haskell98-report (source)

hbro (source)

hdf-eos4 (source)

hdf5 (source)

heimdal (source)

helium (source)

hepmc (source)

hex-a-hop (source)

hexalate (source)

hexedit (source)

hfsprogs (source)

hicolor-icon-theme (source)

hiki (source)

hoichess (source)

homebank (source)

horae (source)

horizon (source)

hotswap (source)

hpcc (source)

hplip (source)

ht (source)

htcheck (source)

html2ps (source)

html2text (source)

htmlgen (source)

httest (source)

httperf (source)

hwinfo (source)

hwloc (source)

hydrogen (source)

hylafax (source)

hyperestraier (source)

i2c-tools (source)

i3-wm (source)

iamcli (source)

ibm-3270 (source)

ibod (source)

ibus (source)

ibus-array (source)

ibus-chewing (source)

ibus-xkbc (source)

icecast2 (source)

icecc-monitor (source)

icedtea-web (source)

icewm (source)

icon-naming-utils (source)

icu (source)

ifmail (source)

ifpgui (source)

ifscheme (source)

ifuse (source)

igstk (source)

ikvm (source)

imageshack-uploader (source)

imagination (source)

imapfilter (source)

imaptool (source)

imdbpy (source)

imhangul (source)

imhangul3 (source)

iml (source)

imlib2 (source)

imview (source)

indicator-network (source)

indigo (source)

indiv-screenlets (source)

inetutils (source)

infernal (source)

inguma (source)

inkscape (source)

inn (source)

inn2 (source)

inosync (source)

insighttoolkit (source)

inventor (source)

io-stringy (source)

ioping (source)

ipe (source)

ipgrab (source)

ipheth (source)

ipmitool (source)

ips (source)

iptux (source)

iputils (source)

ipxe (source)

ircd-ratbox (source)

ircp-tray (source)

irssi (source)

isakmpd (source)

isc-dhcp (source)

iscsitarget (source)

isight-firmware-tools (source)

isns (source)

isomaster (source)

ispell-lt (source)

istanbul (source)

itcl3 (source)

itk3 (source)

itksnap (source)

iwidgets4 (source)

jaffl (source)

jakarta-taglibs-standard (source)

jalview (source)

jam-lib (source)

jardiff (source)

jargon-text (source)

java3d (source)

jaxme (source)

jbig2dec (source)

jbossas4 (source)

jclic (source)

jebl2 (source)

jellyfish (source)

jenkins-xstream (source)

jeuclid (source)

jffi (source)

jffnms (source)

jflex (source)

jfractionlab (source)

jfsutils (source)

jhdf (source)

jmagick (source)

jodconverter (source)

jqapi (source)

jquery (source)

jruby-joni (source)

jscoverage (source)

jsdoc-toolkit (source)

jsilver (source)

jss (source)

jsxgraph (source)

k3b (source)

k3d (source)

k9copy (source)

kaa-imlib2 (source)

kaa-metadata (source)

kakasi (source)

kalternatives (source)

katoob (source)

kball (source)

kbdd (source)

kbibtex (source)

kcheckers (source)

kchmviewer (source)

kde-baseapps (source)

kde-gtk-config (source)

kde-runtime (source)

kde-workspace (source)

kde4libs (source)

kdenetwork (source)

kdepim (source)

kdesvn (source)

kdiff3 (source)

kdrill (source)

kedpm (source)

kepas (source)

kerneloops (source)

ketm (source)

kexec-tools (source)

keystone (source)

kftpgrabber (source)

kgb (source)

kile (source)

kino (source)

klustakwik (source)

kmediafactory (source)

knopflerfish-osgi (source)

knot (source)

knowledgeroot (source)

kolab-cyrus-imapd (source)

kompozer (source)

konsole (source)

konversation (source)

kopete-plugin-thinklight (source)

kplayer (source)

krank (source)

kraptor (source)

kredentials (source)

kscope (source)

ksh (source)

ktp-text-ui (source)

kumofs (source)

kvkbd (source)

kwwidgets (source)

kx11grab (source)

kxl (source)

labrea (source)

ladvd (source)

lambdabot (source)

landscape-client (source)

langdrill (source)

langpack-locales (source)

lapack (source)

lastfm (source)

lastfmproxy (source)

lat (source)

latex2html (source)

lcalc (source)

lcgdm (source)

lcms2 (source)

ldiskfsprogs (source)

ldns (source)

le (source)

lein-clojars (source)

less.js (source)

lhapdf (source)

libaio (source)

libalberta2 (source)

libapache-authznetldap-perl (source)

libapache-mod-auth-kerb (source)

libapache2-mod-nss (source)

libapache2-mod-rivet (source)

