I desktop-entry-contains-encoding-key

All reports of desktop-entry-contains-encoding-key for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The Encoding key is now deprecated by the FreeDesktop standard and all strings are required to be encoded in UTF-8. This desktop entry explicitly specifies an Encoding of UTF-8, which is harmless but no longer necessary.

The desktop-file-validate tool in the desktop-file-utils package is useful for checking the syntax of desktop entries.

Refer to http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/1.0/apc.html for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: menu-format, Type: binary

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

abe (binary)

achilles (binary)

adonthell-data (binary)

agtl (binary)

anagramarama (binary)

apertium-tolk (binary)

aranym (binary)

asciijump (binary)

asoundconf-gtk (binary)

atris (binary)

bacula-console-qt (binary)

bacula-traymonitor (binary)

balazarbrothers (binary)

balder2d (binary)

barrybackup-gui (binary) overridden

barrydesktop (binary) overridden

bauble (binary)

beneath-a-steel-sky (binary)

bibus (binary)

biogenesis (binary)

bitpim (binary)

blobandconquer (binary)

blobwars (binary)

blueman (binary)

bluetile (binary)

bmon (binary)

brewtarget (binary)

bugsquish (binary)

buxon (binary)

cairo-clock (binary)

cairo-dock-core (binary)

calf-plugins (binary)

caret (binary)

carmetal (binary)

celestia-gnome (binary)

checkbox-qt (binary)

childsplay (binary)

chirp (binary)

clips (binary)

coccinella (binary)

code-aster-gui (binary)

comix (binary)

compiz-core (binary)

controlaula (binary)

cowbell (binary)

crack-attack (binary)

cutecom (binary)

cuyo (binary)

cytadela (binary)

d-rats (binary)

dell-recovery (binary)

desktop-webmail (binary)

dia-common (binary)

dispcalgui (binary)

distccmon-gnome (binary)

docbook2odf (binary)

driconf (binary)

dvb-apps (binary)

dx (binary)

edubuntu-docs (binary)

eficas (binary)

eiciel (binary)

einstein (binary)

elmer (binary)

enemylines7 (binary)

etherape (binary)

etoys (binary)

expeyes (binary)

extrema (binary)

exult (binary)

ferret (binary)

ffrenzy (binary)

flegita (binary)

flight-of-the-amazon-queen (binary)

flightgear (binary)

flphoto (binary)

foomatic-gui (binary)

foxtrotgps (binary)

fqterm (binary)

freebirth (binary)

freedroidrpg (binary)

freepops-updater-gnome (binary)

freevo (binary)

fsl-4.1 (binary)

fuss-launcher (binary)

fvwm (binary)

g2ipmsg (binary)

g3dviewer (binary)

gadmin-bind (binary)

gadmin-openvpn-client (binary)

gadmin-openvpn-server (binary)

gaiksaurus (binary)

gamazons (binary)

gbirthday (binary)

gbonds (binary)

gco (binary)

gcompris (binary)

gcursor (binary)

gdesklets (binary)

geda-xgsch2pcb (binary)

geis-tools (binary)

gemanx-gtk2 (binary)

gerstensaft (binary)

gfaim (binary)

gfceu (binary)

gftp-gtk (binary)

gitg (binary)

gjiten (binary)

gjots2 (binary)

gkdebconf (binary)

gksu (binary)

glob2 (binary)

globs (binary)

gltron (binary)

glurp (binary)

gm-notify (binary)

gnome-disk-utility (binary)

gnome-genius (binary)

gnome-hearts (binary)

gnome-mastermind (binary)

gnome-ppp (binary)

gnomecatalog (binary)

gnomint (binary)

gnotime (binary)

gns3 (binary)

gnubik (binary)

gnudoq (binary)

gnuserv (binary)

goldendict (binary)

goobox (binary)

gpa (binary)

gpaco (binary)

gpe-edit (binary)

gpe-gallery (binary)

gpe-mininet (binary)

gpe-su (binary)

gpe-taskmanager (binary)

gpe-timesheet (binary)

gpe-todo (binary)

gpe-watch (binary)

gpicview (binary)

gpixpod (binary)

gpsdrive (binary)

gpsk31 (binary)

granule (binary)

grass-core (binary)

grcm (binary)

grdesktop (binary)

gresolver (binary)

gretl-common (binary)

gringotts (binary)

grinvin (binary)

grsync (binary)

gshare (binary)

gsmc (binary)

gsoko (binary)

gtick (binary)

gtk-gnutella (binary)

gtk-recordmydesktop (binary)

gtkam (binary)

gtkorphan (binary)

gtkterm (binary)

gtkwave (binary)

gtodo (binary)

guake (binary)

gui-apt-key (binary)

gupnp-tools (binary)

gurlchecker (binary)

gwhere (binary)

gworldclock (binary)

gxneur (binary)

gyrus (binary)

hamfax (binary)

hatari (binary)

hedgewars (binary)

heroes-common (binary)

ho22bus (binary)

horae (binary)

hotwire (binary)

ibus-hangul (binary)

instead (binary)

