I duplicate-short-description

All reports of duplicate-short-description for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The listed binary packages all share the same short description (the first line of the Description control field). The package names may provide enough additional information to distinguish between the packages, but it's common to also add a word or two to the short description to clarify the difference.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: possible

Check: control-file, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

abe (source)

abinit (source)

adanaxisgpl (source)

adasockets (source)

adns (source)

aiksaurus (source)

airstrike (source)

alsa-driver (source)

alsa-plugins (source)

ampsharp (source)

ant1.7 (source)

antlr (source)

apmd (source)

appmenu-gtk (source)

arb (source)

argtable2 (source)

argyll (source)

asio (source)

aspectc++ (source)

at-spi2-atk (source)

at-spi2-core (source)

atdgen (source)

aterm (source)

atk1.0 (source)

aubio (source)

audiocd-kio (source)

autogen (source)

avahi (source)

avahi-sharp (source)

avifile (source)

axiom (source)

backport-util-concurrent (source)

bakery2.6 (source)

ball (source)

bandwidthd (source)

beast-mcmc (source)

biniou (source)

bird (source)

bisonc++ (source)

blcr (source)

blitz++ (source)

blobwars (source)

bluez (source)

boo (source)

boolstuff (source)

boost-defaults (source)

boost-mpi-source1.49 (source)

boost1.49 (source)

boost1.50 (source)

bouncycastle (source)

bpython (source)

brailleutils (source)

brltty (source)

cain (source)

calendar (source)

calibre (source)

caml2html (source)

camlbz2 (source)

camltemplate (source)

caribou (source)

cdebconf (source)

cecil (source)

cecil-flowanalysis (source)

ceferino (source)

centerim (source)

ceph (source)

charls (source)

check-mk (source)

chef (source)

chise-base (source)

cinder (source)

cipux-cat-web (source)

cjk (source)

cl-mcclim (source)

clips (source)

cloog (source)

clp (source)

clutter-imcontext (source)

cminpack (source)

coderay (source) overridden

codespeak-lib (source)

cogl (source)

coinor-cgl (source)

coinor-csdp (source)

coinor-dylp (source)

coinor-flopc++ (source)

coinor-osi (source)

coinor-symphony (source)

coinor-vol (source)

coinutils (source)

colord (source)

compiz (source)

corosync (source)

cortado (source)

couchdb-glib (source)

cppunit (source)

crack (source)

csync-owncloud (source)

cvector (source)

cxref (source)

cxxtools (source)

cyrus-imapd-2.4 (source)

dacs (source)

dancer-xml (source)

dar (source)

darktable (source)

db (source)

db4o (source)

db5.3 (source)

dbus-test-runner (source)

dbusada (source)

debdelta (source)

devil (source)

dia-newcanvas (source)

dime (source)

dirspec (source)

distribute (source)

djvulibre (source)

dnsmasq (source)

dnsruby (source)

dovecot (source)

doxygen (source)

dragonegg (source)

dsdp (source)

dynare (source)

easy-format (source)

edac-utils (source)

edos-debcheck (source)

eglibc (source)

evolution-data-server (source)

exodusii (source)

expeyes (source)

extremetuxracer (source)

eztrace (source)

famfamfam-flag (source)

fbset (source)

feedparser (source)

feel++ (source)

fftw (source)

firefox (source)

firmware-tools (source)

fonts-arphic-ukai (source)

fonts-freefont (source)

fonts-ipaexfont (source)

fonts-ipafont (source)

fonts-khmeros (source)

fonts-larabie (source)

fonts-lklug-sinhala (source)

fonts-nanum (source)

fonts-sil-nuosusil (source)

fonts-takao (source)

fonts-tibetan-machine (source)

fonts-yozvox-yozfont (source)

fop (source)

freecell-solver (source)

freetds (source)

freetennis (source)

fribidi (source)

fts (source)

fuse (source)

fxt (source)

g15daemon (source)

galib (source)

gambas3 (source)

gcc-4.4 (source)

gcc-4.4-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.4-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.5 (source)

gcc-4.5-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.5-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.6 (source)

gcc-4.6-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.6-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.7 (source)

gcc-4.7-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.7-armhf-cross (source)

gcompris (source)

gconf (source)

gdal (source)

gdata-sharp (source)

gdb (source)

gecode (source)

gerris (source)

getdp (source)

ghc (source)

gifticlib (source)

gio-sharp (source)

git (source)

gjs (source)

gl2ps (source)

