I debian-watch-file-is-missing

All reports of debian-watch-file-is-missing for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

This source package is not Debian-native but it does not have a debian/watch file. This file is used for automatic detection of new upstream versions by the Debian External Health Status project and other project infrastructure. If this package is maintained upstream, please consider adding a debian/watch file to detect new releases.

If the package is not maintained upstream or if upstream uses a distribution mechanism that cannot be meaningfully monitored by uscan and the Debian External Health Status project, please consider adding a debian/watch file containing only comments documenting the situation.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 4.11 (Optional upstream source location: debian/watch) and the uscan(1) manual page for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: watch-file, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

4g8 (source)

9base (source)

9wm (source)

a56 (source)

abootimg (source)

abuse-sfx (source)

acfax (source)

acgvision-agent (source)

achilles (source)

acidrip (source)

ack (source)

aclock.app (source)

acm (source)

acpica-unix (source)

acr38 (source)

activiz.net (source)

adabrowse (source)

adacgi (source)

adacontrol (source)

adasockets (source)

add-apt-key (source)

adios (source)

adjtimex (source)

adns (source)

adplay (source)

aegis (source)

aes2501-wy (source)

aewm (source)

agg (source)

agtl (source)

aiksaurus (source)

airport-utils (source)

akonadi-facebook (source)

akonadi-googledata (source)

alac-decoder (source)

algotutor (source)

allegro-demo-data (source)

allegro4.2 (source)

alsoft-conf (source)

am-utils (source)

amd64-microcode (source)

amideco (source)

amiga-fdisk (source)

amiwm (source)

amoeba (source)

amoeba-data (source)

amphetamine (source)

amphetamine-data (source)

amule-adunanza (source)

an (source)

anagramarama (source)

analitza (source)

anarchism (source)

anc-api-tools (source)

android-tools (source)

animal-sniffer (source)

anon-proxy (source)

anything-el (source)

anytun (source)

aoetools (source)

aolserver4-nsldap (source)

aolserver4-nsmysql (source)

aolserver4-nsopenssl (source)

aolserver4-nspostgres (source)

aolserver4-nssha1 (source)

aolserver4-nssqlite3 (source)

aolserver4-nsxml (source)

ap-utils (source)

apache-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind (source)

apachetop (source)

apertium (source)

apertium-dbus (source)

apertium-en-ca (source)

apertium-en-es (source)

apertium-eo-ca (source)

apertium-eo-es (source)

apertium-es-ca (source)

apertium-es-gl (source)

apertium-es-pt (source)

apertium-es-ro (source)

apertium-eu-es (source)

apertium-fr-ca (source)

apertium-fr-es (source)

apertium-oc-ca (source)

apertium-oc-es (source)

apertium-pt-ca (source)

apertium-pt-gl (source)

apertium-tolk (source)

aplus-fsf (source)

apmd (source)

apoo (source)

appconfig (source)

apq (source)

apq-postgresql (source)

aprsd (source)

aprsdigi (source)

apsfilter (source)

apt-cacher-ng (source)

apt-rdepends (source)

aptitude (source)

aptoncd (source)

apwal (source)

arcjobtool (source)

argus (source)

argus-client (source)

ark (source)

array-info (source)

as31 (source)

ascd (source)

ascdc (source)

ascii2binary (source)

asciimathtml (source)

ascli (source)

asclock (source)

asis (source)

asmail (source)

asmixer (source)

asoundconf-gtk (source)

aspcud (source)

aspell-ar (source)

aspell-br (source)

aspell-cy (source)

aspell-el (source)

aspell-ga (source)

aspell-hr (source)

aspell-hu (source)

aspell-is (source)

aspell-sk (source)

aspell-sl (source)

aspell-tl (source)

aspic (source)

asql (source)

asr-manpages (source)

assogiate (source)

asterisk-prompt-de (source)

asterisk-prompt-es-co (source)

asterisk-prompt-fr-armelle (source)

asterisk-prompt-it (source)

asterisk-prompt-se (source)

astk (source)

atari800 (source)

atftp (source)

atheist (source)

athena-jot (source)

atlc (source)

atmel-firmware (source)

atom4 (source)

atp (source)

atris (source)

ats-lang-anairiats (source)

atsar (source)

auctex (source)

audiocd-kio (source)

audiolink (source)

aufs-tools (source)

aurora (source)

auto-install-el (source)

autoclass (source)

autoconf2.59 (source)

autoconf2.64 (source)

automake1.7 (source)

automaton (source)

automoc (source)

autoproject (source)

autopsy (source)

autorenamer (source)

autounit (source)

avahi-sharp (source)

avr-libc (source)

avrprog (source)

awardeco (source)

away (source)

awesfx (source)

awl (source)

ax25-apps (source)

ax25-tools (source)

axe (source)

aylet (source)

b5i2iso (source)

babel (source)

backstep (source)

bacula-doc (source)

balder2d (source)

bandwidthcalc (source)

bandwidthd (source)

bar (source)

barcode (source)

basket (source)

battleball (source)

bb (source)

bcmwl (source)

bcpp (source)

bcron (source)

bdii (source)

beav (source)

beneath-a-steel-sky (source)

bfbtester (source)

bglibs (source)

bgoffice-computer-terms (source)

bibcursed (source)

biblatex (source)

biblatex-dw (source) overridden

bidiv (source)

biff (source)

bikeshed (source)

binclock (source)

bind9 (source)

binfmtc (source)

binstats (source)

binutils-msp430 (source)

biogenesis (source)

biosdevname (source)

bird (source)

bison++ (source)

bitstormlite (source)

bittorrent (source)

bjsonrpc (source)

black-box (source)

blacs-mpi (source)

blacs-pvm (source)

blas (source)

blinken (source)

blktap (source)

blktap-dkms (source)

blobandconquer (source)

blockade (source)

blockout2 (source)

blt (source)

blueman (source)

bluez-btsco (source)

bluez-tools (source)

bmon (source)

bnetd (source)

bnfc (source)

boa (source)

bobcat (source)

bogl (source)

bogosec (source)

bokken (source)

boolstuff (source)

boost-mpi-source1.49 (source)

boost1.49 (source)

boost1.50 (source)

booth (source)

bootmail (source)

bootpc (source)

bopm (source)

bordeaux-threads (source)

bottlerocket (source)

boxes (source)

bozohttpd (source)

bplay (source)

bppphyview (source)

bppsuite (source)

brag (source)

brewtarget (source)

brightside (source)

broadcom-sta (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-ac (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-bh7 (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-common (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-extra (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-ac (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-bh7 (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-common (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-extra (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-laser (source)

brother-lpr-drivers-laser1 (source)

bsd-mailx (source)

btrfs-tools (source)

buddy (source)

buffer (source)

buffy (source)

buffycli (source)

bum (source)

bup (source)

buthead (source)

buzztard (source)

bvi (source)

bwbar (source)

bwidget (source)

bytecode (source)

bzip2 (source)

bzr-cvsps-import (source)

bzr-pqm (source)

c++-annotations (source)

c-cpp-reference (source)

c-repl (source)

cabextract (source)

cableswig (source)

cadubi (source)

cal (source)

calabash (source)

calligra-l10n (source)

cam (source)

camera.app (source)

camlidl-doc (source)

canlock (source)

canna-shion (source)

cantor (source)

cappuccino (source)

caps (source)

cardstories (source)

carmetal (source)

catdoc (source)

cba (source)

cbedic (source)

cbios (source)

cc1111 (source)

ccfits (source)

ccseapps (source)

ccze (source)

cd-circleprint (source)

cd5 (source)

cdbackup (source)

cdcat (source)

cddlib (source)

cdecl (source)

cdi2iso (source)

cdlabelgen (source)

cdo (source)

cdrdao (source)

cdrkit (source)

cdtool (source)

cecil-flowanalysis (source)

celestia-nonfree (source)

cellwriter (source)

celt (source)

