W out-of-date-standards-version

All reports of out-of-date-standards-version for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The source package refers to a Standards-Version older than the one that was current at the time the package was created (according to the timestamp of the latest debian/changelog entry). Please consider updating the package to current Policy and setting this control field appropriately.

If the package is already compliant with the current standards, you don't have to re-upload the package just to adjust the Standards-Version control field. However, please remember to update this field next time you upload the package.

See /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz in the debian-policy package for a summary of changes in newer versions of Policy.

Refer to http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: standards-version, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

3depict (source)

a52dec (source)

aac-tactics (source)

aaphoto (source)

abuse-sdl (source)

abuse-sfx (source)

ac100-tarball-installer (source)

accessodf (source)

acct (source)

ace (source)

aces3 (source)

activemq-protobuf (source)

adacgi (source)

adduser (source)

adplug (source)

aegis (source)

aephea (source)

affiche (source)

afflib (source)

agave (source)

agda (source)

agda-bin (source)

agda-stdlib (source)

airport-utils (source)

alex4 (source)

alsa-driver (source)

amoeba (source)

analitza (source)

angband (source)

ant (source)

anthy (source)

antlr (source)

antlr3 (source)

aolserver4 (source)

apache-log4j1.2 (source)

apache-mime4j (source)

apache-openid (source)

apache-pom (source)

apipkg (source)

apparmor (source)

appmenu-gtk (source)

apron (source)

apt-clone (source)

apt-listchanges (source)

apt-transport-debtorrent (source)

apt-watch (source)

apt-xapian-index (source)

aptdaemon (source)

apticron (source)

apvlv (source)

archivemount (source)

ario (source)

arkose (source)

armel-cross-toolchain-base (source)

armhf-cross-toolchain-base (source)

arpon (source)

ascii2binary (source)

asciidoc (source)

asm3 (source)

aspectj (source)

asterisk (source)

at (source)

atanks (source)

atdgen (source)

atom4 (source)

ats-lang-anairiats (source)

auctex (source)

audex (source)

augeas (source)

authbind (source)

autoconf-dickey (source)

autoconf2.13 (source)

autodock-vina (source)

automaton (source)

autorenamer (source)

autotrace (source)

avalon-framework (source)

avant-window-navigator (source)

avidemux (source)

aweather (source)

awl (source)

awn-extras (source)

ax25-tools (source)

axis (source)

axis2c (source)

babel (source)

backuppc (source)

bacula (source)

ballz (source)

barada-pam (source)

bareftp (source)

base-files (source)

basenji (source)

bastet (source)

batik (source)

bc (source)

bcel (source)

bcmwl (source)

bikeshed (source)

binutils-mingw-w64 (source)

biococoa (source)

biogenesis (source)

bip (source)

bird (source)

bitlbee (source)

bjsonrpc (source)

blacs-mpi (source)

blahtexml (source)

blcr (source)

blends (source)

bliss (source)

blktap (source)

blktap-dkms (source)

blockattack (source)

blueman (source)

bluetile (source)

bmagic (source)

boost-defaults (source)

boost-mpi-source1.49 (source)

boost1.49 (source)

boost1.50 (source)

bootcd (source)

botan1.10 (source)

bouncycastle (source)

boxshade (source)

bppphyview (source)

bppsuite (source)

branding-ubuntu (source)

brewtarget (source)

btanks (source)

btpd (source)

buddy (source)

buildapp (source)

bzip2 (source)

bzr-builder (source)

bzr-dbus (source)

bzr-search (source)

cadabra (source)

cairo-clock (source)

cakephp (source)

calendar (source)

cameleon (source)

camera.app (source)

camlidl (source)

camlimages (source)

camlmix (source)

camltemplate (source)

canna (source)

canna-shion (source)

cantor (source)

caret (source)

catfish (source)

cbios (source)

cbmc (source)

cccd (source)

cciss-vol-status (source)

cclib (source)

cclib-data (source)

ccrypt (source)

cdcat (source)

cde (source)

cdebootstrap (source)

cdo (source)

cduce (source)

cegui-mk2 (source)

cenon.app (source)

ceve (source)

cfflib (source)

cfget (source)

cgroup-lite (source)

charm-tools (source)

check-mk (source)

chef (source)

chef-expander (source)

chef-server-api (source)

chef-server-webui (source)

chef-solr (source)

chemical-mime-data (source)

chiark-tcl (source)

chiark-utils (source)

chipw (source)

chm2pdf (source)

chmsee (source)

chocolate-doom (source)

chron (source)

chrony (source)

chrootuid (source)

cia-clients (source)

cinfony (source)

cipux-cat-web (source)

cipux-object (source)

cipux-task (source)

circos (source)

ckeditor (source)

clam (source)

clam-chordata (source)

clam-networkeditor (source)

clang (source)

cliff-tablib (source)

clisp (source)

cln (source)

clojure1.2 (source)

cloog-parma (source)

cloud-utils (source)

clp (source)

cluster-glue (source)

clutter-sharp (source)

cmdtest (source)

cmor (source)

cobbler (source)

coco-java (source)

codeblocks (source)

codelite (source)

codespeak-lib (source)

coin3 (source)

coinor-dylp (source)

coinor-flopc++ (source)

collectd (source)

colord (source)

comixcursors (source)

commons-httpclient (source)

commons-io (source)

commons-parent (source)

commons-pool (source)

community-themes (source)

configshell (source)

connman (source)

console-data (source)

contour (source)

coq-doc (source)

coq-float (source)

coreutils (source)

corosync (source)

cortado (source)

cowdancer (source)

cp2k (source)

cpptasks (source)

cqrlib (source)

cqrlog (source)

crash (source)

creoleparser (source)

cron (source)

cron-apt (source)

cron-deja-vu (source)

crosshurd (source)

crossroads (source)

cruft (source)

cryptkeeper (source)

crystalspace-glshader-cg (source)

cscope (source)

csound (source)

ctemplate (source)

ctsim (source)

cups-pk-helper (source)

cutter-testing-framework (source)

cuyo (source)

cwiid (source)

cyrus-imapd-2.4 (source)

cyrus-sasl2 (source)

dahdi-tools (source)

dans-gdal-scripts (source)

dansguardian (source)

daptup (source)

darkstat (source)

datapm (source)

davical (source)

db4.8 (source)

dbconfig-common (source)

dbf (source)

dbi (source)

dbus-glib (source)

dconf-qt (source)

ddd (source)

debarchiver (source)

debdelta (source)

debian-cd (source)

debian-faq (source)

debian-gis (source)

debian-keyring (source)

debian-reference (source)

debian-timeline (source)

debian-xcontrol (source)

debian-zh-faq (source)

debichem (source)

debootstrap (source)

debtags (source)

debtree (source)

dehydra (source)

deng (source)

deskscribe (source)

desktop-file-utils (source)

desktopcouch (source)

deutex (source)

dgen (source)

dhelp (source)

di (source)

diagnostics (source)

dialog (source)

dibbler (source)

dicomnifti (source)

ding (source)

distribute (source)

django-ajax-selects (source)

django-extra-views (source)

dkms (source)

dnssec-tools (source)

docky (source)

docvert (source)

dolphin-plugins-bazaar (source)

doodle (source)

dose2 (source)

dotdee (source)

dput (source)

drbd8 (source)

dropbear (source)

dsdp (source)

dssi-vst (source)

dtc-xen (source)

dtest (source)

dumpet (source)

duplicity (source)

dupload (source)

dvdauthor (source)

dvdrip (source)

dvipng (source)

dvorak7min (source)

dynalang (source)

easy-format (source)

easymock (source)

ebook-tools (source)

ec2-api-tools (source)

ecl (source)

ecryptfs-utils (source)

edbus (source)

edje (source)

edubuntu-artwork (source)

edubuntu-menueditor (source)

eet (source)

efax-gtk (source)

efreet (source)

egenix-mx-base (source)

eina (source)

ejabberd (source)

ekg2 (source)

ekiga (source)

electric-fence (source)

elilo (source)