libapache2-mod-ruid2 (source)

libassa (source)

libaudiomask (source)

libauthen-captcha-perl (source)

libaws (source)

libbarcode-code128-perl (source)

libbinio (source)

libbloom-filter-perl (source)

libbsf-java (source)

libcache-simple-timedexpiry-perl (source)

libcam-pdf-perl (source)

libcanberra (source)

libcap-ng (source)

libcapsinetwork (source)

libccscript3 (source)

libcdk5 (source)

libchemistry-elements-perl (source)

libchewing (source)

libcitygml (source)

libclaw (source)

libcli (source)

libcmis (source)

libcommons-attributes-java (source)

libcommons-collections-java (source)

libcommons-collections3-java (source)

libcommons-digester-java (source)

libcommons-discovery-java (source)

libcommons-jexl-java (source)

libcommons-jxpath-java (source)

libcommons-logging-java (source)

libcommons-modeler-java (source)

libcommons-net1-java (source)

libcommons-validator-java (source)

libconfig-apacheformat-perl (source)

libconvert-ber-perl (source)

libconvert-binhex-perl (source)

libcorona-perl (source)

libcoyotl (source)

libcrypt-gcrypt-perl (source)

libcrypt-openssl-random-perl (source)

libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl (source)

libcrypto++ (source)

libcryptui (source)

libcsoap (source)

libdaemon (source)

libdata-walk-perl (source)

libdb-je-java (source)

libdbd-excel-perl (source)

libdc1394-22 (source)

libdecodeqr (source)

libdevel-gdb-perl (source)

libdigidocpp (source)

libdispatch (source)

libdisplaymigration (source)

libdrm (source)

libdtdparser-java (source)

libdumb (source)

libdvb (source)

libesmtp (source)

libevocosm (source)

libextractor (source)

libfakekey (source)

libfcgi (source)

libffado (source)

libffi (source)

libfilesys-smbclient-perl (source)

libfinance-quote-perl (source)

libflexdock-java (source)

libflickr-api-perl (source)

libflorist (source)

libfreemarker-java (source)

libftdi (source)

libgc (source)

libgcrypt11 (source)

libgctp (source)

libgdal-grass (source)

libgdata (source)

libgdchart-gd2 (source)

libgeo-metar-perl (source)

libgeotiff-dfsg (source)

libgetdata (source)

libgetopt++ (source)

libgetopt-tabular-perl (source)

libggi (source)

libggimisc (source)

libgii (source)

libgksu (source)

libgnome (source)

libgnomecanvas (source)

libgnomecups (source)

libgnomekbd (source)

libgnomeprint (source)

libgnomeui (source)

libgraphviz-perl (source)

libgrinvin-core-java (source)

libgtkdatabox (source)

libgtop2 (source)

libguac (source)

libguac-client-rdp (source)

libguac-client-vnc (source)

libgweather (source)

libhangul (source)

libhdf4 (source)

libhtml-clean-perl (source)

libhtml-popuptreeselect-perl (source)

libhtml-tagset-perl (source)

libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl (source)

libhtml-wikiconverter-perl (source)

libhttp-cache-transparent-perl (source)

libhugetlbfs (source)

libhx (source)

libimobiledevice (source)

libio-capture-perl (source)

libio-lockedfile-perl (source)

libio-stty-perl (source)

libiodbc2 (source)

libircclient (source)

libirman (source)

libitext1-java (source)

libjaba-client-java (source)

libjamon-java (source)

libjcommon-java (source)

libjena-iri-java (source)

libjfreechart-java (source)

libjgrapht0.6-java (source)

libjgraphx-java (source)

libjibx1.1-java (source)

libjibx1.2-java (source)

libjlha-java (source)

libjna-java (source)

libjogl-java (source)

libjogl2-java (source)

libjpeg-turbo (source)

libjrosetta-java (source)

libjspeex-java (source)

libkcddb (source)

libkcompactdisc (source)

libkml (source)

libkmlframework-java (source)

libkolabxml (source)

libkqueue (source)

libkwiki-perl (source)

liblas (source)

liblatex-decode-perl (source)

liblivemedia (source)

liblockfile (source)

liblouis (source)

liblrdf (source)

libm4ri (source)

libmad (source)

libmarc-perl (source)

libmath++ (source)

libmath-nocarry-perl (source)

libmath-numbercruncher-perl (source)

libmesh (source)

libmozilla-ldap-perl (source)

libmpc (source)

libnet (source)

libnet-dns-sec-perl (source)

libnet-ipv6addr-perl (source)

libnet-irc-perl (source)

libnet-rawip-perl (source)

libnet-server-coro-perl (source)

libnet-snpp-perl (source)

libnet-whois-ripe-perl (source)