cenon.app (source)

cereal (source)

cernlib (source) overridden

cfget (source)

cfi (source)

cfingerd (source)

cfitsio3 (source)

cfortran (source)

cfv (source)

cgi-extratags-perl (source)

cgilib (source)

cgsi-gsoap (source)

cgvg (source)

chameleon-cursor-theme (source)

charactermanaj (source)

charm-tools (source)

chase (source)

checkpw (source)

checkservice (source)

chemeq (source)

chemfp (source)

chemical-structures (source)

chewmail (source)

chicken (source)

chimera2 (source)

chipmunk (source)

chirp (source)

chromium-browser (source)

chrony (source)

chrootuid (source)

chrpath (source)

cicero (source)

cim-schema (source)

cinfony (source)

ciso (source)

cjet (source)

cjk (source)

cl-awk (source)

cl-clx-sbcl (source)

cl-flexichain (source)

cl-ftp (source)

cl-irc (source)

cl-launch (source)

cl-lexer (source)

cl-mcclim (source)

cl-postoffice (source)

cl-ppcre (source)

cl-ptester (source)

cl-regex (source)

cl-spatial-trees (source)

cl-split-sequence (source)

clamassassin (source)

classmate-initramfs (source)

classmate-tools (source)

clc-intercal (source)

cldump (source)

clean-crypto (source)

clex (source)

clif (source)

clips (source)

clips-doc (source)

cln (source)

cloop (source)

cloud-init (source)

cloudfusion (source)

clucene-core (source)

clustalw-mpi (source)

cluster-agents (source)

cluster-glue (source)

clutter-gesture (source)

clzip (source)

cm-super (source)

cmap-adobe-cns1 (source)

cmap-adobe-gb1 (source)

cmap-adobe-japan1 (source)

cmap-adobe-japan2 (source)

cmap-adobe-korea1 (source)

cmdtest (source)

cmip5-cmor-tables (source)

cmor (source)

cnf (source)

cobbler (source)

cobbler-enlist (source)

coco-cpp (source)

coco-cs (source)

coco-java (source)

code2html (source)

codeville (source)

coils (source)

collatinus (source)

colorblind (source)

colorchooser (source)

colorgcc (source)

colorpicker (source) overridden

colrconv (source)

comedilib (source)

command-runner-applet (source)

commando (source)

compartment (source)

compass-layoutgala-plugin (source)

compiz-fusion-bcop (source)

compizconfig-backend-kconfig (source)

concurrent-dfsg (source)

condor (source)

config-manager (source)

confuse (source)

cons (source)

console-cyrillic (source)

console-log (source)

context (source)

context-doc-nonfree (source)

context-modules (source)

context-nonfree (source)

contextfree (source)

contour (source)

controlaula (source)

convoy (source) overridden

cook (source)

coolkey (source)

coolmail (source)

coriander (source)

courier-authlib (source)

couriergraph (source)

cpipe (source)

cpm (source)

cpmtools (source)

cpptasks (source)

cpqarrayd (source)

cpu-checker (source)

cpuburn (source)

cpufreqd (source)

cpushare (source)

crack (source)

crafty-books-medium (source)

crafty-books-medtosmall (source)

crafty-books-small (source)

cramfs (source)

crash (source)

crash-whitepaper (source)

crashmail (source)

crashme (source)

criticalmass (source)

crm114 (source)

crossfire (source)

crossfire-client (source)

crossfire-client-images (source)

crossfire-client-sounds (source)

crossfire-maps (source)

crossfire-maps-small (source)

crtmpserver (source)

crypt++el (source)

cryptcat (source)

crystalcursors (source)

csh (source)

css-mode (source)

csync-owncloud (source)

csync2 (source)

cthumb (source)

ctn-doc (source)

ctorrent (source)

ctwm (source)

culmus-fancy (source)

cutesdr (source)

cutils (source)

cutter (source)

cvm (source)

cvs-autoreleasedeb (source)

cvs-mailcommit (source)

cvs-syncmail (source)

cvs2cl (source)

cvs2html (source)

cvsgraph (source)

cweb-latex (source)

cwebx (source)

cwidget (source)

cxxtools (source)

cycle (source)

d-rats (source)

daa2iso (source)

daemonlogger (source)

daemontools (source)

dancer-ircd (source)

dancer-xml (source)

dapl (source)

daq (source)

darcsum (source)

dares (source)

dav-text (source)

db (source)

db1-compat (source)

db4.7 (source)

db4.8 (source)

db4o (source)

db5.3 (source)

dballe (source)

dbeacon (source)

dbf2mysql (source)

dbix-easy-perl (source)

dbview (source)

dc-qt (source)

dcap (source)

dcbd (source)

dconf (source)

dconf-qt (source)

dcraw (source)

ddns3-client (source)

ddpt (source)

dds2tar (source)

dealer (source)

deap (source)

debaux (source)

debconf-kde (source)

debfoster (source)

debian-xcontrol (source)

deets (source)

dehydra (source)

dejagnu (source)

deps (source)

desktop-webmail (source)

develock-el (source)

device-tree-compiler (source)

device3dfx (source)

dff (source)

dhcp-helper (source)

dhcpcd (source)

dhcpdump (source)

dhcping (source)

dhis-client (source)

dhis-dns-engine (source)

dhis-mx-sendmail-engine (source)

dhis-server (source)

dhis-tools-dns (source)

di (source)

dia-newcanvas (source)

dialog (source)

dibbler (source)

dict-af (source)

dict-bouvier (source)

dict-elements (source)

dict-gazetteer2k (source)

dict-moby-thesaurus (source)

dict-nr (source)

dict-ns (source)

dict-ss (source)

dict-st (source)

dict-stardic (source)

dict-tn (source)

dict-ts (source)

dict-ve (source)

dict-xh (source)

dict-zu (source)

dictem (source)

digitools (source)

dime (source)

dir2ogg (source)

dircproxy (source)

dirdiff (source)

dirvish (source)

discover (source)

display-dhammapada (source)

distmp3 (source)

distorm64 (source)

diveintopython3 (source)

django-ajax-selects (source)

django-authority (source)

django-classy-tags (source)

django-extra-views (source)

django-filter (source)

django-mailer (source)

django-notification (source)

django-pagination (source)

django-sekizai (source)

django-tables (source)

djbdns (source)

dk-milter (source)

dkg-handwriting (source)

dmapi (source)

dmidecode (source)

dmitry (source)

dns-browse (source)

dns323-firmware-tools (source)

dnsmasq (source)

dnswalk (source)

doc-linux (source) overridden

doc-linux-ja (source)

doc-linux-nonfree (source) overridden

doc-linux-pl (source)

docbook-to-man (source)

docbook-website (source)

docbook2odf (source)

doctorj (source)

dolphin-plugins-bazaar (source)

dooble (source)

doodle (source)

doom-wad-shareware (source)

doscan (source)

dosfstools (source)

dot-forward (source)

dotconf (source)

dotdee (source)

dots (source)

dov4l (source)

dovecot-antispam (source)

dovecot-metadata-plugin (source)

dozzaqueux (source)

draai (source)

drac (source)

dragbox (source)

dragon (source)

drawmap (source)

drdsl (source)

driconf (source)

dropbear (source)

drslib (source)

dsbltesters (source)

dsc-statistics (source)

dtaus (source)

dtest (source)

dump (source)

dumpasn1 (source)

dune-common (source)

dune-geometry (source)

dune-grid (source)

dune-istl (source)

dune-localfunctions (source)

dutch (source)

dv4l (source)

dvbstreamer (source)

dvd+rw-tools (source)

dvdauthor (source)

dvdtape (source)

dvhtool (source)

dvi2dvi (source)

dvi2ps (source)

dvi2ps-fontdata (source)

dvidvi (source)

dvips-fontdata-n2bk (source)

dvipsk-ja (source)

dvswitch (source)

dwarfutils (source)