elki (source)

elmer-doc (source)

elmerfem (source)

emacs-goodies-el (source)

embryo (source)

emerillon (source)

enblend-enfuse (source)

encfs (source)

enigmail (source)

enna (source)

epiphany-extensions (source)

errno (source)

esdl (source)

esniper (source)

esound (source)

espresso (source)

etckeeper (source)

ethtool (source)

etsf-io (source)

etw (source)

eurephia (source)

evas (source)

exabgp (source)

exactimage (source)

example-content (source)

excalibur-logkit (source)

execnet (source)

exodusii (source)

expeyes (source)

extrema (source)

extremetuxracer (source)

eyed3 (source)

f-spot (source)

f2j (source)

faac (source)

fabric (source)

fai (source)

faifa (source)

fam (source)

fatrat (source)

fatrat-unpack (source)

faumachine (source)

fceu (source)

fceux (source)

feed2imap (source)

feedparser (source)

felix-framework (source)

felix-latin (source)

ferret-vis (source)

festival (source)

festvox-czech-dita (source)

festvox-czech-krb (source)

festvox-czech-machac (source)

fet (source)

fetchmail (source)

fetchyahoo (source)

fgrun (source)

fife (source)

file-mmagic (source)

firefox (source)

flashbake (source)

flask-wtf (source)

flatzebra (source)

flowcanvas (source)

fonts-arphic-ukai (source)

fonts-arphic-uming (source)

fonts-liberation (source)

fonts-sil-andika (source)

fonts-unfonts-core (source)

fonts-unfonts-extra (source)

fop (source)

forgethtml (source)

fotoxx (source)

fparser (source)

fqterm (source)

fracplanet (source)

freebsd-buildutils (source)

freefem3d (source)

freehep-export (source)

freehep-io (source)

freemind (source)

freeradius (source)

freerdp (source)

freetype (source)

freevo (source)

friendly-recovery (source)

frog (source)

frogdata (source)

frontaccounting (source)

fsl (source)

fstrcmp (source)

ftplib (source)

ftputil (source)

funitroots (source)

funnelweb (source)

fuse-zip (source)

fusionforge (source)

fxt (source)

g2 (source)

gadfly (source)

gadmin-samba (source)

galax (source)

galleryremote (source)

gally (source)

gambit (source)

game-data-packager (source)

garden-of-coloured-lights (source)

gartoon-redux (source)

gassst (source)

gauche (source)

gbirthday (source)

gcc-4.4-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.4-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.5-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.5-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.6-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.6-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.7-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.7-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-msp430 (source)

gconf (source)

gconf-editor (source)

gd4o (source)

gdb (source)

gdb-msp430 (source)

geant321 (source)

gearman-interface (source)

gedit-developer-plugins (source)

gedit-valencia-plugin (source)

geeqie (source)

geoclue-providers (source)

geocode-glib (source)

geotranz (source)

geronimo-jta-1.1-spec (source)

gerris (source)

gettext (source)

gfarm (source)

gfarm2fs (source)

gforth (source)

gfpoken (source)

ghc (source)

giftrans (source)

gimp-plugin-registry (source)

gimplensfun (source)

ginspector (source)

gitg (source)

gkdebconf (source)

glade-3 (source)

glfer (source)

glitch (source)

gliv (source)

globs (source)

glogg (source)

glom (source)

gm-notify (source)

gmic (source)

gmp (source)

gmp-doc (source)

gmp-ecm (source)

gmp4 (source)

gnarwl (source)

gnome-chemistry-utils (source)

gnome-desktop (source)

gnome-do (source)

gnome-exe-thumbnailer (source)

gnome-icon-theme (source)

gnome-phone-manager (source)

gnome-python-desktop (source)

gnome-python-extras (source)

gnome-settings-daemon (source)

gnome-subtitles (source)

gnome-user-share (source)

gnome-utils (source)

gnome-vfs (source)

gnome-web-photo (source)

gnomint (source)

gns3 (source)

gnugk (source)

gnumeric (source)

gnupg (source)

gnupg2 (source)

gnushogi (source)

gnustep-base (source)

gnutls26 (source)

goffice (source)

gofigure2 (source)

goldendict (source)

gomoku.app (source)

goocanvasmm (source)

google-authenticator (source)

google-mock (source)

googlecl (source)

goplay (source)

gosmore (source)

gourmet (source)

gozerbot (source)

gpe-conf (source)

gpp4 (source)

gpppon (source)

gpr (source)

gprbuild (source)

gpredict (source)

gpsd (source)

gpsman (source)

gquilt (source)

grads (source)

grafx2 (source)

gramps (source)

granite (source)

grantlee (source)

graphite2 (source)

gregorio (source)

grml-btnet (source)

groff (source)

grokevt (source)

groovy (source)

grub-gfxpayload-lists (source)

grub-imageboot (source)

gsl (source)

gsl-doc (source)

gsl-ref-html (source)

gsl-ref-psdoc (source)

gsmartcontrol (source)

gsql (source)

gssdp (source)

gstm (source)

gstreamer-sharp (source)

gsutil (source)

gtest (source)

gtimelog (source)

gtimer (source)

gtk+2.0 (source)

gtk-gnutella (source)

gtk2-engines-aurora (source)

gtkaml (source)

gtkhtml3.14 (source)

gtkmathview (source)

gts (source)

gupnp-av (source)

gupnp-dlna (source)

gupnp-vala (source)

gurlchecker (source)

guvcview (source)

gwibber-service-sina (source)

gwibber-service-sohu (source)

gworkspace (source)

gxneur (source)

h323plus (source)

ha (source)

ha-jdbc (source)

haildb (source)

haproxy (source)

hasciicam (source)

haskell-active (source)

haskell-adjunctions (source)

haskell-algebra (source)

haskell-alut (source)

haskell-ami (source)

haskell-ansi-terminal (source)

haskell-ansi-wl-pprint (source)

haskell-asn1-data (source)

haskell-attempt (source)

haskell-attoparsec (source)

haskell-attoparsec-enumerator (source)

haskell-base-unicode-symbols (source)

haskell-base16-bytestring (source)

haskell-bifunctors (source)

haskell-binary-communicator (source)

haskell-binary-shared (source)

haskell-bindings-dsl (source)

haskell-bindings-libzip (source)

haskell-bitarray (source)

haskell-blaze-builder (source)

haskell-blaze-textual (source)

haskell-boolean (source)

haskell-brainfuck (source)

haskell-byteorder (source)

haskell-bytestring-mmap (source)

haskell-bytestring-nums (source)

haskell-cabal-install (source)

haskell-categories (source)

haskell-chart (source)

haskell-clock (source)

haskell-clocked (source)

haskell-colour (source)

haskell-comonad (source)

haskell-comonad-transformers (source)

haskell-comonads-fd (source)

haskell-configfile (source)

haskell-contravariant (source)

haskell-convertible (source)

haskell-cookie (source)

haskell-cprng-aes (source)

haskell-criterion (source)

haskell-crypto (source)

haskell-csv (source)

haskell-csv-enumerator (source)

haskell-curl (source)

haskell-data-accessor (source)

haskell-data-accessor-mtl (source)

haskell-data-binary-ieee754 (source)

haskell-data-inttrie (source)

haskell-data-lens (source)

haskell-data-memocombinators (source)

haskell-dataenc (source)

haskell-devscripts (source)

haskell-diagrams-cairo (source)

haskell-diagrams-core (source)

haskell-diagrams-lib (source)

haskell-digest (source)

haskell-dimensional (source)

haskell-directory-tree (source)

haskell-distributive (source)

haskell-dlist (source)

haskell-download-curl (source)

haskell-dummy (source)

haskell-edison-api (source)

haskell-email-validate (source)

haskell-entropy (source)

haskell-erf (source)

haskell-event-list (source)

haskell-executable-path (source)

haskell-fast-logger (source)

haskell-fgl (source)

haskell-free (source)

haskell-gconf (source)

haskell-ghc-events (source)

haskell-ghc-mtl (source)