libnetx-java (source)

libnews-scan-perl (source)

libnl (source)

libnss-ldap (source)

libnss-lwres (source)

libnxml (source)

libofa (source)

libofx (source)

liboggplay (source)

libogre-perl (source)

libomxil-bellagio (source)

liboop (source)

libopenobex (source)

libopkele (source)

liboptions-java (source)

liborigin (source)

libosl (source)

libpam-mount (source)

libpdl-io-hdf5-perl (source)

libpdl-netcdf-perl (source)

libphone-ui-shr (source)

libplist (source)

libpng (source)

libpodofo (source)

libproxool-java (source)

libpst (source)

librdf-trineshortcuts-perl (source)

libreadonly-xs-perl (source)

libreoffice (source)

libreoffice-voikko (source)

libresample (source)

librest-application-perl (source)

librsvg (source)

librtas (source)

librtcom-telepathy-glib (source)

librunapp-perl (source)

libsdl-sge (source)

libsecret (source)

libsemanage (source)

libsfml (source)

libsigsegv (source)

libskinlf-java (source)

libsnmp-ruby (source)

libspreadsheet-parseexcel-simple-perl (source)

libstax-java (source)

libstxxl (source)

libswirl-java (source)

libswish-api-common-perl (source)

libsylph (source)

libsyncml (source)

libsyntax-highlight-perl-improved-perl (source)

libtango (source)

libtelnet (source)

libtemplates-parser (source)

libtext-mecab-perl (source)

libtirpc (source)

libtk-gbarr-perl (source)

libtk-img (source)

libtk-tablematrix-perl (source)

libtool (source)

libtpclient-py (source)

libtpproto-py (source)

libtranslate (source)

libtritonus-java (source)

libtuxcap (source)

libucimf (source)

libunique (source)

libunwind (source)

libusb (source)

libusb-java (source)

libusbtc08 (source)

libview (source)

libvigraimpex (source)

libvirt (source)

libvisual-plugins (source)

libvldocking-java (source)

libvpx (source)

libwmf (source)

libwnck (source)

libwnck3 (source)

libwwwbrowser-perl (source)

libx11 (source)

libxalan2-java (source)

libxapool-java (source)

libxerces2-java (source)

libxklavier (source)

libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java (source)

libxml-dom-perl (source)

libxml-xerces-perl (source)

libxml-xpath-perl (source)

libxmlada (source)

libxmu (source)

libxpp3-java (source)

libxray-spacegroup-perl (source)

libxt-java (source)

libxvmc (source)

libyanfs-java (source)

libzeitgeist (source)

libzerg (source)

libzip (source)

libzip-ruby (source)

libzn-poly (source)

lightdm (source)

lightning-extension (source)

lighttpd (source)

likewise-open (source)

linbox (source)

lincity (source)

lincity-ng (source)

linthesia (source)

linux-atm (source)

linux-base (source)

linuxinfo (source)

linuxlogo (source)

linuxtv-dvb-apps (source)

liquidwar (source)

listadmin (source)

literki (source)

littlewizard (source)

llgal (source)

lltag (source)

llvm-3.0 (source)

llvm-3.1 (source)

lm-sensors (source)

lmemory (source)

lmms (source)

log4cpp (source)

loggedfs (source)

logkeys (source)

logrotate (source)

loki (source)

londonlaw (source)

loudmouth (source)

lowpan-tools (source)

lprng (source)

lsh-utils (source)

lshw (source)

lua-apr (source)

lua-dbi (source)

lua-expat (source)

lua-ldap (source)

lua-lpeg (source)

lua-md5 (source)

lua-penlight (source)

lua-posix (source)

lua-rexlib (source)

lua-wsapi (source)

lua-zlib (source)

lua5.2 (source)

luajit (source)

luatex (source)

luvcview (source)

lvm2 (source)

lwipv6 (source)

lxc (source)

lxde-common (source)

lxdm (source)

lxkeymap (source)

lxterminal (source)

lybniz (source)

lyskom-elisp-client (source)

lzma (source)

m-tx (source)

maas (source)

maas-provision (source)

madlib (source)

magicfilter (source)

magpierss (source)

maildir-utils (source)

maildirsync (source)

malaga (source)

manderlbot (source)

manpages-tr (source)

mapserver (source)

maqview (source)

matchbox-panel (source)

matchbox-window-manager (source)

matita (source)

maven (source)

maven-assembly-plugin (source)

maven-compiler-plugin (source)

maven-dependency-plugin (source)

maven-ear-plugin (source)

maven-embedder (source)

maven-file-management (source)

maven-hpi-plugin (source)

maven-install-plugin (source)

maven-javadoc-plugin (source)