dwoo (source)

dwz (source)

dx (source)

dxsamples (source)

dzen2 (source)

e-uae (source)

e2ps (source)

eancheck (source)

ears (source)

easyh10 (source)

ebook-dev-alp (source)

ebview (source)

ec2-ami-tools (source)

ecaccess (source)

ecb (source)

echelon (source)

echolot (source)

ecj (source)

eclipse-cdt-pkg-config (source)

eclipse-gef (source)

ecryptfs-utils (source)

edenmath.app (source)

edgy-session-splashes (source)

edgy-wallpapers (source)

edict (source)

edict-el (source)

edid-decode (source)

editline (source)

editmoin (source)

eep24c (source)

efax (source)

efibootmgr (source)

eficas (source)

efilinux (source)

egg (source)

eikazo (source)

el-get (source)

elasticache (source)

elastichosts-utils (source)

elbcli (source)

elib (source)

elib.intl (source)

elilo (source)

elk (source)

elki (source)

elmer-doc (source)

elmerfem (source)

elserv (source)

elvis-tiny (source)

emacs-jabber (source)

emacs23 (source)

emacs23-non-dfsg (source)

emacs24 (source)

emacs24-non-dfsg (source)

emacspeak-ss (source)

emil (source)

emilda-print (source)

emoslib (source)

empcommand (source)

empire (source)

empire-lafe (source)

empy (source)

encadre-image (source)

enemies-of-carlotta (source)

enigmail (source)

enscribe (source)

entagged (source)

eo-spell (source)

epic4-help (source)

epoptes (source)

epwutil (source)

epylog (source)

erc (source)

errno (source)

eruby (source)

esix (source)

espeak-gui (source)

espeakup (source)

estic (source)

etherwake (source)

etoolbox (source) overridden

etoys (source)

evernote-mode (source)

evolver (source)

ewipe (source)

exabgp (source)

exifprobe (source)

exodusii (source)

expect (source)

exrtools (source)

extra-xdg-menus (source)

ez-ipupdate (source)

ezmlm-browse (source)

facter-plugins (source)

factory-boy (source)

fair (source)

fake (source)

fakeroot (source)

falselogin (source)

famfamfam-flag (source)

famfamfam-silk (source)

fapg (source)

farpd (source)

fastdnaml (source)

fastforward (source)

fastlink (source)

fatattr (source)

fatsort (source)

fbbdoc (source)

fbi (source)

fbpager (source)

fbterm (source)

fccexam (source)

fceu (source)

fckeditor (source)

fcode-utils (source)

fcoe-utils (source)

fdclock (source)

fdm (source)

fdsend (source)

felix-latin (source)

ferret (source)

ferret-vis (source)

festival-czech (source)

festival-freebsoft-utils (source)

festlex-cmu (source)

festlex-oald (source)

festlex-poslex (source)

festvox-czech-dita (source)

festvox-czech-krb (source)

festvox-czech-machac (source)

festvox-czech-ph (source)

festvox-don (source)

festvox-ellpc11k (source)

festvox-kallpc16k (source)

festvox-kallpc8k (source)

festvox-kdlpc16k (source)

festvox-kdlpc8k (source)

festvox-mbrola (source)

festvox-rablpc16k (source)

festvox-rablpc8k (source)

festvox-suopuhe-mv (source)

fetch-crl (source)

feynmf (source)

ffmpegthumbs (source)

fftw (source)

fgetty (source)

fgfs-atlas (source)

fglrx-installer (source)

fglrx-installer-updates (source)

fife (source)

file (source)

file-kanji (source)

filelight (source)

fileschanged (source)

filetraq (source)

firedns (source)

firefox (source)

firehol (source)

firestring (source)

fische (source)

fishpoll (source)

fl-cow (source)

flamethrower (source)

flamingo (source)

flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound (source)

flex-old (source)

flexbackup (source)

flexc++ (source)

flexi-streams (source)

flexloader (source)

flickrbackup (source)

flight-of-the-amazon-queen (source)

flint (source)

flip (source)

floatbg (source)

flog (source)

flow-tools (source)

flowscan (source)

flup (source)

flvstreamer (source)

fmcs (source)

foiltex (source)

fontchooser (source)

fontconfig (source)

fontforge-extras (source)

fonts-arphic-bkai00mp (source)

fonts-arphic-bsmi00lp (source)

fonts-arphic-gbsn00lp (source)

fonts-arphic-gkai00mp (source)

fonts-arphic-ukai (source)

fonts-beteckna (source)

fonts-bpg-georgian (source)

fonts-breip (source)

fonts-century-catalogue (source)

fonts-comfortaa (source)

fonts-dustin (source)

fonts-ecolier-court (source)

fonts-ecolier-lignes-court (source)

fonts-evertype-conakry (source)

fonts-f500 (source)

fonts-fanwood (source)

fonts-farsiweb (source)

fonts-freefarsi (source)

fonts-gfs-artemisia (source)

fonts-gfs-baskerville (source)

fonts-gfs-bodoni-classic (source)

fonts-gfs-complutum (source)

fonts-gfs-didot (source)

fonts-gfs-didot-classic (source)

fonts-gfs-gazis (source)

fonts-gfs-neohellenic (source)

fonts-gfs-olga (source)

fonts-gfs-porson (source)

fonts-gfs-solomos (source)

fonts-gfs-theokritos (source)

fonts-hanazono (source)

fonts-inconsolata (source)

fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208 (source) overridden

fonts-ipamj-mincho (source)

fonts-junicode (source)

fonts-jura (source)

fonts-khmeros (source)

fonts-lao (source)

fonts-larabie (source)

fonts-levien-museum (source)

fonts-levien-typoscript (source)

fonts-lindenhill (source)

fonts-linex (source)

fonts-manchufont (source)

fonts-mgopen (source)

fonts-mikachan (source)

fonts-motoya-l-cedar (source)

fonts-motoya-l-maruberi (source)

fonts-nafees (source)

fonts-nanum (source)

fonts-nanum-eco (source)

fonts-nanum-gothic-light (source)

fonts-oflb-asana-math (source)

fonts-oflb-euterpe (source)

fonts-okolaks (source)

fonts-oldstandard (source)

fonts-opendin (source)

fonts-paktype (source)

fonts-pecita (source)

fonts-sil-abyssinica (source)

fonts-sil-andika (source)

fonts-sil-charis (source)

fonts-sil-dai-banna (source)

fonts-sil-doulos (source)

fonts-sil-ezra (source)

fonts-sil-galatia (source)

fonts-sil-gentium (source)

fonts-sil-gentium-basic (source)

fonts-sil-nuosusil (source)

fonts-sil-padauk (source)

fonts-sil-scheherazade (source)

fonts-sil-sophia-nubian (source)

fonts-sil-zaghawa-beria (source)

fonts-stix (source)

fonts-tibetan-machine (source)

fonts-ubuntu-title (source)

fonts-ukij-uyghur (source)

fonts-unikurdweb (source)

fonts-uralic (source)

fonts-vollkorn (source)

fookb (source)

forg (source)

forked-daapd (source)

fort77 (source)

fortune-mod (source)

fortunes-bofh-excuses (source)

fortunes-cs (source)

fortunes-de (source)

fortunes-pl (source)

fortunes-spam (source)

foxtrotgps (source)

fplll (source)

fprint-demo (source)

fprintd (source)

fprobe (source)

fprobe-ulog (source)

fracplanet (source)

fragmaster (source)

freealchemist (source)

freebirth (source)

freebsd-buildutils (source)

freebsd-manpages (source)

freebsd-sendpr (source)

freedict (source)

freegish (source)

freehdl (source)

freepops (source)

freepwing (source)

freeradius (source)

freetable (source)

freetype (source)

frei0r (source)

fretsonfire-songs-muldjord (source)

fretsonfire-songs-sectoid (source)

fso-common (source)

fsviewer-icons (source)

fsvs (source)