glassfish (source)

glide (source)

glmark2 (source)

gluegen2 (source)

gmetadom (source)

gmime (source)

gmp (source)

gmp-ecm (source)

gmpc-plugins (source)

gmt (source)

gnelib (source)

gnokii (source)

gnome-control-center (source)

gnome-desktop-sharp2 (source)

gnome-keyring-sharp (source)

gnome-menus (source)

gnome-menus2 (source)

gnome-python (source)

gnome-sharp2 (source)

gnonlin (source)

gnuspool (source)

goffice (source)

gofigure2 (source)

google-glog (source)

google-perftools (source)

gpgme1.0 (source)

gpp4 (source)

gpsbabel (source)

gpsdrive (source)

gpsshogi (source)

gridengine (source)

grub2 (source)

gsql (source)

gst-plugins-bad-multiverse0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-bad1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-base0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-base1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-good0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-good1.0 (source)

gst0.10-python (source)

gstreamer0.10 (source)

gstreamer1.0 (source)

gtk-sharp2 (source)

gtkglarea-sharp (source)

gtkmathview (source)

guile-gnome-platform (source)

gutenprint (source)

gwaei (source)

gwibber (source)

hal (source)

hamlib (source)

haskell-dummy (source)

haskell-testpack (source)

haskell-yesod (source)

hbro (source)

hdf5 (source)

heroes (source)

hippo-canvas (source)

hivex (source)

hoz (source)

ibus-qt (source)

icedtea-web (source)

icewm (source)

icu (source)

ido (source)

ido-gtk2 (source)

ifmail (source)

impacket (source)

indicator-applet (source)

indiv-screenlets (source)

intel-vaapi-driver (source)

isdnutils (source)

isl (source)

jblas (source)

jcommander (source)

jetty (source)

jinja2 (source)

kadu (source)

kaya (source)

kde-workspace (source)

kdepim (source)

kdepimlibs (source)

kedpm (source)

kfreebsd-defaults (source)

kinput2 (source)

korundum (source) overridden

language-selector (source)

latex-cjk-chinese-arphic (source)

launchpad-integration (source)

lazr.uri (source)

ldap-haskell (source)

ldns (source)

leptonlib (source)

libaio (source)

libalog (source)

libappframework-java (source)

libappindicator (source)

libaqbanking (source)

libassa (source)

libassuan (source)

libaugeas-ruby (source)

libaunit (source)

libav-extra (source)

libbrahe (source)

libbsd (source)

libcanberra (source)

libcgic (source)

libcgns (source)

libcommons-openpgp-java (source)

libcorelinux (source)

libcroco (source)

libcsoap (source)

libctapimkt (source)

libdbg (source)

libdbusmenu (source)

libdebian-installer (source)

libdecodeqr (source)

libdkim (source)

libdrm (source)

libee (source)

libept (source)

libevocosm (source)

libfakekey (source)

libfcgi-ruby (source)

libflaim (source)

libflexdock-java (source)

libfli1 (source)

libflickrnet (source)

libflorist (source)

libfolia (source)

libformula (source)

libftdi (source)

libg15 (source)

libg15render (source)

libgcrypt11 (source)

libgd2 (source)

libgdchart-gd2 (source)

libgemplugin-ruby (source)

libgenome (source)

libgnome-media-profiles (source)

libgpevtype (source)

libgpg-error (source)

libgtkdatabox (source)

libgtksourceviewmm (source)

libgwenhywfar (source)

libhaapi (source)

libhdf4 (source)

libhmsbeagle (source)

libhugetlbfs (source)

libics (source)

libid3tag (source)

libiec61883 (source)

libiksemel (source)

libimobiledevice (source)

libindicator (source)

libintl-perl (source)

libircclient (source)

libiscsi (source)

libitext-java (source)

libjibx1.2-java (source)

libjlatexmath-java (source)

libjpeg-turbo (source)

libjpeg6b (source)

libjpeg8-empty (source)

libkolab (source)

libkolabxml (source)

liblip (source)

liblo (source)

liblognorm (source)

liblunar (source)

libmatio (source)

libmesh (source)

libmimedir-gnome (source)

libmokoui2 (source)

libmpd (source)

libmpeg3 (source)

libnet-netrc-ruby (source)

libnetfilter-cttimeout (source)

libnoise (source)

libnxml (source)

libosinfo (source)

libosl (source)

libplist (source)

libpng (source)

libprelude (source)

libpreludedb (source)

libprinterconf (source)