maven-shade-plugin (source)

maven2 (source)

mawk (source)

maximus (source)

mayavi2 (source)

mcdp (source)

mcrl2 (source)

me-tv (source)

mecab (source)

med-fichier (source)

mediatomb (source)

medusa (source)

meep-openmpi (source)

melange (source)

meld (source)

memcached (source)

memphis (source)

mensis (source)

mergelog (source)

merkaartor (source)

mesa (source)

mesa-glw (source)

metacity (source)

metis-edf (source)

mgltools-pmv (source)

mgltools-viewerframework (source)

mgm (source)

mgp (source)

mgt (source)

mic2 (source)

micropolis-activity (source)

midori (source)

mighttpd2 (source)

migrationtools (source)

minbar (source)

minc (source)

ming (source)

mingetty (source)

mingw-ocaml (source)

minicom (source)

mirmon (source)

mistelix (source)

mjpegtools (source)

mlton (source)

mnemosyne (source)

moblin-cursor-theme (source)

mockobjects (source)

modello-maven-plugin (source)

modemmanager (source)

module-init-tools (source)

monkeystudio (source)

mono-addins (source)

mono-tools (source)

mono-uia (source)

mono-uia-atkbridge (source)

mono-uia-winforms (source)

mono.reflection (source)

monobristol (source)

monodevelop (source)

monodevelop-debugger-gdb (source)

monogame (source)

monsterz (source)

motion (source)

mousepad (source)

mozjs (source)

mp3blaster (source)

mpack (source)

mpage (source)

mpeg2dec (source)

mpich2 (source)

mppenc (source)

mpqc (source)

mrmpi (source)

mrtg-rrd (source)

mrtrix (source)

msgpack (source)

mssstest (source)

mtj (source)

mtpaint (source)

mtpfs (source)

multipartposthandler (source)

multipath-tools (source)

mumble (source)

mumble-django (source)

mummer (source)

mummy (source)

mupdf (source)

musescore (source)

mutter (source)

mydumper (source)

myproxy (source)

mysql-5.5 (source)

mysql-connector-c++ (source)

mysql-connector-net (source)

mythtv (source)

n2n (source)

naga (source)

nagios-plugins-contrib (source)

nagvis (source)

nailgun (source)

naist-jdic (source)

nam (source)

nanoweb (source)

nasm (source)

natbraille (source)

nautilus (source)

nautilus-filename-repairer (source)

nautilus-ideviceinfo (source)

nautilus-share (source)

nbtscan (source)

ncpfs (source)

ndiswrapper (source)

nekohtml (source)

nepomuk-core (source)

net-luminis-build-plugin (source)

net-snmp (source)

net-tools (source)

netams (source)

netatalk (source)

netcat (source)

netcat-openbsd (source)

netcf (source)

netenv (source)

netgen (source)

nethogs (source)

netpanzer (source)

netperf (source)

netspeed (source)

netsurf (source)

netw-ib-ox-ag (source)

network-manager (source)

network-manager-applet (source)

network-manager-openvpn (source)

neverball (source)

newmat (source)

nexuiz-data (source)

nfs-utils (source)

nfs4-acl-tools (source)

nget (source)

nicotine (source)

nifticlib (source)

nikwi (source)

nitime (source)

nlopt (source)

nlpsolver (source)

node-postgres (source)

nordugrid-arc (source)

nova (source)

novnc (source)

ns3 (source)

nspluginwrapper (source)

nspr (source)

nss (source)

ntfs-config (source)

nuapplet (source)

numdiff (source)

nut (source)

nux (source)

nvidia-settings (source)

nvidia-settings-experimental-304 (source)

nvidia-settings-updates (source)

nwchem (source)

nwdiag (source)

nxcl (source)

nxt-python (source)

nyquist (source)

objcryst-fox (source)

ocaml (source)

ocaml-gstreamer (source)

ocaml-magic (source)

ocamlviz (source)

ocfs2-tools (source)

ocp (source)

octave-fixed (source)

odin (source)

oftc-hybrid (source)

ogmrip (source)

ogmrip-ac3 (source)

ogmrip-mpeg (source)

ohcount (source)

oidua (source)

olsrd (source)

onboard (source)

oneisenough (source)

oolite (source)

ooo-thumbnailer (source)

ooo2dbk (source)

opal (source)

opari (source)

open-axiom (source)

open-cobol (source)

open-invaders (source)

openblas (source)

openbmap-logger (source)

openbsd-inetd (source)

opencity (source)

opencv (source)

opendict (source)

opendnssec (source)

openexr (source)

opengtl (source)

openldap (source)

openmcdf (source)

openmpi (source)

openmpi1.6 (source)

openmx (source)

opennebula (source)