haskell-ghc-paths (source)

haskell-haddock (source)

haskell-harp (source)

haskell-hashable (source)

haskell-hashed-storage (source)

haskell-hashmap (source)

haskell-hashtables (source)

haskell-haskore (source)

haskell-hastache (source)

haskell-hcard (source)

haskell-hcwiid (source)

haskell-hinotify (source)

haskell-hipmunk (source)

haskell-hjavascript (source)

haskell-hjscript (source)

haskell-hostname (source)

haskell-hs-bibutils (source)

haskell-hs3 (source)

haskell-hsemail (source)

haskell-hsh (source)

haskell-hsp (source)

haskell-hsql (source)

haskell-hsql-odbc (source)

haskell-hsql-postgresql (source)

haskell-hsql-sqlite3 (source)

haskell-hsx (source)

haskell-http (source)

haskell-http-date (source)

haskell-hxt-charproperties (source)

haskell-hxt-regex-xmlschema (source)

haskell-hxt-unicode (source)

haskell-iconv (source)

haskell-ieee754 (source)

haskell-ifelse (source)

haskell-io-storage (source)

haskell-iospec (source)

haskell-irc (source)

haskell-keys (source)

haskell-language-haskell-extract (source)

haskell-largeword (source)

haskell-lazysmallcheck (source)

haskell-leksah (source)

haskell-lexer (source)

haskell-libtagc (source)

haskell-libzip (source)

haskell-listlike (source)

haskell-llvm (source)

haskell-llvm-base (source)

haskell-logict (source)

haskell-ltk (source)

haskell-maccatcher (source)

haskell-markov-chain (source)

haskell-math-functions (source)

haskell-maths (source)

haskell-maybet (source)

haskell-mbox (source)

haskell-mersenne-random (source)

haskell-midi (source)

haskell-mime-mail (source)

haskell-mmap (source)

haskell-monad-par (source)

haskell-monadcatchio-mtl (source)

haskell-monadrandom (source)

haskell-monoid-transformer (source)

haskell-mtl (source)

haskell-mtlparse (source)

haskell-murmur-hash (source)

haskell-netwire (source)

haskell-newtype (source)

haskell-non-negative (source)

haskell-numbers (source)

haskell-numeric-quest (source)

haskell-numinstances (source)

haskell-numtype (source)

haskell-oeis (source)

haskell-openal (source)

haskell-parallel (source)

haskell-parseargs (source)

haskell-parsec2 (source)

haskell-pastis (source)

haskell-path-pieces (source)

haskell-platform (source)

haskell-pretty-show (source)

haskell-primes (source)

haskell-primitive (source)

haskell-psqueue (source)

haskell-puremd5 (source)

haskell-quickcheck (source)

haskell-quickcheck1 (source)

haskell-random (source)

haskell-random-shuffle (source)

haskell-ranged-sets (source)

haskell-ranges (source)

haskell-readline (source)

haskell-recaptcha (source)

haskell-regex-base (source)

haskell-regex-compat (source)

haskell-regex-pcre (source)

haskell-regex-posix (source)

haskell-regex-tdfa (source)

haskell-regex-tdfa-utf8 (source)

haskell-regexpr (source)

haskell-representable-functors (source)

haskell-representable-tries (source)

haskell-safe (source)

haskell-semigroupoids (source)

haskell-sfml-audio (source)

haskell-shellac (source)

haskell-show (source)

haskell-silently (source)

haskell-simpleea (source)

haskell-simpleirc (source)

haskell-smallcheck (source)

haskell-smtpclient (source)

haskell-socks (source)

haskell-split (source)

haskell-src-exts (source)

haskell-statevar (source)

haskell-statistics (source)

haskell-stm (source)

haskell-stream (source)

haskell-strict-concurrency (source)

haskell-svgcairo (source)

haskell-syb (source)

haskell-system-filepath (source)

haskell-tagged (source)

haskell-tagsoup (source)

haskell-template (source)

haskell-temporary (source)

haskell-terminfo (source)

haskell-test-framework (source)

haskell-test-framework-hunit (source)

haskell-text (source)

haskell-text-icu (source)

haskell-tinyurl (source)

haskell-transformers (source)

haskell-transformers-base (source)

haskell-type-level (source)

haskell-unix-bytestring (source)

haskell-unix-compat (source)

haskell-unlambda (source)

haskell-url (source)

haskell-utf8-light (source)

haskell-utf8-string (source)

haskell-utility-ht (source)

haskell-uuagc-cabal (source)

haskell-uuid (source)

haskell-vector (source)

haskell-vector-algorithms (source)

haskell-vector-space (source)

haskell-vector-space-points (source)

haskell-web-routes (source)

haskell-weighted-regexp (source)

haskell-x11 (source)

haskell-x11-xft (source)

haskell-xdg-basedir (source)

haskell-xml (source)

haskell-xml-types (source)

haskell-zeromq-haskell (source)

haskell98-report (source)

haskelldb (source)

haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql (source)

haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3 (source)

hawtjni (source)

haxe (source)

haxml (source)

hdbc (source)

hdparm (source)

heartbeat (source)

hello (source)

hello-debhelper (source)

help2man (source)

hesiod (source)

hexec (source)

hexer (source)

hgview (source)

hocr (source)

hodie (source)

hoichess (source)

horde3 (source)

hostname (source)

hp2xx (source)

hscolour (source)

hslogger (source)

htmlunit (source)

htop (source)

httpie (source)

hyena (source)

ibam (source)

ibus (source)

ibus-qt (source)

icc-profiles-free (source)

icewm (source)

icoutils (source)

icu4j (source)

id-utils (source)

ideviceinstaller (source)

idzebra (source)

ifenslave-2.6 (source)

ifuse (source)

igv (source)

imageshack-uploader (source)

imanx (source)

imaptool (source)

imdbpy (source)

imhangul-common (source)

imp4 (source)

indent (source)

indicator-appmenu (source)

indicator-cpufreq (source)

indicator-multiload (source)

indicator-network (source)

indicator-power (source)

indicator-printers (source)

indigo (source)

indiv-screenlets (source)

initramfs-tools (source)

inspircd (source)

installation-report (source)

intel-microcode (source)

iozone3 (source)

ippl (source)

iproute (source)

ipvsadm (source)

ipxe (source)

iscsitarget (source)

ispell-fo (source)

ispell.pt (source)

istanbul (source)

italc (source)

itksnap (source)

itstool (source)

ivy (source)

jaffl (source)

jajuk (source)

jampal (source)

jansi (source)

jansi-native (source)

jargs (source)

jarjar (source)

jas-plotter (source)

jasmin-sable (source)

java-atk-wrapper (source)

java-common (source)

java-package (source)

java-wrappers (source)

java3d (source)

jaxe (source)

jaxme (source)

jaxml (source)

jazip (source)

jcodings (source)

jcommander (source)

jets3t (source)

jfractionlab (source)

jigit (source)

jinput (source)

jless (source)

jlex (source)

jmagick (source)

jmock (source)

jnr-x86asm (source)

jobs-admin (source)

jobservice (source)

jockey (source)

joe (source)

joptsimple (source)

jpeginfo (source)

jruby (source)

js-of-ocaml (source)

jsonbot (source)

jsymphonic (source)

juman (source)

junit (source)

jwchat (source)

kaccessible (source)

kalzium (source)

kamera (source)

kamoso (source)

kanatest (source)

kawari8 (source)

kazam (source)

kball (source)

kbibtex (source)

kbruch (source)

kcalc (source)

kcharselect (source)

kcm-gtk (source)

kcolorchooser (source)

kcov (source)

kdbg (source)

kdc2tiff (source)

kde-artwork-active (source)

kde-l10n-ar (source)

kde-l10n-bg (source)

kde-l10n-bs (source)

kde-l10n-ca (source)

kde-l10n-ca-valencia (source)

kde-l10n-cs (source)

kde-l10n-da (source)

kde-l10n-de (source)

kde-l10n-el (source)

kde-l10n-engb (source)