ftdi-eeprom (source)

fte (source)

ftgl (source)

ftnchek (source)

ftpcopy (source)

ftphs (source)

fts (source)

funcoeszz (source)

funnelweb (source)

funnelweb-doc (source)

funny-manpages (source)

fuse (source)

fusion-icon (source)

fuss-launcher (source)

fvwm1 (source)

fwanalog (source)

fweb (source)

fwlogwatch (source)

fwts (source)

g2clib (source)

g2p-sk (source)

g3data (source)

gadap (source)

gadmin-bind (source)

gadmin-openvpn-client (source)

gadmin-openvpn-server (source)

gaim-themes (source)

gallery2 (source)

galleta (source)

gambas3 (source)

gameclock (source)

ganglia (source)

gap (source)

gap-ctbllib (source)

gap-gdat (source)

gap-tomlib (source)

gaphor (source)

garmin-ant-downloader (source)

gartoon (source)

gatos (source)

gav (source)

gav-themes (source)

gbsplay (source)

gcb (source)

gcc-m68hc1x (source)

gcc-msp430 (source)

gccxml (source)

gco (source)

gcolor2 (source)

gcovr (source)

gcpegg (source)

gcursor (source)

gdb-doc (source)

gdb-msp430 (source)

gdeskcal (source)

geant321 (source) overridden

gearhead (source)

gearhead2 (source)

gecode (source)

geki3 (source)

genbackupdata (source)

genromfs (source)

gentle (source)

genus2reduction (source)

geogebra (source)

geogebra-kde (source)

geoip-database (source) overridden

geomview (source)

geronimo-commonj-spec (source)

geronimo-javamail-1.4-provider (source)

geronimo-javamail-1.4-spec (source)

geronimo-stax-1.0-spec (source)

geronimo-stax-1.2-spec (source)

gerstensaft (source)

gettext-kde (source)

gfaim (source)

gfan (source)

gfm (source)

gfxboot (source)

gfxboot-examples (source)

gfxboot-themes (source)

ggcov (source)

ghextris (source)

gimp-data-extras (source)

gimp-dcraw (source)

gimp-dimage-color (source)

gimp-help (source)

ginac (source)

gisomount (source)

git-stuff (source)

gitstats (source)

gkermit (source)

gkrellkam (source)

gkrellm-gkrellmpc (source)

gkrellm-leds (source)

gkrellm-mailwatch (source)

gkrellm-radio (source)

gkrellm-reminder (source)

gkrellm-thinkbat (source)

gkrellm-volume (source)

gkrellm-x86info (source)

gkrellmitime (source)

gkrellmoon (source)

gkrellmwireless (source)

gkrelltop (source)

gkrellweather (source)

gl-117 (source)

glark (source)

glaurung (source)

glbsp (source)

glee (source)

glide (source)

glmemperf (source)

glob2 (source)

global (source)

globus-authz (source)

globus-authz-callout-error (source)

globus-callout (source)

globus-common (source)

globus-core (source)

globus-ftp-client (source)

globus-ftp-control (source)

globus-gass-cache (source)

globus-gass-cache-program (source)

globus-gass-copy (source)

globus-gass-server-ez (source)

globus-gass-transfer (source)

globus-gatekeeper (source)

globus-gfork (source)

globus-gram-audit (source)

globus-gram-client (source)

globus-gram-client-tools (source)

globus-gram-job-manager (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-condor (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-fork (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-pbs (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-scripts (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-sge (source)

globus-gram-protocol (source)

globus-gridftp-server (source)

globus-gridftp-server-control (source)

globus-gridmap-callout-error (source)

globus-gsi-callback (source)

globus-gsi-cert-utils (source)

globus-gsi-credential (source)

globus-gsi-openssl-error (source)

globus-gsi-proxy-core (source)

globus-gsi-proxy-ssl (source)

globus-gsi-sysconfig (source)

globus-gss-assist (source)

globus-gssapi-error (source)

globus-gssapi-gsi (source)

globus-io (source)

globus-openssl-module (source)

globus-proxy-utils (source)

globus-rls-client (source)

globus-rls-server (source)

globus-rsl (source)

globus-scheduler-event-generator (source)

globus-simple-ca (source)

globus-usage (source)

globus-xio (source)

globus-xio-gsi-driver (source)

globus-xio-pipe-driver (source)

globus-xio-popen-driver (source)

globus-xioperf (source)

glosstex (source)

glotski (source)

glpi (source)

glue-schema (source)

gmbox (source)

gmfsk (source)

gmm (source)

gmod (source)

gmountiso (source)

gmp-doc (source)

gmt-coast-low (source)

gmt-doc-ps (source)

gmt-gshhs (source)

gmt-manpages (source)

gmt-tutorial (source)

gnade (source)

gnats (source)

gnet (source)

gniall (source)

gnome-alsamixer (source)

gnome-audio (source)

gnome-extra-icons (source) overridden

gnome-icon-theme-nuovo (source)

gnome-icon-theme-yasis (source)

gnome-photo-printer (source)

gnome-raw-thumbnailer (source)

gnome-screensaver-flags (source)

gnome-themes-extras (source)

gnome-u2ps (source)

gnome-xcf-thumbnailer (source)

gnomint (source)

gnuboy (source)

gnugo (source)

gnuhtml2latex (source)

gnumail (source)

gnupg-doc (source)

gnuplot-mode (source)

gnupod-tools (source)

gnuradio (source)

gnustep-icons (source)

gnuvd (source)

go2 (source)

goattracker (source)

gobi-loader (source)

gocr (source)

gogo (source)

gogoc (source)

golang (source)

gom (source)

gomoku.app (source)

google-authenticator (source)

gopersist (source)

goplay (source)

gordon (source)

gosa-perl (source)

gosmore (source)

gotmail (source)

goto-common (source)

goto-fai (source)

goto-fai-backend (source)

goto-fai-progress (source)

gozerbot (source)

gozerbot-plugins (source)

gpart (source)

gpcl (source)

gperf (source)

gpgme1.0 (source)

gplanarity (source)

gpppon (source)

gpr (source)

gprbuild (source)

gprolog (source)

gpsbabel (source)

gpsdrive (source)

gpsim-doc (source)

gpsk31 (source)

gpsshogi (source)

gpstrans (source)

gputils (source)

gpw (source)

grabcd (source)

gradm2 (source)

grads (source)

gramadoir (source)

gramofile (source)

gramps (source)

grantlee (source)

graphicsmagick (source)

graphite2 (source)

gravitywars (source)

gray-theme (source)

gri (source)

grib-api (source)

grid-packaging-tools (source)

gridengine (source)

grokcore.component (source)

grpn (source)

grun (source)

gs-cjk-resource (source)

gsfonts-other (source)

gshare (source)

gsl-ref-html (source)

gsl-ref-psdoc (source)

gsm0710muxd (source)

gsmc (source)

gsoap (source)

gsql (source)

gst-qa-system (source)

gstreamer-dbus-media-service (source)

gstreamer-hplugins (source)

gstreamer-vaapi (source)

gsutil (source)

gtk-chtheme (source)

gtk-clearlooks-gperfection2-theme (source)

gtk-recordmydesktop (source)

gtk2-engines-aurora (source)

gtk2-engines-blueheart (source)

gtk2-engines-equinox (source)

gtk2-engines-magicchicken (source)

gtk2-engines-wonderland (source)

gtkgl2 (source)

gtkglarea-sharp (source)

gtkguitune (source)

gtkhotkey (source)

gtkorphan (source)

gtkpool (source)

gtktrain (source)

guava (source)

gui-apt-key (source)

gui-ufw (source)

guile-1.6 (source)

guile-1.8 (source)

guile-1.8-non-dfsg (source)

guile-2.0 (source)

guile-db (source)

guile-pg (source)

gutenprint (source)

guvcview (source)

gw-fonts-ttf (source)

gwaei (source)

gwaterfall (source)