openopt (source)

openrocket (source)

openscap (source)

openscenegraph (source)

openslide (source)

openslp-dfsg (source)

openssl (source)

openssl098 (source)

openstack-common (source)

opensync (source)

opentk (source)

openvanilla-modules (source)

openwalnut (source)

optgeo (source)

opticalraytracer (source)

orange (source)

orc (source)

original-awk (source)

osgearth (source)

osmpbf (source)

oss-preserve (source)

oss4 (source)

ossim (source)

otf (source)

oval-interpreter (source)

overgod (source)

owx (source)

p7zip (source)

p7zip-rar (source)

pacemaker (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

paco (source)

pam-shield (source)

paman (source)

pandorafms-agent (source)

pango1.0 (source)

paprass (source)

paramiko (source)

pari (source)

partclone (source)

parted (source)

partimage (source)

partitionmanager (source)

passepartout (source)

passwdqc (source)

pastescript (source)

pastewebkit (source)

patch (source)

patchutils (source)

pathogen (source)

pax-britannica (source)

pax-utils (source)

pbs-drmaa (source)

pcalendar (source)

pcapy (source)

pciutils (source)

pclock (source)

pcmanfm (source)

pcmanx-gtk2 (source)

pcsc-cyberjack (source)

pdfcrack (source)

pdfshuffler (source)

pdl (source)

pdns-recursor (source)

pdsh (source)

pearpc (source)

pegasus-wms (source)

pen (source)

penguintv (source)

performous (source)

perl-byacc (source)

perl-tk (source)

perlconsole (source)

perlqt (source)

pexec (source)

pgbouncer (source)

pgmemcache (source)

pgpool2 (source)

pgsnap (source)

pgtcl (source)

phatch (source)

photon (source)

php-fpdf (source)

php-gettext (source)

php-suhosin (source)

php5 (source)

phpldapadmin (source)

phy-spread (source)

pianobooster (source)

picolisp (source)

pidentd (source)

pidgin (source)

pidgin-audacious (source)

pidgin-libnotify (source)

pidgin-nateon (source)

pike7.8 (source)

pinball (source)

pion-net (source)

pipewalker (source)

pitivi (source)

pixfrogger (source)

plait (source)

plasma-widget-kbstate (source)

plasma-widget-mail (source)

plasma-widget-teacooker (source)

plasma-widget-wifi (source)

plastex (source)

playonlinux (source)

plee-the-bear (source)

plexus-compiler (source)

plexus-container-default (source)

plexus-sec-dispatcher (source)

plib (source)

plotutils (source)

plymouth (source)

pm-utils (source)

pmake (source)

pmx (source)

png23d (source)

pnglite (source)

podbrowser (source)

policykit-1 (source)

polkit-kde-1 (source)

pop-before-smtp (source)

popt (source)

populations (source)

portlet-api-2.0-spec (source)

portmidi (source)

posixtestsuite (source)

postfix-cluebringer (source)

postgis (source)

postgresql-pgmp (source)

postgresql-pljava (source)

postgresql-pllua (source)

postgresql-plproxy (source)

postgresql-plsh (source)

powermanga (source)

ppp (source)

pqiv (source)

praat (source)

prayer (source)

predict (source)

preload (source)

prelude-lml (source)

prelude-manager (source)

premake (source)

preview.app (source)

print-manager (source)

probalign (source)

probcons (source)

procmail (source)

procps (source)

proftpd-mod-clamav (source)

projectl (source)

prosody (source)

proxychains (source)

proxytunnel (source)

pssh (source)

psutils (source)

psychtoolbox-3 (source)

ptunnel (source)

pulseaudio (source)

pump (source)

pvm (source)

pvrg-jpeg (source)

py-radix (source)

pyabiword (source)

pyamf (source)

pyatspi (source)

pycairo (source)

pycaptcha (source)

pycocuma (source)

pycode-browser (source)

pycryptopp (source)

pydhcplib (source)

pydirector (source)

pyfits (source)

pygame (source)

pygobject-2 (source)

pygpgme (source)

pygrace (source)

pygtk (source)

pykaraoke (source)

pylibtiff (source)

pylons (source)

pyme (source)

pymecavideo (source)

pymol (source)

pyorbit (source)

pypar2 (source)

pyracerz (source)

pyroman (source)

pyscrabble (source)

pysycache (source)

pythia8 (source)

python-cjson (source)

python-cogent (source)

python-couchdbkit (source)

python-cups (source)

python-dsv (source)

python-glanceclient (source)

python-levenshtein (source)

python-mechanize (source)

python-medusa (source)

python-meld3 (source)

python-oauthlib (source)

python-pdftools (source)

python-pmw (source)