kde-l10n-es (source)

kde-l10n-et (source)

kde-l10n-eu (source)

kde-l10n-fa (source)

kde-l10n-fi (source)

kde-l10n-fr (source)

kde-l10n-ga (source)

kde-l10n-gl (source)

kde-l10n-he (source)

kde-l10n-hi (source)

kde-l10n-hr (source)

kde-l10n-hu (source)

kde-l10n-ia (source)

kde-l10n-id (source)

kde-l10n-is (source)

kde-l10n-it (source)

kde-l10n-ja (source)

kde-l10n-kk (source)

kde-l10n-km (source)

kde-l10n-ko (source)

kde-l10n-lt (source)

kde-l10n-lv (source)

kde-l10n-nb (source)

kde-l10n-nds (source)

kde-l10n-nl (source)

kde-l10n-nn (source)

kde-l10n-pa (source)

kde-l10n-pl (source)

kde-l10n-pt (source)

kde-l10n-ptbr (source)

kde-l10n-ro (source)

kde-l10n-ru (source)

kde-l10n-si (source)

kde-l10n-sk (source)

kde-l10n-sl (source)

kde-l10n-sr (source)

kde-l10n-sv (source)

kde-l10n-tg (source)

kde-l10n-th (source)

kde-l10n-tr (source)

kde-l10n-ug (source)

kde-l10n-uk (source)

kde-l10n-vi (source)

kde-l10n-wa (source)

kde-l10n-zhcn (source)

kde-l10n-zhtw (source)

kde-style-skulpture (source)

kde-wallpapers (source)

kdeadmin (source)

kdegames (source)

kdegraphics-thumbnailers (source)

kdenetwork (source)

kdepim (source)

kdepim-runtime (source)

kdesdk (source)

kdetoys (source)

kdewebdev (source)

kdf (source)

kernel-handbook (source)

kernel-wedge (source)

kerneloops (source)

kexec-tools (source)

keychain (source)

kfloppy (source)

kfreebsd-defaults (source)

kfritz (source)

kgamma (source)

kgeography (source)

kgpg (source)

kig (source)

kile (source)

kiten (source)

klavaro (source)

klettres (source)

klog (source)

kmag (source)

kmousetool (source)

kmouth (source)

kmplayer (source)

kmplot (source)

knights (source)

knopflerfish-osgi (source)

knot (source)

koffice-l10n (source)

kolourpaint (source)

konsole (source)

korundum (source)

krb5 (source)

krb5-sync (source)

kredentials (source)

kremotecontrol (source)

krename (source)

kross-interpreters (source)

kruler (source)

krusader (source)

ksaneplugin (source)

kshutdown (source)

ksnapshot (source)

kstars (source)

kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (source)

ktimer (source)

ktouch (source)

ktp-contact-applet (source)

kturtle (source)

kubuntu-active-default-settings (source)

kubuntu-active-meta (source)

kubuntu-docs (source)

kubuntu-meta (source)

kubuntu-notification-helper (source)

kunststoff (source)

kwallet (source)

kwin-style-crystal (source)

ladspa-sdk (source)

ladvd (source)

lambdabot (source)

langpack-locales (source)

language-pack-hne (source)

language-pack-hne-base (source)

language-pack-hsb (source)

language-pack-hsb-base (source)

language-pack-kde-aa (source)

language-pack-kde-aa-base (source)

language-pack-kde-af (source)

language-pack-kde-af-base (source)

language-pack-kde-am (source)

language-pack-kde-am-base (source)

language-pack-kde-an (source)

language-pack-kde-an-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ar-base (source)

language-pack-kde-as (source)

language-pack-kde-as-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ast (source)

language-pack-kde-ast-base (source)

language-pack-kde-az (source)

language-pack-kde-az-base (source)

language-pack-kde-be (source)

language-pack-kde-be-base (source)

language-pack-kde-bg-base (source)

language-pack-kde-bn (source)

language-pack-kde-bn-base (source)

language-pack-kde-bo (source)

language-pack-kde-bo-base (source)

language-pack-kde-br (source)

language-pack-kde-br-base (source)

language-pack-kde-bs-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ca-base (source)

language-pack-kde-crh (source)

language-pack-kde-crh-base (source)

language-pack-kde-cs-base (source)

language-pack-kde-csb (source)

language-pack-kde-csb-base (source)

language-pack-kde-cy (source)

language-pack-kde-cy-base (source)

language-pack-kde-da-base (source)

language-pack-kde-de-base (source)

language-pack-kde-dv (source)

language-pack-kde-dv-base (source)

language-pack-kde-el-base (source)

language-pack-kde-en (source)

language-pack-kde-en-base (source)

language-pack-kde-eo (source)

language-pack-kde-eo-base (source)

language-pack-kde-es-base (source)

language-pack-kde-et-base (source)

language-pack-kde-eu-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fa-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fi-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fil (source)

language-pack-kde-fil-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fo (source)

language-pack-kde-fo-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fur (source)

language-pack-kde-fur-base (source)

language-pack-kde-fy (source)

language-pack-kde-fy-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ga-base (source)

language-pack-kde-gd (source)

language-pack-kde-gd-base (source)

language-pack-kde-gl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-gu (source)

language-pack-kde-gu-base (source)

language-pack-kde-gv (source)

language-pack-kde-gv-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ha (source)

language-pack-kde-ha-base (source)

language-pack-kde-he-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hi-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hne (source)

language-pack-kde-hne-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hsb (source)

language-pack-kde-hsb-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ht (source)

language-pack-kde-ht-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hu-base (source)

language-pack-kde-hy (source)

language-pack-kde-hy-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ia-base (source)

language-pack-kde-id-base (source)

language-pack-kde-is-base (source)

language-pack-kde-it-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ja-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ka (source)

language-pack-kde-ka-base (source)

language-pack-kde-kk-base (source)

language-pack-kde-kl (source)

language-pack-kde-kl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-km-base (source)

language-pack-kde-kn (source)

language-pack-kde-kn-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ko-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ku (source)

language-pack-kde-ku-base (source)

language-pack-kde-kw (source)

language-pack-kde-kw-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ky (source)

language-pack-kde-ky-base (source)

language-pack-kde-la (source)

language-pack-kde-la-base (source)

language-pack-kde-lb (source)

language-pack-kde-lb-base (source)

language-pack-kde-lo (source)

language-pack-kde-lo-base (source)

language-pack-kde-lt-base (source)

language-pack-kde-lv-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mai (source)

language-pack-kde-mai-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mg (source)

language-pack-kde-mg-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mhr (source)

language-pack-kde-mhr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mk (source)

language-pack-kde-mk-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ml (source)

language-pack-kde-ml-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mn (source)

language-pack-kde-mn-base (source)

language-pack-kde-mr (source)

language-pack-kde-mr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ms (source)

language-pack-kde-ms-base (source)

language-pack-kde-my (source)

language-pack-kde-my-base (source)

language-pack-kde-nb-base (source)

language-pack-kde-nds-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ne (source)

language-pack-kde-ne-base (source)

language-pack-kde-nl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-nn-base (source)

language-pack-kde-oc (source)

language-pack-kde-oc-base (source)

language-pack-kde-om (source)

language-pack-kde-om-base (source)

language-pack-kde-or (source)

language-pack-kde-or-base (source)

language-pack-kde-pa-base (source)

language-pack-kde-pl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ps (source)

language-pack-kde-ps-base (source)

language-pack-kde-pt-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ro-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ru-base (source)

language-pack-kde-rw (source)

language-pack-kde-rw-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sd (source)

language-pack-kde-sd-base (source)

language-pack-kde-se (source)

language-pack-kde-se-base (source)

language-pack-kde-si-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sk-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sq (source)

language-pack-kde-sq-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ss (source)

language-pack-kde-ss-base (source)

language-pack-kde-st (source)

language-pack-kde-st-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sv-base (source)

language-pack-kde-sw (source)

language-pack-kde-sw-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ta (source)

language-pack-kde-ta-base (source)

language-pack-kde-te (source)