gwenrename (source)

gwenview (source)

gwibber-service-sina (source)

gwibber-service-sohu (source)

gworldclock (source)

gyp (source)

gypsy (source)

h5utils (source)

ha-jdbc (source)

hama-slide-mouse-control (source)

hamexam (source)

haml-elisp (source)

handlersocket (source)

haskell-convertible (source)

haskell-exception-transformers (source)

haskell-fclabels (source)

haskell-hsh (source)

haskell98-tutorial (source)

hatop (source)

haxe (source)

hdbc (source)

hdbc-odbc (source)

hdbc-postgresql (source)

hdbc-sqlite3 (source)

hddtemp (source)

hdf-eos4 (source)

hdup (source)

heartbeat (source)

hebcal (source)

heirloom-mailx (source)

hello-debhelper (source)

hesiod (source)

hex-a-hop (source)

hexcurse (source)

hg-fast-export (source)

hgnested (source)

hildon-theme-mobile-basic (source)

hlins (source)

hoauth (source)

hol88 (source)

honeyd (source)

hotot (source) overridden

hotswap (source)

hsc (source)

hsetroot (source)

htag (source)

htdig (source)

html-template (source)

html2wml (source)

htmlgen (source)

httest (source)

httpfs2 (source)

hunspell (source)

hunspell-en-us (source)

hunspell-gl-es (source)

hunspell-kk (source)

hunspell-se (source)

hunt (source)

hwb (source)

hwdata (source)

hwloc (source)

hyde (source)

hydrogen-drumkits (source)

hyphen (source)

hyphen-show (source)

hypre (source)

i2c-tools (source)

i810switch (source)

iamcli (source)

ibam (source)

ibm-3270 (source)

ibmasm-utils (source)

ibod (source)

ibsim (source)

ibus-client-clutter (source)

ibutils (source)

icc-profiles (source)

icc-profiles-free (source)

icebreaker (source)

icecc-monitor (source)

icewm (source)

icewm-themes (source)

icheck (source)

icmpinfo (source)

icmptx (source)

icmpush (source)

icom (source)

icon (source)

icontool (source)

ident2 (source)

idle3-tools (source)

ifenslave-2.6 (source)

ifetch-tools (source)

ifmail (source)

ifmetric (source)

ifrench (source)

ifrit (source)

ifstat (source)

ifupdown-scripts-zg2 (source)

igaelic (source)

ii-esu (source)

iirish (source)

iitalian (source)

ilisp (source)

ilohamail (source)

imageindex (source)

imageinfo (source)

imagevis3d (source)

imanx (source)

imapcopy (source)

imaprowl (source)

imaptool (source)

imgsizer (source)

imgtex (source)

iml (source)

imlib2 (source)

imview-doc (source)

imwheel (source)

indi (source)

indi-apogee (source)

indi-sbig (source)

indicator-power (source)

indigo (source)

industrialtango-theme (source)

infiniband-diags (source)

info2man (source)

infon (source)

infon-devel (source)

inform (source)

inform-mode (source)

inguma (source)

initz (source)

ink-generator (source)

inn (source)

innfeed (source)

inotail (source)

inputlirc (source)

integrit (source)

intel-microcode (source)

interchange (source)

intlfonts (source)

inventor (source)

iozone3 (source)

ip2host (source)

ip4r (source)

ipcalc (source)

ipcheck (source)

ipe (source)

ipfm (source)

iprelay (source)

iprint (source)

iproute (source)

ipsvd (source)

iptraf (source)

iputils (source)

ipxe (source)

ircd-ircu (source)

iripdb (source)

iriverter (source)

iroffer (source)

irpas (source)

isakmpd (source)

isight-firmware-tools (source)

isns (source)

isodate (source)

ispell-czech (source)

ispell-fi (source)

ispell-tl (source)

italc (source)

itcl3 (source)

itk3 (source)

itksnap (source)

itsol (source)

iucode-tool (source)

jabber-irc (source)

jabber-muc (source)

jabber.py (source)

jabsorb (source)

jacal (source)

jade (source)

jadetex (source)

jai-imageio-core (source)

jailer (source)

jaminid (source)

jana (source)

jargon (source)

jargon-text (source)

jargoninformatique (source)

jaula (source)

javadap (source)

jaxml (source)

jazip (source)

jbofihe (source)

jclic (source)

jdelay (source)

jdresolve (source)

jesred (source)

jester (source)

jfbterm (source)

jfractionlab (source)

jgraph (source)

jigdo (source)

jigit (source)

jimtcl (source)

jlapack (source)

jless (source)

jlint (source)

jodreports (source)

joe (source)

jovie (source)

jpeginfo (source)

jplayer (source)

jqapi (source)

jquery-goodies (source)

jscropperui (source)

jsilver (source)

jsonbot (source)

jsonpipe (source)

jspwiki (source)

jsxgraph (source)

jtex-base (source)

jtidy (source)

jts (source)

judy (source)

juju (source)

juk (source)

julius-voxforge (source)

juman (source)

jumpnbump (source)

junkfilter (source)

jutils (source)

jvim (source)

jwhois (source)

jython (source)

jzip (source)

kaccessible (source)

kactivities (source)

kalgebra (source)

kali (source)

kalzium (source)

kamera (source)

kanagram (source)

kanjidic (source)

kanjipad (source)

kannel (source)

kate (source)

kaya (source)

kbruch (source)

kbuild (source)

kcalc (source)

kcc (source)

kcharselect (source)

kcm-qt-graphicssystem (source)

kcolorchooser (source)

kdbg (source)

kdc2tiff (source)

kde-artwork-active (source)

kde-base-artwork (source)

kde-baseapps (source)

kde-icons-crystal (source)

kde-l10n-ar (source)

kde-l10n-bg (source)

kde-l10n-bs (source)

kde-l10n-ca (source)

kde-l10n-ca-valencia (source)

kde-l10n-cs (source)

kde-l10n-da (source)

kde-l10n-de (source)

kde-l10n-el (source)

kde-l10n-engb (source)

kde-l10n-es (source)

kde-l10n-et (source)

kde-l10n-eu (source)

kde-l10n-fa (source)

kde-l10n-fi (source)

kde-l10n-fr (source)

kde-l10n-ga (source)

kde-l10n-gl (source)

kde-l10n-he (source)

kde-l10n-hi (source)

kde-l10n-hr (source)

kde-l10n-hu (source)

kde-l10n-ia (source)

kde-l10n-id (source)

kde-l10n-is (source)

kde-l10n-it (source)

kde-l10n-ja (source)

kde-l10n-kk (source)

kde-l10n-km (source)

kde-l10n-ko (source)

kde-l10n-lt (source)

kde-l10n-lv (source)

kde-l10n-nb (source)

kde-l10n-nds (source)

kde-l10n-nl (source)

kde-l10n-nn (source)

kde-l10n-pa (source)

kde-l10n-pl (source)

kde-l10n-pt (source)

kde-l10n-ptbr (source)

kde-l10n-ro (source)

kde-l10n-ru (source)

kde-l10n-si (source)

kde-l10n-sk (source)

kde-l10n-sl (source)

kde-l10n-sr (source)

kde-l10n-sv (source)

kde-l10n-tg (source)

kde-l10n-th (source)

kde-l10n-tr (source)

kde-l10n-ug (source)

kde-l10n-uk (source)

kde-l10n-vi (source)

kde-l10n-wa (source)

kde-l10n-zhcn (source)

kde-l10n-zhtw (source)

kde-runtime (source)

kde-style-skulpture (source)

kde-wallpapers (source)

kde-workspace (source)

kde4libs (source)

kdeadmin (source)

kdeartwork (source)

kdegames (source)

kdegraphics-mobipocket (source)

kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer (source)

kdegraphics-thumbnailers (source)

kdenetwork (source)

kdepim (source)

kdepim-runtime (source)

kdepimlibs (source)

kdesdk (source)