python-poppler-qt4 (source)

python-ptrace (source)

python-pyalsa (source)

python-pypcap (source)

python-pytc (source)

python-qt4 (source)

python-repoze.lru (source)

python-restkit (source)

python-scipy (source)

python-sfml (source)

python-visual (source)

python-webob (source)

python-xlib (source)

pythonqt (source)

pytrainer (source)

qalculate-gtk (source)

qarecord (source)

qd (source)

qdbm (source)

qedje (source)

qemu-kvm (source)

qesteidutil (source)

qfits (source)

qgo (source)

qhull (source)

qiime (source)

qimageblitz (source)

qmf (source)

qnapi (source)

qoauth (source)

qpid-cpp (source)

qrfcview (source)

qt-x11-free (source)

qt4-x11 (source)

qtemu (source)

qthid-fcd-controller (source)

qtmobility (source)

qtnx (source)

quassel (source)

quelcom (source)

quisk (source)

quixote (source)

qutecom (source)

qwbfsmanager (source)

qxmlrpc (source)

qzion (source)

r-cran-g.data (source)

r-other-mott-happy (source)

rabbyt (source)

racc (source)

raccoon (source)

radiance (source)

radvd (source)

rafkill (source)

rail (source)

rakarrack (source)

rampart (source)

rapidsvn (source)

raptor (source)

rarian (source)

raster3d (source)

rawstudio (source)

rbot (source)

rdate (source)

rdflib (source)

rdiff-backup-fs (source)

rdist (source)

rdtool (source)

readahead-fedora (source)

readline6 (source)

recorditnow (source)

recoverjpeg (source)

redsocks (source)

redstone-xmlrpc (source)

refpolicy-ubuntu (source)

rekonq (source)

remmina (source)

remotetea (source)

renpy (source)

resource-agents (source)

restrictedpython (source)

revelation (source)

rfdump (source)

rhmessaging (source)

rhythmbox (source)

rhythmbox-radio-browser (source)

ri-li (source)

rivet (source)

rlog (source)

rmagic (source)

root-system (source)

rpcbind (source)

rrdtool (source)

rrootage (source)

rss-glx (source)

rss2irc (source)

rstatd (source)

rsyslog (source)

rtmidi (source)

ruby-actionmailer-2.3 (source)

ruby-actionpack-2.3 (source)

ruby-activeldap (source)

ruby-activerecord-2.3 (source)

ruby-activeresource-2.3 (source)

ruby-activesupport-2.3 (source)

ruby-amq-protocol (source)

ruby-amqp (source)

ruby-bdb (source)

ruby-eim-xml (source)

ruby-em-http-request (source)

ruby-escape-utils (source)

ruby-fast-gettext (source)

ruby-feedtools (source)

ruby-ffi (source)

ruby-fftw3 (source)

ruby-filesystem (source)

ruby-gd (source)

ruby-gnome2 (source)

ruby-gruff (source)

ruby-gsl (source)

ruby-hdfeos5 (source)

ruby-imagesize (source)

ruby-kakasi (source)

ruby-lapack (source)

ruby-ldap (source)

ruby-msgpack (source)

ruby-net-scp (source)

ruby-net-sftp (source)

ruby-net-ssh (source)

ruby-odbc (source)

ruby-pcap (source)

ruby-prof (source)

ruby-rails-2.3 (source)

ruby-railties-3.2 (source)

ruby-rmagick (source)

ruby-romkan (source)

ruby-shadow (source)

ruby-sourcify (source)

ruby-tioga (source)

ruby-xmlparser (source)

ruby1.9.1 (source)

rubygems (source)

rutilt (source)

sagan (source)

sailcut (source)

saint (source)

samba4 (source)

sash (source)

sauerbraten (source)

savi (source)

sawfish-themes (source)

saytime (source)

sbcl (source)

scalapack (source)

scanbuttond (source)

scapy (source)

schroedinger (source)

scidavis (source)

scikit-learn (source)

scilab (source)

scilab-celestlab (source)

scilab-jims (source)

scilab-scimax (source)

scilab-swt (source)

scim-anthy (source)

sciscipy (source)

scm (source)

scorched3d (source)

scotch (source)

scottfree (source)

screenruler (source)

scribus (source)

scsitools (source)

scuttle (source)

sdf (source)

sdic (source)

sdl-sound1.2 (source)

sdl-ttf2.0 (source)

sdlpango (source)

seahorse (source)

searchmonkey (source)

semanticscuttle (source)

semantik (source)

sendip (source)

sendpage (source)

serf (source)

service-wrapper-java (source)

setools (source)

sfact (source)

sfftobmp (source)

sflphone (source)

sgt-puzzles (source)

shadow (source)