libranlip (source)

libraw1394 (source)

libreoffice (source)

librostlab-blast (source)

libserial (source)

libshevek (source)

libsieve (source)

libswingworker-java (source)

libsynthesis (source)

libtemplates-parser (source)

libticonv (source)

libtool (source)

libtrace3 (source)

libubuntuone (source)

libuser (source)

libview (source)

libvirt (source)

libvirt-glib (source)

libvorbisfile-ruby (source)

libwebp (source)

libwmf (source)

libwsbm (source)

libx11 (source)

libxflaim (source)

libxml++2.6 (source)

libxsettings (source)

libytnef (source)

libzerg (source)

libzip-ruby (source)

libzn-poly (source)

lightdm (source)

likewise-open (source)

linphone (source)

linux (source)

linux-lowlatency (source)

linux-meta (source)

linux-meta-lowlatency (source)

lm-sensors (source)

log4net (source)

loggedfs (source)

logservice (source)

lua-cgi (source)

lua-copas (source)

lua-lgi (source)

lua-logging (source)

lua-md5 (source)

lua-orbit (source)

lua-penlight (source)

lua-sec (source)

lua-soap (source)

lua-sql (source)

lua-xmlrpc (source)

luasocket (source)

lucene-solr (source)

lvm2 (source)

lxml (source)

lzip (source)

madlib (source)

mapserver (source)

markupsafe (source)

matchbox-keyboard (source)

maven-scm (source)

mazeofgalious (source)

mclibs (source) overridden

mdcfg (source)

mdp (source)

metis-edf (source)

mffm-fftw (source)

mhash (source)

mikmatch (source)

mjpegtools (source)

mklibs (source)

mlgmp (source)

mockobjects (source)

modello (source)

modello1.4 (source)

mono (source)

mono-addins (source)

mono-uia (source)

mono-zeroconf (source)

mono.reflection (source)

morse-simulator (source)

mpfi (source)

mpi4py (source)

mpich (source)

mplayer (source)

mricron (source)

msgpack (source)

muon (source)

mysql-5.5 (source)

mysql-connector-net (source)

nagios-plugins (source)

ndesk-dbus (source)

ndesk-dbus-glib (source)

nekohtml (source)

nepomuk-core (source)

netcdf (source)

netcf (source)

netgen (source)

netscript-2.4 (source)

network-manager (source)

nfqueue-bindings (source)

nifticlib (source)

nini (source)

nipy (source)

node-async (source)

node-sink-test (source)

notify-sharp (source)

nspluginwrapper (source)

nspr (source)

nss (source)

ntfs-3g (source)

nxcompshad (source)

oasis (source)

ocaml-alsa (source)

ocaml-atd (source)

ocaml-bjack (source)

ocaml-data-notation (source)

ocaml-dbus (source)

ocaml-expat (source)

ocaml-expect (source)

ocaml-gavl (source)

ocaml-inotify (source)

ocaml-libvirt (source)

ocaml-magic (source)

ocaml-ogg (source)

ocaml-portaudio (source)

ocaml-samplerate (source)

ocaml-shout (source)

ocaml-soundtouch (source)

ocaml-speex (source)

ocaml-sqlite3 (source)

ocaml-theora (source)

ocamlagrep (source)

ocamlgraph (source)

ocamlgsl (source)

oce (source)

ohai (source) overridden

omhacks (source)

openais (source)

openblas (source)

opencascade (source)

openct (source)

opengtl (source)

openmotif (source)

openscap (source)

openturns (source)

openwalnut (source)

os-prober (source)

osspsa (source)

otf (source)

p2kmoto (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

pagodacf (source)

pandoc (source)

passlib (source)

pciutils (source)

pdns (source)

phamm (source)

phylip (source)

pidgin-hotkeys (source)

pidgin-mra (source)

pkcs11-helper (source)

plymouth (source)

polarssl (source)

portmidi (source)

posixlock (source)

postfix-cluebringer (source)

procps (source)

psiconv (source)

pslib (source)

pulseaudio (source)

pxlib (source)

pycxx (source)

pyepl (source)

pyformex (source)

pyinotify (source)

pykaraoke (source)

pyme (source)

pyode (source)

pyscript (source)

pyserial (source)

python-decorator (source)

python-imaging-doc-handbook (source)

python-iowait (source)

python-lepl (source)

python-medusa (source)

python-numpy (source)

python-omniorb (source)

python-pam (source)

python-pmw (source)

python-pysnmp4 (source)