kdetoys (source)

kdevelop-custom-buildsystem (source)

kdewebdev (source)

kdf (source)

kdm-gdmcompat (source)

kerneltop (source)

keychain (source)

keymapper (source)

keyutils (source)

kffmpegthumbnailer (source)

kfloppy (source)

kgamma (source)

kgeography (source)

kgmailnotifier (source)

kgpg (source)

kgraphviewer (source)

khangman (source)

khronos-opengl-man4 (source)

kic (source)

kig (source)

killer (source)

kimwitu (source)

kimwitu++ (source)

kimwitu-doc (source)

kindleclip (source)

kiten (source)

kitsune (source)

klettres (source)

klone (source)

kmag (source)

kmfl-keyboards-mywin (source)

kmflcomp (source)

kmix (source)

kmousetool (source)

kmouth (source)

kmplot (source)

knews (source)

knights (source)

knockd (source)

knot (source)

knowledgeroot (source)

ko.tex (source)

ko.tex-extra-hlfont (source)

ko.tex-unfonts (source)

koffice-l10n (source)

kolabadmin (source) overridden

kolourpaint (source)

kon2 (source)

konfont (source)

konsole (source)

konwert (source)

kopete-plugin-thinklight (source)

kosd (source)

kover (source)

kredentials (source)

kremotecontrol (source)

kross-interpreters (source)

kruler (source)

ksaneplugin (source)

kscd (source)

ksh (source)

ksnapshot (source)

ksshaskpass (source)

kstars (source)

kterm (source)

ktimer (source)

ktouch (source)

kturtle (source)

kup (source)

kwallet (source)

kwiki (source)

kwin-style-crystal (source)

kwin-style-dekorator (source)

kwordquiz (source)

kwstyle (source)

kwwidgets (source)

ladspa-sdk (source)

lammps (source)

landell (source)

langpack-locales (source)

lasso (source)

lastfmsubmitd (source)

latex-beamer (source)

latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab (source)

latex-xcolor (source)

latex209 (source)

latex2rtf (source)

latexmk (source)

latexml (source)

latrace (source)

launchtool (source)

lazr.batchnavigator (source)

lazr.delegates (source)

lazyarray (source)

lbt (source)

lcalc (source)

lcd4linux (source) overridden

lcgdm (source)

lcms (source)

lcov (source)

ldap-haskell (source)

ldap2dns (source)

ldap2zone (source)

ldapjdk (source)

ldaptor (source)

ldiskfsprogs (source)

ldns (source)

ldp-docbook-stylesheets (source)

le-dico-de-rene-cougnenc (source)

leave (source)

ledger (source)

leds-alix (source)

legacyhuman-theme (source)

leptonlib (source)

lft (source)

lgrind (source)

lha (source)

lhasa (source)

libacpi (source)

libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl (source)

libalgorithm-dependency-perl (source)

libalog (source)

libantlr3c (source)

libanyevent-aggressiveidle-perl (source)

libanyevent-dbd-pg-perl (source)

libanyevent-serialize-perl (source)

libanyevent-tools-perl (source)

libaopalliance-java (source)

libapache-mod-auth-radius (source)

libapache-mod-evasive (source)

libapache-mod-removeip (source)

libapache2-mod-auth-memcookie (source)

libapache2-mod-defensible (source)

libapache2-mod-lisp (source)

libapogee2 (source)

libappframework-java (source)

libapreq2 (source)

libarray-refelem-perl (source)

libatomic-ops (source)

libaudio-mixer-perl (source)

libaudiomask (source)

libaunit (source)

libavl (source)

libaws (source)

libax25 (source)

libbiblio-isis-perl (source)

libbind (source)

libbind-confparser-perl (source)

libblocksruntime (source)

libbpp-core (source)

libbpp-phyl (source)

libbpp-popgen (source)

libbpp-qt (source)

libbpp-raa (source)

libbpp-seq (source)

libbrahe (source)

libbuffy (source)

libbusiness-creditcard-perl (source)

libbusiness-onlinepayment-payconnect-perl (source)

libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl (source)

libcaca (source)

libcdk5 (source)

libcdr (source)

libcgi-ssi-parser-perl (source)

libchemistry-formula-perl (source)

libclass-csv-perl (source)

libcmis (source)

libcompface (source)

libconfigreader-perl (source)

libconstantine-java (source)

libcoyotl (source)

libcrypto++ (source)

libdap (source)

libdata-dumpxml-perl (source)

libdata-streamdeserializer-perl (source)

libdata-streamserializer-perl (source)

libdate-convert-perl (source)

libdatetime-calendar-discordian-perl (source)

libdbix-datasource-perl (source)

libdbix-dr-perl (source)

libdbix-profile-perl (source)

libdc1394-22 (source)

libdebian-package-html-perl (source)

libdecodeqr (source)

libdesktop-notify-perl (source)

libdevice-modem-perl (source)

libdevice-usb-pcsensor-hidtemper-perl (source)

libdispatch (source)

libdri2 (source)

libdshconfig (source)

libdumb (source)

libdvb (source)

libdvdnav (source)

libdvdread (source)

libeatmydata (source)

libedit (source)

libelf (source)

libemail-foldertype-perl (source)

libertas-firmware (source)

libevocosm (source)

libexpect-perl (source)

libexporter-cluster-perl (source)

libextractor-java (source)

libextractor-python (source)

libexttextcat (source)

libffado (source)

libfile-type-perl (source)

libfilesystem-ruby (source)

libflaim (source)

libfli1 (source)

libflorist (source)

libforms (source)

libfprint (source)

libftdi (source)

libfusioninventory-agent-task-deploy-perl (source)

libfxscintilla (source)

libgcal (source)

libgconf-bridge (source)

libgcr410 (source)

libgctp (source)

libgef-java (source)

libgeotiff-epsg (source)

libgetopt++ (source)

libgetopt-mixed-perl (source)

libgnu-regexp-java (source)

libgrapple (source)

libgui-commands-java (source)

libguytools2 (source)

libhaapi (source)

libhdf4 (source)

libhtml-htmltokenizer-ruby (source)

libhtml-pager-perl (source)

libhttp-dav-perl (source)

libibcm (source)

libibcommon (source)

libibmad (source)

libibtk (source)

libibumad (source)

libical (source)

libident (source)

libieee1284 (source)

libimage-base-bundle-perl (source)

libimage-metadata-jpeg-perl (source)

libio-digest-perl (source)

libiscsi (source)

libixp (source)

libjaba-client-java (source)

libjama (source)

libjavascript-rpc-perl (source)

libjboss-web-services-java (source)

libjcip-annotations-java (source)

libjcode-perl (source)

libjcode-pm-perl (source)

libjconv (source)

libjemmy2-java (source)

libjena-iri-java (source)

libjna-posix-java (source)

libjnr-posix-java (source)

libjpedal-jbig2-java (source)

libjpeg6b (source)

libjpfcodegen-java (source)

libjs-extjs (source)

libjsr166y-java (source)

libjsr305-java (source)

libjsr311-api-java (source)

libjswingreader-java (source)

libjsyntaxpane-java (source)

libkcddb (source)

libkcompactdisc (source)

libkdcraw (source)

libkdeedu (source)

libkdtree++ (source)

libkexiv2 (source)

libkipi (source)

libkmfl (source)

libkml (source)

libkqueue (source)

libksane (source)

libktorrent (source)

liblaf-plugin-java (source)

liblastfm (source)

liblayout (source)

liblingua-de-ascii-perl (source)

liblingua-ispell-perl (source)

liblinux-kernelsort-perl (source)

liblip (source)

liblockfile (source)

liblwp-authen-negotiate-perl (source)

liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl (source)

libm4ri (source)

libmail-milter-perl (source)

libmail-pop3client-perl (source)

libmath++ (source)

libmdsp (source)

libmidi-perl (source)

libmikmod (source)

libmimic (source)