language-pack-kde-te-base (source)

language-pack-kde-tg-base (source)

language-pack-kde-th-base (source)

language-pack-kde-tl (source)

language-pack-kde-tl-base (source)

language-pack-kde-tlh (source)

language-pack-kde-tlh-base (source)

language-pack-kde-tr-base (source)

language-pack-kde-tt (source)

language-pack-kde-tt-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ug-base (source)

language-pack-kde-uk-base (source)

language-pack-kde-ur (source)

language-pack-kde-ur-base (source)

language-pack-kde-uz (source)

language-pack-kde-uz-base (source)

language-pack-kde-vi-base (source)

language-pack-kde-wa-base (source)

language-pack-kde-wae (source)

language-pack-kde-wae-base (source)

language-pack-kde-xh (source)

language-pack-kde-xh-base (source)

language-pack-kde-zh-hans (source)

language-pack-kde-zh-hans-base (source)

language-pack-kde-zh-hant (source)

language-pack-kde-zh-hant-base (source)

language-pack-ss (source)

language-pack-ss-base (source)

laptop-mode-tools (source)

latexila (source)

latrace (source)

launchpad-integration (source)

lcgdm (source)

lcms (source)

lcms2 (source)

ldap-haskell (source)

ldm-themes (source)

ldns (source)

ledit (source)

ledmon (source)

libalkimia (source)

libantlr3c (source)

libanyevent-forkobject-perl (source)

libao (source)

libapache2-mod-fcgid (source)

libappindicator (source)

libapreq2 (source)

libapt-pkg-perl (source)

libaudio-flac-header-perl (source)

libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl (source)

libaws (source)

libbonobo (source)

libbonoboui (source)

libbpp-core (source)

libbpp-phyl (source)

libbpp-popgen (source)

libbpp-qt (source)

libbpp-raa (source)

libbpp-seq (source)

libbsf-java (source)

libbuffy-bindings (source)

libbytelist-java (source)

libcam-pdf-perl (source)

libcap2 (source)

libcdio (source)

libcdr (source)

libclass-date-perl (source)

libclaw (source)

libcloud (source)

libcmis (source)

libcodemodel-java (source)

libcommons-collections-java (source)

libcommons-dbcp-java (source)

libcommons-el-java (source)

libcommons-lang-java (source)

libcommons-logging-java (source)

libcommons-validator-java (source)

libconstantine-java (source)

libcorona-perl (source)

libcss-minifier-xs-perl (source)

libdap (source)

libdata-streamdeserializer-perl (source)

libdata-streamserializer-perl (source)

libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl (source)

libdbix-dr-perl (source)

libdbusmenu (source)

libdbusmenu-qt (source)

libdevel-nytprof-perl (source)

libdigest-jhash-perl (source)

libdigidoc (source)

libdispatch (source)

libdkim (source)

libdrm (source)

libencode-hanextra-perl (source)

libencode-jis2k-perl (source)

libepsilon (source)

libept (source)

libesmtp (source)

libetpan (source)

libexif (source)

libexpect-php5 (source)

libexplain (source)

libextractor-java (source)

libextractor-python (source)

libffado (source)

libfile-slurp-perl (source)

libfile-spec-perl (source)

libfiu (source)

libfolia (source)

libfpdi-php (source)

libgadu (source)

libgc (source)

libgcal (source)

libgcrypt11 (source)

libgdchart-gd2 (source)

libgdf (source)

libgdiplus (source)

libgeo-ip-perl (source)

libgnome (source)

libgnomeui (source)

libgnuinet-java (source)

libgpeschedule (source)

libgpg-error (source)

libgpod (source)

libgrss (source)

libgtk2-unique-perl (source)

libguytools2 (source)

libhamcrest-java (source)

libhbaapi (source)

libhbalinux (source)

libhibernate-validator-java (source)

libhibernate3-java (source)

libibverbs (source)

libical-parser-html-perl (source)

libical-parser-sax-perl (source)

libice (source)

libidl (source)

libindicate (source)

libindicator (source)

libio-socket-multicast-perl (source)

libiptcdata (source)

libisfreetype-java (source)

libisoburn (source)

libitl (source)

libjavascript-minifier-xs-perl (source)

libjaxen-java (source)

libjaxp1.3-java (source)

libjazzy-java (source)

libjboss-classloader-java (source)

libjboss-marshalling-java (source)

libjdom1-java (source)

libjgoodies-animation-java (source)

libjgoodies-forms-java (source)

libjnr-posix-java (source)

libjpeg8-empty (source)

libjspeex-java (source)

libkdcraw (source)

libkdeedu (source)

libkexiv2 (source)

libkipi (source)

libkolab-perl (source)

libkqueue (source)

libksane (source)

liblaf-widget-java (source)

liblib-abs-perl (source)

liblinear (source)

liblinux-dvb-perl (source)

liblrdf (source)

libmath-gmp-perl (source)

libmath-random-isaac-xs-perl (source)

libmlx4 (source)

libmodplug (source)

libmojomojo-perl (source)

libmoosex-role-withoverloading-perl (source)

libmp3spi-java (source)

libmpikmeans (source)

libmsv (source)

libmx4j-java (source)

libnb-platform-java (source)

libnet-jabber-perl (source)

libnet-patricia-perl (source)

libnet-server-coro-perl (source)

libnet-trac-perl (source)

libnfsidmap (source)

libnih (source)

libnotify (source)

libofa (source)

libofx (source)

libogre-perl (source)

libomxalsa (source)

libomxil-bellagio (source)

libomxil-components (source)

libomxxvideo (source)

libopkele (source)

liborigin2 (source)

liboro-java (source)

libotr (source)

libpano13 (source)

libparse-debianchangelog-perl (source)

libpciaccess (source)

libperlio-gzip-perl (source)

libpgm (source)

libphash (source)

libplayer (source)

libpodofo (source)

libposix-strptime-perl (source)

libpqxx3 (source)

libqtbamf (source)

libqtdee (source)

libqtgtl (source)

librcc (source)

libreoffice (source)

librepository (source)

libsane-perl (source)

libsaxon-java (source)

libscalar-number-perl (source)

libscalar-util-numeric-perl (source)

libsendmail-pmilter-perl (source)

libservlet2.4-java (source)

libsigc++-2.0 (source)

libsigsegv (source)

libsm (source)

libsmbios (source)

libsoundgen (source)

libstax-java (source)

libsub-name-perl (source)

libsub-prototype-perl (source)

libsynthesis (source)

libtablelayout-java (source)

libtext-qrcode-perl (source)

libtimezonemap (source)

libtm-perl (source)

libtokyocabinet-perl (source)

libtomcrypt (source)

libtorrent-rasterbar (source)

libtritonus-java (source)

libtuxcap (source)

libucimf (source)

libunicode-escape-perl (source)

libusb-java (source)

libuuid-perl (source)

libverto (source)

libvigraimpex (source)

libvisio (source)

libvisual-plugins (source)

libvldocking-java (source)

libvorbis (source)

libwibble (source)

libwnck (source)

libwsbm (source)

libwww-curl-perl (source)

libwww-wikipedia-perl (source)

libx11 (source)

libxalan2-java (source)

libxau (source)

libxaw (source)

libxcb (source)

libxcomposite (source)

libxcursor (source)

libxdamage (source)

libxdmcp (source)

libxext (source)

libxfixes (source)

libxfont (source)

libxinerama (source)

libxklavier (source)

libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java (source)

libxml-quote-perl (source)

libxml-security-java (source)

libxml-xupdate-libxml-perl (source)

libxmlada (source)

libxp (source)

libxpp3-java (source)

libxr (source)

libxrender (source)

libxt (source)

libxxf86vm (source)

libyaml-tiny-perl (source)

libzeitgeist (source)

libzorpll (source)

lice5 (source)

lightdm-gtk-greeter (source)

lightdm-webkit-greeter (source)

lightning-extension (source)

lighttpd (source)

lilypond (source)

linpsk (source)

linux-atm (source)

linux-base (source)