shared-mime-info (source)

shell-fm (source)

shinken (source)

shisen.app (source)

shoes (source)

shogun (source)

shotwell (source)

sidplay-libs (source)

sigviewer (source)

simple-http (source)

simple-scan (source)

simplepie (source)

simplyhtml (source)

singular (source)

singularity (source)

sip-tester (source)

sip4 (source)

siproxd (source)

siscone (source)

sisu-guice (source)

sixpack (source)

sks (source)

sks-ecc (source)

skytools (source)

slang2 (source)

slim (source)

slimbox (source)

slime (source)

slimit (source)

slsqlite (source)

slv2 (source)

sma (source)

smartmontools (source)

smbldap-tools (source)

smpeg (source)

smstools (source)

smuxi (source)

snack (source)

snd (source)

snort (source)

sntop (source)

sockstat (source)

sofa-framework (source)

softhsm (source)

solfege (source)

songwrite (source)

sonic (source)

sound-icons (source)

sozi (source)

spacearyarya (source)

spacezero (source)

spamassassin (source)

spampd (source)

spark (source)

spatialite (source)

spd (source)

speech-dispatcher (source)

speechd-el (source)

speedcrunch (source)

spinner (source)

splat (source)

splix (source)

spooles (source)

spring-build (source)

sqlite3 (source)

sqlobject (source)

squeak-vm (source)

squeeze (source)

squid3 (source)

sra-sdk (source)

ssh-askpass (source)

sslsniff (source)

ssmping (source)

ssmtp (source)

ssss (source)

stalin (source)

starpu (source)

startactive (source)

stdeb (source)

stopmotion (source)

stopwatch (source)

stormbaancoureur (source)

stow (source)

streamtuner2 (source)

stringtemplate (source)

structure-synth (source)

stud (source)

stylebook (source)

styx (source)

subversion (source)

suck (source)

sudo (source)

sugar-0.96 (source)

sugar-pippy-activity (source)

sugarplum (source)

sundials (source)

sunpinyin (source)

sup (source)

sux (source)

svgalib (source)

swapspace (source)

swatch (source)

swish++ (source)

symmetrica (source)

sympow (source)

sympy (source)

syncmaildir (source)

sysfsutils (source)

sysinfo (source)

system-config-lvm (source)

system-config-samba (source)

system-tools-backends (source)

sysvinit (source)

t-coffee (source)

t1lib (source)

tableau-parm (source)

tachyon (source)

tagcoll2 (source)

tanglet (source)

tango-icon-theme (source)

taoframework (source)

tar (source)

tboot (source)

tcl8.4 (source)

tcl8.5 (source)

tclex (source)

tcllib (source)

tclreadline (source)

tclvfs (source)

tcp-wrappers (source)

tcpflow (source)

tcpreplay (source)

tcpslice (source)

tcsh (source)

tdfsb (source)

tdiary (source)

tdiary-contrib (source)

teem (source)

teeworlds (source)

teg (source)

telepathy-logger-qt (source)

terminatorx (source)

texinfo (source)

texlive-base (source)

texlive-extra (source)

texlive-lang (source)

tftpy (source)

tgt (source)

themonospot (source)

thepeg (source)

therion (source)

thuban (source)

thunar-archive-plugin (source)

thunar-vcs-plugin (source)

thunar-vfs (source)

tickcount (source)

tiff3 (source)

tifffile (source)

tigr-glimmer (source)

tin (source)

tk8.4 (source)

tk8.5 (source)

tkrat (source)

tktray (source)

tktreectrl (source)

tmview (source)

tnef (source)

tntnet (source)

tofu (source)

togl (source)

tomatoes (source)

tomboy (source)

tomboy-latex (source)

topgit (source)

torque (source)

toshset (source)

totem (source)

touchegg (source)

tpm-tools (source)

trac-spamfilter (source)

tracker (source)

transcalc (source)

translate-toolkit (source)

tree-puzzle (source)

treeline (source)

triangle (source)

tripwire (source)

trousers (source)

trove (source)

trove3 (source)

ttf2ufm (source)

turbogears2 (source)

turbomail (source)

tuxfootball (source)

tuxguitar (source)

tvtime (source)

twill (source)

twisted (source)

twisted-calendarserver (source)

twisted-conch (source)

twisted-lore (source)

tzdata (source)

u-boot (source)

ubuntuone-couch (source)

ucimf-chewing (source)

udev (source)

udev-discover (source)

udisks (source)

ufc (source)

ufsutils (source)

uglifyjs (source)

uhd (source)

uima-addons (source)

uima-as (source)

uimaj (source)

umlet (source)

unace (source)

unalz (source)

unionfs-fuse (source)

universalindentgui (source)

uptimed (source)