libmodem-vgetty-perl (source)

libmodplug (source)

libmoe (source)

libmokoui2 (source)

libmpc (source)

libmpd (source)

libmpeg3 (source)

libmpikmeans (source)

libmygpo-qt (source)

libnb-svnclientadapter-java (source)

libnet-dns-sec-perl (source)

libnet-finger-perl (source)

libnet-irc-ruby (source)

libnet-ldap-server-perl (source)

libnet-nbname-perl (source)

libnet-proxy-perl (source)

libnet-scp-perl (source)

libnet-ssh-perl (source)

libnetfilter-cttimeout (source)

libnih (source)

libnl2 (source)

libnmap-parser-perl (source)

libnss-db (source)

libnss-gw-name (source)

libnss-mysql-bg (source)

libnss-sshsock (source)

libnzb (source)

libogg (source)

libomxil-components (source)

libopendrim (source)

libopenspc (source)

liboptions-java (source)

liborigin (source)

libosl (source)

libosm-gary68-perl (source)

libpam-pwdfile (source)

libpam-radius-auth (source)

libpam-sshauth (source)

libparallel-forkmanager-perl (source)

libpdf-fdf-simple-perl (source)

libpg-perl (source)

libphp-jabber (source)

libphp-jpgraph (source)

libpostscriptbarcode (source)

libppd (source)

libprinterconf (source)

libprintsys (source)

libpthread-workqueue (source)

libpvcam (source)

libqb (source)

libranlip (source)

librcps (source)

libreadline-java (source)

libregexp-shellish-perl (source)

libreoffice-templates (source)

libromana-perligata-perl (source)

libropkg-perl (source)

librsync (source)

librtas (source)

librtcom-telepathy-glib (source)

libs3 (source)

libsdp (source)

libsendmail-milter-perl (source)

libsexy (source)

libshevek (source)

libsidplay (source)

libsidplayfp (source)

libsieve (source)

libsigc++ (source)

libsigc++-1.2 (source)

libsocket6-perl (source)

libsoil (source)

libstring-parity-perl (source)

libstroke (source)

libsvm (source)

libswingworker-java (source)

libsx (source)

libsyncml (source)

libsys-cpuload-perl (source)

libtango (source)

libtangram-perl (source)

libtcd (source)

libtemplates-parser (source)

libterralib (source)

libtest-inline-perl (source)

libtext-chasen-perl (source)

libtext-kakasi-perl (source)

libtext-roman-perl (source)

libtext-unaccent-perl (source)

libticables (source)

libticalcs (source)

libticonv (source)

libtie-dxhash-perl (source)

libtie-ixhash-perl (source)

libtifiles (source)

libtirpc (source)

libtnt (source)

libtomcrypt (source)

libtpl (source)

libtrace3 (source)

libtrain (source)

libtut (source)

libtuxcap (source)

libtvanytimeapi-java (source)

libtwin (source)

libui-dialog-perl (source)

libuninum (source)

libusb (source)

libusbtc08 (source)

libusbx (source)

libutempter (source)

libv8-i18n (source)

libverto (source)

libvisio (source)

libvldocking-java (source)

libvorbisidec (source)

libvpx (source)

libwebcam (source)

libwibble (source)

libwpd (source)

libwpg (source)

libwps (source)

libwrap-ruby (source)

libwsbm (source)

libxflaim (source)

libxml-java (source)

libxmlada (source)

libxmlezout (source)

libxray-absorption-perl (source)

libxray-scattering-perl (source)

libxray-spacegroup-perl (source)

libyanfs-java (source)

libytnef (source)

libyubikey (source)

libzip-ruby (source)

libzn-poly (source)

libzorpll (source)

lice (source)

lice5 (source)

lie (source)

liece (source)

lifeograph (source)

liggghts (source)

lightning-extension (source)

lightproof (source)

likewise-open (source)

linaro-boot-utils (source)

linaro-image-tools (source)

linbox (source)

linklint (source)

linthesia (source)

linux-atm (source)

linux-container (source)

linux-ntfs (source)

linux86 (source)

linuxinfo (source)

lire (source)

listadmin (source)

literki (source)

littler (source)

littlewizard (source)

live-boot (source)

live-build (source)

live-config (source)

live-manual (source)

live-tools (source)

liwc (source)

lletters (source)

lletters-media (source)

lm-sensors (source)

lmarbles (source)

lmbench (source)

lmodern (source)

loadlin (source)

lockdev (source)

lockout (source)

log4c (source)

log4cpp-doc (source)

log4net (source)

logfs-tools (source)

logitech-applet (source)

logreq (source) overridden

loki (source)

lookup (source)

loop-aes-utils (source)

lout (source)

love (source)

lp-solve (source)

lprng-doc (source)

lptools (source)

lrzsz (source)

lsb-appchk3 (source)

lsb-build-base3 (source)

lsb-build-cc3 (source)

lsdb (source)

lsdvd (source)

ltrace (source)

ltsp-manager (source)

lttoolbox (source)

lua-event (source)

luakit (source)

luasseq (source)

luatex (source)

lugaru-data (source)

lunar (source)

lunzip (source)

lustre (source)

luvcview (source)

lv (source)

lvm2 (source)

lx-gdb (source)

lxc (source)

lxctl (source)

lxkeymap (source)

lynx-cur (source)

lyskom-elisp-client (source)

lyskom-server (source)

lzip (source)

lziprecover (source)

lzlib (source)

m16c-flash (source)

m17n-im-config (source)

m2300w (source)

maas-enlist (source)

maas-provision (source)

macutils (source)

maelstrom (source)

magic-haskell (source)

magics++ (source)

mailagent (source)

maildir-filter (source)

mailfront (source)

mailping (source)

mailplate (source)

mailto (source)

mairix (source)

make-doc-non-dfsg (source)

makedev (source)

makedumpfile (source)

makehuman (source)

makejail (source)

makejvf (source)

makepasswd (source)

makeself (source)

makexvpics (source)

maloc (source)

manderlbot (source)

manpages-es (source)

manpages-es-extra (source)

manpages-hu (source)

manpages-tr (source)

marble (source)

markdown (source)

martian (source)

martian-modem (source)

mathpartir (source)

mathpiper (source)

mathtex (source)

matita (source)

matrixssl (source)

mauve (source)

mawk (source)

mazeofgalious (source)

mbot (source)

mboxgrep (source)

mbrola (source)

mbrola-af1 (source)

mbrola-br1 (source)

mbrola-br3 (source)

mbrola-cr1 (source)

mbrola-cz2 (source)

mbrola-de4 (source)

mbrola-de5 (source)

mbrola-de6 (source)

mbrola-de7 (source)

mbrola-ee1 (source)

mbrola-en1 (source)

mbrola-es1 (source)

mbrola-es2 (source)

mbrola-fr1 (source)

mbrola-fr4 (source)

mbrola-gr1 (source)

mbrola-gr2 (source)

mbrola-hu1 (source)

mbrola-id1 (source)

mbrola-it3 (source)

mbrola-it4 (source)

mbrola-la1 (source)

mbrola-mx2 (source)

mbrola-nl2 (source)

mbrola-pl1 (source)

mbrola-pt1 (source)

mbrola-ro1 (source)

mbrola-sw1 (source)

mbrola-sw2 (source)

mbrola-us1 (source)

mbrola-us2 (source)

mbrola-us3 (source)

mbrola-vz1 (source)

mbw (source)

mcdp (source)

mcelog (source)

mclibs (source) overridden

mcollective-plugins (source)

mcollective-server-provisioner (source)

mdf2iso (source)

mdns-scan (source)

mecab-cannadic (source)

mecab-jumandic (source)

med-fichier (source)

mediawiki-math (source)

memcachedb (source)

memdump (source)

meschach (source)

metacafe-dl (source)

metaconfig (source)

metar (source)

metis-edf (source)

mffm-fftw (source)

mffm-timecode (source)