linux-ftpd-ssl (source)

linux-lowlatency (source)

linux-meta-lowlatency (source)

linuxtv-dvb-apps (source)

lio-utils (source)

lirc (source)

lire (source)

littler (source)

livetribe-jsr223 (source)

llk-linux (source)

lmms (source)

logaricheck (source)

logilab-astng (source)

lordsawar (source)

lshw (source)

ltsp-cluster-lbserver (source)

ltspfs (source)

lua-lpeg (source)

luakit (source)

lubuntu-software-center (source)

lusernet.app (source)

lush (source)

lustre (source)

lvm2 (source)

lwt (source)

lxsession (source)

lynkeos.app (source)

m2300w (source)

m4 (source)

maas-provision (source)

mac-widgets (source)

mailavenger (source)

maildir-filter (source)

makehuman (source)

man2html (source)

mapnik (source)

mapserver (source)

marble (source)

matchbox-desktop (source)

matchbox-panel (source)

matchbox-themes-extra (source)

matchbox-window-manager (source)

mathpiper (source)

maven-ant-helper (source)

maven-archiver (source)

maven-compiler-plugin (source)

maven-debian-helper (source)

maven-dependency-analyzer (source)

maven-dependency-plugin (source)

maven-docck-plugin (source)

maven-ejb-plugin (source)

maven-embedder (source)

maven-file-management (source)

maven-install-plugin (source)

maven-jar-plugin (source)

maven-plugin-testing (source)

maven-project-info-reports-plugin (source)

maven-repo-helper (source)

maven-reporting-impl (source)

maven-repository-builder (source)

maven-resources-plugin (source)

maven-shade-plugin (source)

maven-shared-io (source)

maven-shared-jar (source)

maven-verifier (source)

mawk (source)

mbt (source)

mclibs (source)

mcollective-server-provisioner (source)

me-tv (source)

meanwhile (source)

mediathekview (source)

medusa (source)

meep-openmpi (source)

megaglest (source)

melange (source)

mercurial-server (source)

meta-gnome3 (source)

metapixel (source)

meterec (source)

midish (source)

mikmatch (source)

milkytracker (source)

minc (source)

mini-buildd (source)

minicom (source)

minidjvu (source)

minitube (source)

mirage (source)

mirror (source)

missingh (source)

mkvtoolnix (source)

mlpy (source)

mlton (source)

mmass (source)

mmpong (source)

mnemosyne (source)

mobyle-programs (source)

mod-gnutls (source)

mod-mono (source)

mod-wsgi (source)

model-builder (source)

modello-maven-plugin (source)

modemmanager (source)

moin (source)

monkey-bubble (source)

mono-basic (source)

mono-tools (source)

mono-uia (source)

mono-uia-atkbridge (source)

mono-uia-winforms (source)

monobristol (source)

monodevelop (source)

monodevelop-database (source)

monodevelop-debugger-gdb (source)

monotone (source)

monotone-viz (source)

mooproxy (source)

moreutils (source)

most (source)

motion (source)

mozjs (source)

mozvoikko (source)

mp3burn (source)

mpd (source)

mpeg2dec (source)

mpegdemux (source)

mpfi (source)

mpfr4 (source)

mpich2 (source)

mpj (source)

mplayer (source)

mpqc (source)

mriconvert (source)

mrtgutils (source)

msttcorefonts (source)

mswatch (source)

mtd-utils (source)

mtpaint (source)

mtpfs (source)

mtr (source)

multipath-tools (source)

mumudvb (source)

music (source)

mutrace (source)

mutt (source)

mvel (source)

myodbc (source)

myspell-ku (source)

mysql-5.5 (source)

mysql-connector-java (source)

mythbuntu-common (source)

mythbuntu-default-settings (source)

mythbuntu-lightdm-theme (source)

mythbuntu-live-autostart (source)

mythbuntu-log-grabber (source)

mythexport (source)

nacl (source)

nagios-nrpe (source)

nagios-plugins-contrib (source)

nas (source)

nautilus-ideviceinfo (source)

nautilus-open-terminal (source)

nautilus-share (source)

nbd (source)

ncftp (source)

ncmpc (source)

nco (source)

ndisc6 (source)

necpp (source)

netams (source)

netbeans-cvsclient (source)

netcdf (source)

netgen (source)

netkit-ftp-ssl (source)

netkit-telnet-ssl (source)

netkit-tftp (source)

netpanzer (source)

netperfmeter (source)

netpipes (source)

netscript-2.4 (source)

netsed (source)

network-manager-applet (source)

network-manager-iodine (source)

newt (source)

nexus (source)

nfoview (source)

nfs-utils (source)

nickle (source)

ninix-aya (source)

nkf (source)

nload (source)

nltk (source)

nodm (source)

nosexcover (source)

notify-osd (source)

nsca (source)

nspr (source)

nss (source)

nsscache (source)

ntrack (source)

nufw (source)

numactl (source)

numm (source)

nurpawiki (source)

nut (source)

nvclock (source)

nwchem (source)

nwsclient (source)

nwsserver (source)

nyquist (source)

obby (source)

obdgpslogger (source)

obrowser (source)

obus (source)

ocaml (source)

ocaml-batteries (source)

ocaml-data-notation (source)

ocaml-deriving (source)

ocaml-duppy (source)

ocaml-expect (source)

ocaml-faad (source)

ocaml-gettext (source)

ocaml-http (source)

ocaml-lastfm (source)

ocaml-sha (source)

ocaml-sqlexpr (source)

ocaml-text (source)

ocaml-usb (source)

ocaml-xmlplaylist (source)

ocamlify (source)

ocamlnet (source)

ocp (source)

ocrodjvu (source)

ocsigen (source)

oflib (source)

oftc-hybrid (source)

ohcount (source)

okular (source)

onak (source)

oocairo (source)

oops-datedir-repo (source)

oops-wsgi (source)

opal (source)

open-invaders (source)

open-iscsi (source)

openais (source)

opencascade (source)

opencity (source)

opencryptoki (source)

opendnssec (source)

openfetion (source)

opengtl (source)

openigtlink (source)

openjade (source)

openjade1.3 (source)

openldap (source)

openmsx-debugger (source)

openpyxl (source)

openr2 (source)

opensc (source)

openscenegraph (source)

openshot (source)

openstereogram (source)

openswan (source)

openvanilla-modules (source)

openvpn (source)

openwalnut (source)

opsin (source)

optcomplete (source)

orage (source)

orange (source)

oregano (source)

original-awk (source)

osgearth (source)

osgi-core (source)

oss-compat (source)

ossim (source)

ounit (source)

oval-interpreter (source)

owx (source)

oxygen-icons (source)

p7zip-rar (source)

pacemaker (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

pacpl (source)

pam (source)

pandas (source)

parcellite (source)

parole (source)

partimage (source)

passage (source)

password-gorilla (source)

pastebinit (source)

patchutils (source)

paw (source)

pcalendar (source)

pcb2gcode (source)

pchar (source)

pcmciautils (source)

pcp (source)

pcp-gui (source)

pcsc-cyberjack (source)

pcsc-perl (source)

pd-iemambi (source)

pd-motex (source)

pdfgrep (source)

pdftoipe (source)

pdnsd (source)

pebl (source)

perlkde (source)

perlqt (source)

pesto (source)

petsc (source)

pgapack (source)

pgloader (source)

pgmemcache (source)

pgplot5 (source)

phalanx (source)

phlipple (source)

phonon-backend-gstreamer (source)

photoprint (source)

php-adodb (source)

php-horde-auth (source)

php-horde-core (source)

php-horde-mime-viewer (source)

php-imagick (source)

php-imap (source)

php-imlib (source)

php-kolab-filter (source)

php-openid (source)

php-ssh2 (source)

php-svn (source)

phpbb3 (source)

phpldapadmin (source)

phpsysinfo (source)

phy-spread (source)

pianobooster (source)

picard-tools (source)

pictor (source)

pidgin-latex (source)

pidgin-musictracker (source)

pinentry (source)