python-reportlab (source)

python-scientific (source)

python-setproctitle (source)

python-tempita (source)

python-testtools (source)

python3.3 (source)

qd (source)

qedje (source)

qnapi (source)

qoauth (source)

qtruby (source) overridden

qtscrob (source)

quickly (source)

qxmlrpc (source)

qzion (source)

rails (source)

raspell (source)

rdate (source)

rdtool (source)

readline6 (source)

realtimebattle (source)

redhat-cluster (source)

refit (source)

reprof (source)

rsbac-admin (source)

rtai (source)

rubilicious (source)

ruby-activeldap (source)

ruby-addressable (source) overridden

ruby-algorithm-diff (source)

ruby-amazon-ec2 (source)

ruby-amrita2 (source)

ruby-barby (source)

ruby-bdb (source)

ruby-bio (source) overridden

ruby-bluecloth (source) overridden

ruby-bsearch (source)

ruby-builder (source) overridden

ruby-bunny (source)

ruby-cairo (source) overridden

ruby-cmdparse (source) overridden

ruby-color-tools (source) overridden

ruby-commandline (source) overridden

ruby-daemons (source)

ruby-dataobjects (source) overridden

ruby-dataobjects-mysql (source) overridden

ruby-dataobjects-postgres (source)

ruby-dataobjects-sqlite3 (source)

ruby-dbd-mysql (source)

ruby-dbd-odbc (source)

ruby-dbd-pg (source)

ruby-dbd-sqlite3 (source)

ruby-dbi (source)

ruby-dbus (source) overridden

ruby-debian (source)

ruby-deprecated (source)

ruby-diff-lcs (source)

ruby-erubis (source)

ruby-event-loop (source)

ruby-eventmachine (source)

ruby-exif (source)

ruby-extlib (source)

ruby-facets (source)

ruby-fakefs (source)

ruby-feedparser (source)

ruby-feedtools (source)

ruby-ferret (source) overridden

ruby-ffi (source) overridden

ruby-filesystem (source)

ruby-flexmock (source) overridden

ruby-fssm (source) overridden

ruby-fusefs (source) overridden

ruby-gd (source) overridden

ruby-gettext (source)

ruby-gettext-activerecord (source)

ruby-gettext-rails (source)

ruby-git (source)

ruby-globalhotkeys (source)

ruby-gnome2 (source) overridden

ruby-gnuplot (source) overridden

ruby-googlecharts (source) overridden

ruby-gpgme (source)

ruby-gruff (source)

ruby-gsl (source)

ruby-haml (source) overridden

ruby-hdfeos5 (source)

ruby-heckle (source) overridden

ruby-highline (source) overridden

ruby-hmac (source)

ruby-hpricot (source) overridden

ruby-htmlentities (source)

ruby-httpclient (source)

ruby-i18n (source)

ruby-ihelp (source) overridden

ruby-image-science (source)

ruby-imagesize (source)

ruby-inline (source)

ruby-innate (source) overridden

ruby-inotify (source)

ruby-json (source) overridden

ruby-krb5-auth (source) overridden

ruby-lapack (source)

ruby-libvirt (source)

ruby-libxml (source)

ruby-locale (source)

ruby-locale-rails (source)

ruby-log4r (source) overridden

ruby-maruku (source)

ruby-mathml (source) overridden

ruby-mecab (source)

ruby-mechanize (source)

ruby-memcache-client (source) overridden

ruby-merb-assets (source)

ruby-merb-core (source)

ruby-merb-haml (source)

ruby-merb-helpers (source)

ruby-merb-param-protection (source)

ruby-metaid (source) overridden

ruby-mixlib-authentication (source)

ruby-mixlib-cli (source) overridden

ruby-mixlib-config (source)

ruby-mixlib-log (source) overridden

ruby-mocha (source) overridden

ruby-moneta (source)

ruby-mp3tag (source)

ruby-msgpack (source)

ruby-multibitnums (source)

ruby-mysql (source)

ruby-narray (source)

ruby-narray-miss (source) overridden

ruby-ncurses (source)

ruby-net-scp (source)

ruby-net-sftp (source)

ruby-net-ssh (source)

ruby-net-ssh-gateway (source)

ruby-net-ssh-multi (source)

ruby-netcdf (source) overridden

ruby-nokogiri (source) overridden

ruby-oauth (source) overridden

ruby-odbc (source)

ruby-ogginfo (source) overridden

ruby-ole (source)