urfkill (source)

urlgrabber (source)

urwid (source)

usb-modeswitch (source)

usbmuxd (source)

usbutils (source)

usemod-wiki (source)

userconfig (source)

ushare (source)

ussp-push (source)

uthash (source)

util-vserver (source)

uw-imap (source)

uzbl (source)

valgrind (source)

vbetool (source)

vde2 (source)

vdetelweb (source)

vdr (source)

vdr-plugin-epgsearch (source)

vdr-plugin-infosatepg (source)

vdr-plugin-live (source)

vdr-plugin-prefermenu (source)

vdr-plugin-vcd (source)

vdr-plugin-weather (source)

vdr-plugin-xine (source)

vgabios (source)

vice (source)

viewmol (source)

viewvc (source)

vigor (source)

vim (source)

vim-scripts (source)

vino (source)

virtaal (source)

virtuoso-opensource (source)

vite (source)

vmm (source)

vmmlib (source)

vmtk (source)

vnstat (source)

vodovod (source)

volview (source)

voms (source)

vorbis-tools (source)

vows (source)

voxbo (source)

vrflash (source)

vsftpd (source)

vte (source)

vte3 (source)

vtkedge (source)

vxl (source)

vym (source)

w3-recs (source)

wagon2 (source)

warzone2100 (source)

washngo (source)

web2py (source)

webgen0.4 (source)

webgen0.5 (source)

webkit (source)

websvn (source)

weka (source)

werken.xpath (source)

wget (source)

whichwayisup (source)

whohas (source)

whyteboard (source)

wicd (source)

widelands (source)

wikipediafs (source)

wims (source)

wine1.4 (source)

wing (source)

wings3d (source)

wireless-tools (source)

wise (source)

wmcpu (source)

wmdate (source)

wmforkplop (source)

wmmatrix (source)

woof (source)

wordpress-openid (source)

wordwarvi (source)

worldwind (source)

writerperfect (source)

writetype (source)

wrr (source)

wsdl4j (source)

wv (source)

wvdial (source)

wvstreams (source)

wxgeometrie (source)

wxglade (source)

wzdftpd (source)

x11-utils (source)

x52pro (source)

xaralx (source)

xbattle (source)

xboing (source)

xcftools (source)

xchat (source)

xchat-gnome (source)

xchat-xsys (source)

xdesktopwaves (source)

xdg-user-dirs (source)

xdiskusage (source)

xdm (source)

xdmf (source)

xdotool (source)

xdrawchem (source)

xen (source)

xen-api (source)

xerces-c2 (source)

xf86-input-multitouch (source)

xf86-input-tslib (source)

xf86-input-wacom (source)

xfce4-cpufreq-plugin (source)

xfce4-notes-plugin (source)

xfce4-settings (source)

xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin (source)

xfce4-timer-plugin (source)

xfoil (source)

xfonts-wqy (source)

xfprint4 (source)

xfs (source)

xgks (source)

xinit (source)

xkeyboard-config (source)

xli (source)

xmds-doc (source)

xml-crimson (source)

xml-light (source)

xmlcopyeditor (source)

xmlgraphics-commons (source)

xmlindent (source)

xmlrpc-c (source)

xmonad (source)

xmonad-contrib (source)

xneur (source)

xorg-docs (source)

xorg-server (source)

xorp (source)

xoscope (source)

xournal (source)

xpad (source)

xpenguins (source)

xplot-xplot.org (source)

xppaut (source)

xprintidle (source)

xqf (source)

xqilla (source)

xscreensaver (source)

xsddiagram (source)

xserver-xorg-input-joystick (source)

xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (source)

xserver-xorg-video-mach64 (source)

xserver-xorg-video-mga (source)

xserver-xorg-video-savage (source)

xserver-xorg-video-tdfx (source)

xstow (source)

xstrp4 (source)

xteddy (source)

xterm (source)

xutils-dev (source)

xvattr (source)

xvt (source)

xye (source)

xymon (source)

xyscan (source)

yapra (source)

yaret (source)

yarssr (source)

yasm (source)

yasr (source)

yate (source)

yauap (source)

ytree (source)

yubiserver (source)

yum-utils (source)

yydebug (source)

z88dk (source)

zangband (source)

zaz (source)

zeitgeist-datahub (source)

zeitgeist-sharp (source)

zend-framework (source)

zenity (source)

zeroc-ice (source)

zerofree (source)

zfec (source)

zfs-fuse (source)

zlib (source)

zoneminder (source)

zookeeper (source)

zope.browsermenu (source)

zope.html (source)

ztex-bmp (source)

zthreads (source)

zvbi (source)

zygrib (source)

zynaddsubfx (source)

zzuf (source)