pingus (source)

pinpoint (source)

pion-net (source)

piston-mini-client (source)

pithos (source)

pixman (source)

pkg-create-dbgsym (source)

pkgbinarymangler (source)

pkglab (source)

plasma-mobile (source)

plasma-widget-fastuserswitch (source)

playitslowly (source)

plee-the-bear (source)

plexus-cli (source)

plexus-component-api (source)

plexus-i18n (source)

plexus-interactivity-api (source)

plexus-interpolation (source)

plexus-utils (source)

plexus-velocity (source)

plotutils (source)

plymouth-theme-sabily (source)

pm-utils (source)

pmw (source)

pngphoon (source)

poe.app (source)

poedit (source)

poker-engine (source)

policykit-1 (source)

policykit-1-gnome (source)

polkit-kde-1 (source)

polygraph (source)

postfix (source)

potrace (source)

powernap (source)

ppl (source)

pptp-linux (source)

pptpd (source)

prey (source)

primrose (source)

printer-applet (source)

procmail (source)

proftpd-mod-msg (source)

protobuf-c (source)

proxsmtp (source)

psgml (source)

ptlib (source)

ptouch-driver (source)

pvpgn (source)

pxp (source)

pycurl (source)

pyepl (source)

pyformex (source)

pyglet (source)

pygments (source)

pygresql (source)

pygtkmvc (source)

pyicu (source)

pyliblo (source)

pylibmc (source)

pylint (source)

pymol (source)

pyparallel (source)

pyqwt5 (source)

pyro (source)

pyroman (source)

pystatgrab (source)

pysvn (source)

pytagsfs (source)

pytest-xdist (source)

python-adns (source)

python-application (source)

python-ase (source)

python-aspects (source)

python-augeas (source)

python-avc (source)

python-bibtex (source)

python-box2d (source)

python-carrot (source)

python-cliapp (source)

python-cups (source)

python-dateutil (source)

python-defer (source)

python-demgengeo (source)

python-django-nova (source)

python-django-piston (source)

python-djvulibre (source)

python-drizzle (source)

python-elements (source)

python-gasp (source)

python-geoclue (source)

python-gtkglext1 (source)

python-iniparse (source)

python-iowait (source)

python-jpype (source)

python-jsonschema (source)

python-keystoneclient (source)

python-launchpadlib-toolkit (source)

python-levenshtein (source)

python-lockfile (source)

python-logging-extra (source)

python-mailer (source)

python-melangeclient (source)

python-old-doctools (source)

python-openid (source)

python-opster (source)

python-pika (source)

python-poster (source)

python-protobuf.socketrpc (source)

python-prowlpy (source)

python-pyaudio (source)

python-pygraphviz (source)

python-pypdf (source)

python-pypm (source)

python-pyproj (source)

python-pytc (source)

python-qrencode (source)

python-redis (source)

python-reportlab (source)

python-selenium (source)

python-setupdocs (source)

python-swiftclient (source)

python-webob (source)

pythonmagick (source)

pythonqt (source)

pythontracer (source)

pytimechart (source)

pyvtk (source)

pywebkitgtk (source)

pyx (source)

pyxdg (source)

pyxine (source)

qalculate-gtk (source)

qca-cyrus-sasl (source)

qcake (source)

qd (source)

qdacco (source)

qdox (source)

qesteidutil (source)

qmf (source)

qpid-tools (source)

qsource-highlight (source)

qt-at-spi (source)

qterm (source)

qtruby (source)

qtsmbstatus (source)

quadprog (source)

quesoglc (source)

quickly (source)

quickly-widgets (source)

qutecom (source)

qutecsound (source)

qutemol (source)

qwbfsmanager (source)

qwt (source)

r-cran-getopt (source)

r-cran-lpsolve (source)

r-cran-multicore (source)

r-cran-rocr (source)

r-cran-sn (source)

ragel (source)

raphael (source)

rapidsvn (source)

rcolorbrewer (source)

rdesktop (source)

rdkit (source)

rds (source)

rdup (source)

recode (source)

redis (source)

refpolicy (source)

relimp (source)

remmina (source)

remotetea (source)

resource-agents (source)

revelation (source)

rfoo (source)

rhino (source)

robert-hooke (source)

robojournal (source)

rocs (source)

rott (source)

routino (source)

rpcbind (source)

rpy2 (source)

rrdtool (source)

rsakeyfind (source)

rss-glx (source)

rsyntaxtextarea (source)

rsyslog (source)

rtai (source)

ruby-activeldap (source)

ruby-algorithm-diff (source)

ruby-amazon-ec2 (source)

ruby-amq-client (source)

ruby-amq-protocol (source)

ruby-amrita (source)

ruby-amrita2 (source)

ruby-ascii85 (source)

ruby-bdb (source)

ruby-builder (source)

ruby-contest (source)

ruby-dep-selector (source)

ruby-em-http-request (source)

ruby-erubis (source)

ruby-escape-utils (source)

ruby-extlib (source)

ruby-fast-xs (source)

ruby-feedparser (source)

ruby-globalhotkeys (source)

ruby-gruff (source)

ruby-hdfeos5 (source)

ruby-hpricot (source)

ruby-i18n (source)

ruby-instantiator (source)

ruby-introspection (source)

ruby-liquid (source)

ruby-mail (source)

ruby-merb-assets (source)

ruby-merb-core (source)

ruby-merb-haml (source)

ruby-merb-helpers (source)

ruby-merb-param-protection (source)

ruby-metaclass (source)

ruby-moneta (source)

ruby-mysql (source)

ruby-net-http-digest-auth (source)

ruby-net-irc (source)

ruby-net-sftp (source)

ruby-parsetree (source)

ruby-pdf-inspector (source)

ruby-rc4 (source)

ruby-rubyzip2 (source)

ruby-rvm (source)

ruby-setup (source)

ruby-taglib2 (source)

ruby-terminal-table (source)

ruby-termios (source)

ruby-test-declarative (source)

ruby-test-spec (source)

ruby-tilt (source)

ruby-tokyocabinet (source)

ruby-transaction-simple (source)

ruby1.8 (source)

rumor (source)

run-one (source)

rxtx (source)

sabily-grub-artwork (source)

sacjava (source)

samizdat (source)

sampleicc (source)

sane-backends-extras (source)

saxonb (source)

sbackup (source)

sbcl (source)

sbnc (source)

sbuild (source)

scalc (source)

scantailor (source)

schism (source)

scidavis (source)

scikit-learn (source)

scilab-overload (source)

scim-canna (source)

scim-skk (source)

scim-unikey (source)

scli (source)

scorched3d (source)

scotch (source)

scribes (source)

scribus (source)

scsitools (source)

sdlgfx (source)

secvpn (source)

seed (source)

seivot (source)

semanticscuttle (source)

semantik (source)

seq24 (source)

sessioninstaller (source)

sfftobmp (source)

sflphone (source)

sfst (source)

sgt-puzzles (source)

sharutils (source)

shedskin (source)

sheepdog (source)

shiboken (source)

shogun (source)

sigscheme (source)

sigviewer (source)

sitesummary (source)

skipfish (source)

skrooge (source)

sks (source)

slepc (source)

slides (source)

sm-archive (source)

smc (source)

sml-mode (source)

smokeping (source)

smstools (source)

sni-qt (source)

snort (source)

socat (source)

softhsm (source)

solfege (source)

sorl-thumbnail (source)

source-highlight-ide (source)

sox (source)

spandsp (source)

sparse (source)

sparsehash (source)

spass (source)

spatialite-gui (source)

sphinxbase (source)

spl (source)

spring-build (source)

sprng (source)

sqlline (source)

squaremap (source)

squeak-plugins-scratch (source)

squeak-vm (source)

squeeze (source)

sra-sdk (source)

ssh-import-id (source)

sshpass (source)

sshuttle (source)

ssldump (source)

stackapplet (source)

staden-io-lib (source)

stdeb (source)

step (source)

stimfit (source)

stressapptest (source)

strongswan (source)

strongwind (source)