ruby-open4 (source) overridden

ruby-opengl (source) overridden

ruby-openid (source) overridden

ruby-packet (source)

ruby-parsetree (source)

ruby-password (source)

ruby-pcap (source)

ruby-pg (source)

ruby-prawn (source) overridden

ruby-progressbar (source) overridden

ruby-rack (source)

ruby-rails-3.2 (source)

ruby-rb-inotify (source) overridden

ruby-redcloth (source)

ruby-rest-client (source)

ruby-rmagick (source)

ruby-romkan (source)

ruby-rqrcode (source)

ruby-rspec (source)

ruby-ruby2ruby (source)

ruby-rubytorrent (source) overridden

ruby-sdl (source) overridden

ruby-sequel (source)

ruby-serialport (source) overridden

ruby-sexp-processor (source)

ruby-shoulda (source)

ruby-sinatra (source) overridden

ruby-spreadsheet (source) overridden

ruby-sqlite3 (source)

ruby-stomp (source)

ruby-svg-graph (source)

ruby-systemu (source) overridden

ruby-term-ansicolor (source) overridden

ruby-termios (source)

ruby-text-format (source)

ruby-tidy (source)

ruby-tioga (source)

ruby-tmail (source) overridden

ruby-tokyocabinet (source)

ruby-transaction-simple (source)

ruby-twitter4r (source) overridden

ruby-tzinfo (source)

ruby-uconv (source)

ruby-usb (source) overridden

ruby-uuidtools (source)

ruby-validatable (source) overridden

ruby-will-paginate (source)

ruby-wirble (source)

ruby-xmlparser (source)

ruby-zoom (source) overridden

rubygems (source)

saga (source)

sage (source)

samba (source)

samba4 (source)

samizdat (source)

sbig (source)

sbuild (source)

schroot (source)

scim-bridge (source)

scotch (source)

scowl (source)

scsh-0.6 (source)

scsitools (source)

sendmail (source)

seqan (source)

shogun (source)

sidplay-libs (source)

signon (source)

signon-plugin-oauth2 (source)

simage (source)

simplelist (source)

sipwitch (source)

sleekxmpp (source)

slepc (source)

smart (source)

snack (source)

snd (source)

snmpkit (source)

snort (source)

softhsm (source)

software-properties (source)

sp-gxmlcpp (source)

speakup (source)

sphinxsearch (source)

spyder (source)

sqliteman (source)

ssm (source)

sssd (source)

starpu (source)

stealth (source)

stlport4.6 (source)

structure-synth (source)

subversion (source)

sudo (source)

sugar-0.96 (source)

suitesparse-metis (source)

superlu (source)

swig2.0 (source)

swish-e (source)

syncevolution (source)

syslinux (source)

system-config-printer (source)

tacacs+ (source)

taglib-sharp (source)

tango (source)

tarantool (source)

taurus (source)

tcltrf (source)

tesseract (source)

testdisk (source)

tetgen (source)

texlive-extra (source)

texmacs (source)

thin-client-manager (source)

thunderbird (source)

tiff (source)

tkgate (source)

tomatoes (source)

trac-bitten (source)

tree-puzzle (source)

trove (source)

trove3 (source)

tse3 (source)

ttf-dejavu (source)

turbomail (source)

twatch (source)

twisted (source)

ubuntu-keyring (source)

ubuntu-release-upgrader (source)

ubuntuone-client (source)

uhd (source)

unity (source)

util-linux (source)

uudeview (source)

vala (source)

vala-0.10 (source)

vala-0.14 (source)

vala-0.16 (source)

vdr (source)

via (source)

vim (source)

vips (source)

virtkey (source)

volpack (source)

vxl (source)

wbxml2 (source)

web2py (source)

webgen0.4 (source)

webkit (source)

weka (source)

wine1.4 (source)

wireshark (source)

wordnet (source)

worldwind (source)

wvstreams (source)

x52pro (source)

xblast-tnt (source)

xbmc (source)

xcb-util (source)

xcb-util-renderutil (source)

xdb (source)

xdotool (source)

xemacs21 (source)

xemacs21-packages (source)

xf86-input-wacom (source)

xine-ui (source)

xmedcon (source)

xml-crimson (source)

xmms2 (source)

xmpi (source)

xpilot-ng (source)

xsane (source)

xscreensaver (source)

xserver-xorg-input-evdev (source)

xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (source)

xtux (source)

xye (source)

yapps2 (source)

ygl (source)

yojson (source)

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