intone (binary)

iriverter (binary)

itksnap (binary)

jargoninformatique (binary)

jclic (binary)

jfractionlab (binary)

jockey-kde (binary)

kaddressbook-mobile (binary)

kayali (binary)

kbackup (binary)

kbibtex (binary)

kchmviewer (binary)

keyboardcast (binary)

kgmailnotifier (binary)

kino (binary)

kitsune (binary)

klog (binary)

kluppe (binary)

kmail-mobile (binary)

knotes-mobile (binary)

korganizer-mobile (binary)

kover (binary)

krank (binary)

kredentials (binary)

kscope (binary)

ksshaskpass (binary)

landell (binary)

lat (binary)

lcrt (binary)

lifeograph (binary)

likewise-open-gui (binary)

linsmith (binary)

littlewizard (binary)

lletters (binary)

llk-linux (binary)

luciole (binary)

luola (binary)

lxde-common (binary)

lxterminal (binary)

madbomber (binary)

mcu8051ide (binary)

meld (binary)

memaker (binary)

mgm (binary)

minirok (binary)

mirrormagic (binary)

mmpong-gl (binary)

mokomaze (binary)

monodevelop (binary)

moon-lander (binary)

mousepad (binary)

mricron (binary)

mrtrix (binary)

mudlet (binary)

mupdf (binary)

mypaint (binary)

mythbuntu-control-centre (binary)

mythbuntu-live-autostart (binary)

mythbuntu-log-grabber (binary)

mythnettv-gui (binary)

mythtv-backend (binary)

mythtv-frontend (binary)

nautilus (binary)

netpanzer (binary)

njam (binary)

ntfs-config (binary)

nuapplet (binary)

nut-monitor (binary)

objcryst-fox (binary)

oce-draw (binary)

openbmap-logger (binary)

opencascade-draw (binary)

opendict (binary)

optgeo (binary)

oregano (binary)

pacemaker-mgmt-client (binary)

packagesearch (binary)

paman (binary)

pan (binary)

paprefs (binary)

pavucontrol (binary)

pcalendar (binary)

pcp-gui (binary)

pcsxr (binary)

performous (binary)

perroquet (binary)

phoneui-apps (binary)

pida (binary)

pitivi (binary)

podbrowser (binary)

pptview (binary)

project-x (binary)

psychopy (binary)

pureadmin (binary)

purrr (binary)

pybliographer (binary)

pygmy (binary)

pypar2 (binary)

pysycache (binary)

python-acidobasic (binary)

python-ifeffit (binary)

python-mecavideo (binary)

python-poker2d (binary)

python-web2py (binary)

python-whiteboard (binary)

qemu-launcher (binary)

qemulator (binary)

qrfcview (binary)

qt3-assistant (binary)

qt3-designer (binary)

qt3-qtconfig (binary)

qterm (binary)

qtnx (binary)

rbbr (binary)

revelation (binary)

rfdump (binary)

rosegarden (binary)

rss-glx (binary)

rubrica (binary)

scite (binary)

scolasync (binary)

scratch (binary)

screenkey (binary)

searchandrescue (binary)

semantik (binary)

singularity (binary)

solarwolf (binary)

soundkonverter (binary)

spout (binary)

squeak-vm (binary)

squeeze (binary)

stardict-common (binary)

starvoyager (binary)

stopwatch (binary)

streamtuner2 (binary)

structure-synth (binary)

subtitleeditor (binary)

sugar-emulator-0.96 (binary)

supertux-stable (binary)

svn-workbench (binary)

sweep (binary)

synce-trayicon (binary)

system-config-cluster (binary)

system-config-printer-gnome (binary)

system-config-samba (binary)

tagainijisho (binary)

tasks-mobile (binary)

texmacs-common (binary)

texstudio (binary)

tgif (binary)

therion (binary)

therion-viewer (binary)

thin-client-manager-gnome (binary)

threadscope (binary)

thunderbird (binary)

tilp2 (binary)

tint2 (binary)

tkabber (binary)

tkcvs (binary)

tomatoes (binary)

toppler (binary)

treeline (binary)

trustedqsl (binary)

tuxfootball (binary)

unity-lens-video (binary)

uqm (binary)

v-sim-common (binary)

vice (binary)

viewmol (binary)

vmware-view-open-client (binary)

voxbo (binary)

weka (binary)

widelands (binary)

widemargin (binary)

wifi-radar (binary)

winefish (binary)

wireshark (binary)

wsjt (binary)

xaralx (binary)

xarchiver (binary)

xca (binary)

xchat (binary)

xenwatch (binary)

xfprint4 (binary)

xineliboutput-fbfe (binary)

xineliboutput-sxfe (binary)

xmaxima (binary)

xmille (binary)

xmonad (binary)

xmotd (binary)

xnetcardconfig (binary)

xoo (binary)

xournal (binary)

xshogi (binary)

xterm (binary)

xvattr (binary)

xvile (binary)

xyscan (binary)

yate-qt4 (binary)

ygraph (binary)

zenmap (binary)

zygrib (binary)