structure-synth (source)

stx-btree (source)

stylebook (source)

styx (source)

substance (source)

superkaramba (source)

suricata (source)

svgpart (source)

svn-workbench (source)

swauth (source)

sweeper (source)

swi-prolog (source)

swing-layout (source)

swish-e (source)

sympy (source)

syncevolution (source)

syncmaildir (source)

sysinfo (source)

syslinux-themes-ubuntu (source)

syslog-ng (source)

syslog-ocaml (source)

system-config-date (source)

system-config-lvm (source)

sysvinit (source)

t38modem (source)

tacacs+ (source)

tachyon (source)

tagcoll2 (source)

tangerine (source)

taningia (source)

taoframework (source)

tar (source)

tasksel (source)

tclap (source)

tcltls (source)

tcos (source)

tcos-configurator (source)

tcosconfig (source)

tcosmonitor (source)

tcptrace (source)

tcptrack (source)

telepathy-idle (source)

telepathy-python (source)

tenace (source)

tesseract (source)

testng (source)

texmacs (source)

tgif (source)

tgt (source)

thin-client-manager (source)

threadscope (source)

thuban (source)

thunar-vcs-plugin (source)

thunar-vfs (source)

thunderbird (source)

tiger (source)

tiles (source)

tintin++ (source)

tinyeartrainer (source)

titantools (source)

tokyocabinet-haskell (source)

tomcat-maven-plugin (source)

tophide (source)

torchat (source)

torque (source)

toshset (source)

tovid (source)

trac-mastertickets (source)

trac-wikiprint (source)

transcode (source)

transfig (source)

translate-toolkit (source)

traverso (source)

tre (source)

trigger-rally (source)

tripwire (source)

ttf-cjk-compact (source)

ttf-dejavu (source)

ttf-wqy-zenhei (source)

tudu (source)

twidge (source)

twisted-calendarserver (source)

twisted-web2 (source)

txt2man (source)

txt2tags (source)

u-boot (source)

ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (source)

ubufox (source)

ubuntu-artwork (source)

ubuntu-cloud-keyring (source)

ubuntu-docs (source)

ubuntu-font-family-sources (source)

ubuntu-geoip (source)

ubuntu-meta (source)

ubuntu-system-service (source)

ubuntuone-couch (source)

ubuntuone-file-storage-api (source)

ubuntustudio-default-settings (source)

ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme (source)

ubuntustudio-look (source)

ubuntustudio-menu (source)

ubuntustudio-meta (source)

ucimf-chewing (source)

ucto (source)

udev (source)

ugene (source)

ukolovnik (source)

umlet (source)

underscore (source)

undertaker (source)

unionfs-fuse (source)

unison (source)

unison2.27.57 (source)

unison2.32.52 (source)

units (source)

unittest2 (source)

unity-asset-pool (source)

unixodbc (source)

unknown-horizons (source)

unp (source)

unzip (source)

upnp-router-control (source)

ureadahead (source)

usb-modeswitch (source)

user-setup (source)

userv (source)

ushare (source)

uthash (source)

utidylib (source)

util-linux (source)

uuagc (source)

uzbl (source)

v-sim (source)

vala (source)

vala-0.14 (source)

valgrind (source)

vanessa-logger (source)

vde2 (source)

vdetelweb (source)

vdkxdb2 (source)

vgabios (source)

vgrabbj (source)

vim (source)

visual-regexp (source)

visualvm (source)

vmware-view-open-client (source)

vocproc (source)

vowpal-wabbit (source)

voxbo (source)

vpb-driver (source)

vte (source)

vtun (source)

vzctl (source)

vzdump (source)

wagon (source)

wakeup (source)

wdiff (source)

webdruid (source)

webfs (source)

websvn (source)

wget (source)

what-utils (source)

whitedune (source)

wide-dhcpv6 (source)

widelands (source)

widemargin (source)

wifi-radar (source)

wikipediafs (source)

wiliki (source)

wine-gecko1.4 (source)

wine1.4 (source)

winetricks (source)

wireless-regdb (source)

wireless-tools (source)

wizznic (source)

wmhdplop (source)

wmii (source)

wmnd (source)

wmpuzzle (source)

wsdl4j (source)

wtforms (source)

wvdial (source)

wvstreams (source)

wxbanker (source)

wxgeometrie (source)

x11-utils (source)

x11-xfs-utils (source)

x11-xkb-utils (source)

x11-xserver-utils (source)

x11proto-core (source)

x11proto-dri2 (source)

x11proto-gl (source)

x11proto-input (source)

x11proto-randr (source)

x11proto-xext (source)

x11vnc (source)

xauth (source)

xcb-util-renderutil (source)

xdeb (source)

xdg-user-dirs (source)

xdg-utils (source)

xdiagnose (source)

xen (source)

xen-api-libs (source)

xf86-input-multitouch (source)

xf86-input-tslib (source)

xf86-input-wacom (source)

xfburn (source)

xfce4-cellmodem-plugin (source)

xfce4-cpufreq-plugin (source)

xfce4-datetime-plugin (source)

xfce4-dict (source)

xfce4-linelight-plugin (source)

xfce4-mailwatch-plugin (source)

xfce4-messenger-plugin (source)

xfce4-netload-plugin (source)

xfce4-notes-plugin (source)

xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin (source)

xfce4-radio-plugin (source)

xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin (source)

xfce4-terminal (source)

xfce4-timer-plugin (source)

xfce4-verve-plugin (source)

xfce4-volumed (source)

xfce4-weather-plugin (source)

xfce4-wmdock-plugin (source)

xfce4-xkb-plugin (source)

xfmpc (source)

xfonts-traditional (source)

xfonts-utils (source)

xfprint4 (source)

xfsprogs (source)

xfswitch-plugin (source)

xft (source)

xindy (source)

xinit (source)

xinput (source)

xinput-calibrator (source)

xkeyboard-config (source)

xlockmore (source)

xmds-doc (source)

xml-commons-external (source)

xml-crimson (source)

xml-light (source)

xml2rfc (source)

xmlbeans (source)

xmlgraphics-commons (source)

xmlrpc-c (source)

xmlrpc-light (source)

xmlunit (source)

xmonad (source)

xmonad-contrib (source)

xmp (source)

xneur (source)

xom (source)

xorg (source)

xorg-sgml-doctools (source)

xpaint (source)

xplanet (source)

xrestop (source)

xsane (source)

xsd (source)

xserver-xorg-input-acecad (source)

xserver-xorg-input-aiptek (source)

xserver-xorg-input-elographics (source)

xserver-xorg-input-joystick (source)

xserver-xorg-input-keyboard (source)

xserver-xorg-input-mouse (source)

xserver-xorg-input-mutouch (source)

xserver-xorg-input-penmount (source)

xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse (source)

xserver-xorg-input-void (source)

xserver-xorg-video-ati (source)

xserver-xorg-video-savage (source)

xserver-xorg-video-vmware (source)

xsettings-kde (source)

xsp (source)

xstarfish (source)

xstrp4 (source)

xterm (source)

xtide (source)

xtrlock (source)

xubuntu-artwork (source)

xubuntu-default-settings (source)

xubuntu-meta (source)

xutils-dev (source)

xvba-video (source)

yabause (source)

yate (source)

yazpp (source)

yum-utils (source)

z3c.autoinclude (source)

z3c.macro (source)

z80ex (source)

z88dk (source)

zeitgeist-datahub (source)

zentyal-ca (source)

zentyal-common (source)

zentyal-core (source)

zentyal-dhcp (source)

zentyal-dns (source)

zentyal-firewall (source)

zentyal-network (source)

zentyal-ntp (source)

zentyal-objects (source)

zentyal-openvpn (source)

zentyal-printers (source)

zentyal-samba (source)

zentyal-services (source)

zentyal-squid (source)

zentyal-users (source)

zfs-fuse (source)

zip (source)

zoem (source)

zoneminder (source)

zope.exceptions (source)

zope.fixers (source)

zope.size (source)

zorp (source)

zsh-beta (source)