mga-vid (source)

mgdiff (source)

mgetty (source)

mgm (source)

mgt (source)

mh-book (source)

mh-e (source)

mhash (source)

mhonarc (source)

mic2 (source)

micro-proxy (source)

microcom (source) overridden

micropolis-activity (source)

mii-diag (source)

mikmod (source)

milkytracker (source)

mimetex (source)

minbar (source)

mindi-busybox (source)

mingw32 (source)

mingw32-binutils (source)

mingw32-runtime (source)

minirok (source)

ministat (source)

minit (source)

minpack (source)

mirror (source)

mirrormagic (source)

misery (source)

mixal (source)

mixer.app (source)

mkcue (source)

mknbi (source)

mmorph (source)

mmv (source)

mnemosyne (source)

mnemosyne-blog (source)

moblin-menus (source)

mod-auth-mysql (source)

mod-authn-webid (source)

mod-mime-xattr (source)

mod-proxy-html (source)

mod-ruby (source)

mod-vhost-hash-alias (source)

modules (source)

moe-standard-fonts (source)

molly-guard (source)

mona (source)

monav (source)

moncli (source)

monkeysphere (source)

mono.reflection (source)

monogame (source)

moodle-book (source)

moon-lander (source)

mooproxy (source)

mopd (source)

moria (source)

morisawa (source)

most (source)

mova (source)

movixmaker-2 (source)

mozart (source)

mozart-stdlib (source)

mozc (source)

mozjs (source)

mp3burn (source)

mp3rename (source)

mp3report (source)

mpc123 (source)

mpclib (source)

mpfi (source)

mpfr4 (source)

mpg123-el (source)

mpglen (source)

mpi-specs (source)

mplayer (source)

mplayer-fonts (source)

mricron (source)

mrmpi (source)

mrtg-ping-probe (source)

mrtrix (source)

mscompress (source)

msort (source)

msr-tools (source)

mssstest (source)

mstflint (source)

msv (source)

msva-perl (source)

mtbl (source)

mtd-utils (source)

mtr (source)

muddleftpd (source)

mudlet (source)

multex-base (source)

multiboot (source)

multimail (source)

multimon (source)

multipartposthandler (source)

multitee (source)

mumble (source)

mummy (source)

mumps (source)

munin-plugins-openstack (source)

muse-el (source)

music (source)

musica (source)

musiclibrarian (source)

mutrace (source)

muttprint (source)

muttprofile (source)

mx44 (source)

mylvmbackup (source)

myproxy (source)

myrescue (source)

myspell (source)

myspell-fa (source)

myspell-hr (source)

myspell-sk (source)

myspell-sl (source)

mysql-mmm (source)

mysql-proxy (source)

mythbuntu-apple-trailers (source)

mythbuntu-control-centre (source)

mythbuntu-diskless (source)

mythbuntu-gdm-theme (source)

mythbuntu-lirc-generator (source)

mythbuntu-log-grabber (source)

mythes (source)

mythes-it (source)

mythexport (source)

mythtv (source)

n2n (source)

naga (source)

nagios-plugins-openstack (source)

namazu2 (source)

nanourl (source)

nas (source)

nat (source)

natbraille (source)

natlog (source)

naturaldocs (source)

nautilus-compare (source)

nautilus-script-manager (source)

nautilus-svn-scripts (source)

nautilus-wallpaper (source)

nbd (source)

ncap (source)

ncdt (source)

ncftp (source)

nco (source)

ncurses-hexedit (source)

ndisgtk (source)

nec2c (source)

necpp (source)

neko (source)

neobio (source)

nepomuk-core (source)

net-telnet-cisco (source)

netanim (source)

netbeans-cvsclient (source)

netcat (source)

netcat-openbsd (source)

netcf (source)

netdiag (source)

netdisco (source)

netexpect (source)

nethack-spoilers (source)

netkit-bootparamd (source)

netkit-rsh (source)

netkit-rusers (source)

netkit-rwall (source)

netkit-rwho (source)

netkit-telnet (source)

netmaze (source)

netpbm-free (source)

netqmail (source)

netsend (source)

netw-ib-ox-ag (source)

network-manager-applet (source)

network-manager-iodine (source)

network-manager-strongswan (source)

newmail (source)

newt (source)

newtonsoft-json (source)

nexuiz-data (source)

nexus (source)

ng (source)

ng-utils (source)

ngrep (source)

nickle (source)

nictools-pci (source)

nilfs-tools (source)

ninvaders (source)

nis (source)

nitpic (source)

nkf (source)

nlpsolver (source)

node-chrono (source)

node-sink-test (source)

node-sphericalmercator (source)

node-wordwrap (source)

node-zlib (source)

nodm (source)

noflushd (source)

nomarch (source)

nordugrid-arc (source)

nordugrid-arc-doc (source)

norwegian (source)

notebook (source)

notify-sharp (source)

notmuch (source)

nouveau-firmware (source)

nova-adminclient (source)

novnc (source)

noweb (source)

nqc (source)

nrss (source)

nss-passwords (source)

ntfs-3g (source)

ntfsdoc (source)

ntrack (source)

nttcp (source)

nuapplet (source)

nullidentd (source) overridden

nulog (source)

nvidia-graphics-drivers (source)

nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (source)

nvidia-graphics-drivers-173-updates (source)

nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental-304 (source)

nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates (source)

nvidia-settings (source)

nvidia-settings-experimental-304 (source)

nvidia-settings-updates (source)

nxcl (source)

nyancat (source) overridden

nzb (source)

oaklisp (source)

oasis3 (source)

obfsproxy (source)

obm (source)

obnam (source)

ocaml-expat (source)

ocaml-expect (source)

ocaml-tools (source)

ocamlbricks (source)

ocamlmod (source)

ocfs2-tools (source)

ofed-docs (source)

oflib (source)

ogamesim (source)

oggfwd (source)

ogmtools (source)

oidentd (source)

okular (source)

olpc-kbdshim (source)

olpc-powerd (source)

omega-rpg (source)

omhacks (source)

oneliner-el (source)

onesixtyone (source)

ooo-thumbnailer (source)

ooolib-perl (source)

open-vm-tools (source)

openbox-xdgmenu (source)

openbsd-inetd (source)

openbve (source)

openbve-data (source)

opencascade (source)

openclipart (source)

openclipart2 (source)

opendrim-lmp-baseserver (source)

opendrim-lmp-battery (source)

opendrim-lmp-bios (source)

opendrim-lmp-boot (source)

opendrim-lmp-cpu (source)

opendrim-lmp-dhcp (source)

opendrim-lmp-dns (source)

opendrim-lmp-ethernetport (source)

opendrim-lmp-ip (source)

opendrim-lmp-os (source)

opendrim-lmp-pci (source)

opendrim-lmp-physicalasset (source)

opendrim-lmp-powermanagement (source)

opendrim-lmp-powersupply (source)

opendrim-lmp-recordlog (source)

opendrim-lmp-sensors (source)

opendrim-lmp-simpleidentitymanagement (source)

opendrim-lmp-softwareinventory (source)

opendrim-lmp-softwareupdate (source)

opendrim-lmp-ssh (source)

opendrim-lmp-systemmemory (source)

opengtl (source)

openhpi (source)

openjade (source)

openjade1.3 (source)

openjdk-6 (source)

openjdk-7 (source)

openload (source)

openmsx-catapult (source)

openmsx-debugger (source)

openntpd (source)

openoffice-python (source)

openoffice.org-dictionaries (source)

openoffice.org-en-au (source)

openoffice.org-starter-guide (source)

openrocket (source)

openslp-dfsg (source)

opensm (source)

opensp (source)

openstack-common (source)

openstackx (source)

opensync (source)

openthesaurus (source)

opentk (source)

openuniverse (source)

openvas-plugins-dfsg (source)

openvswitch (source)

openwince-include (source)

openwince-jtag (source)

openwsman (source)

opsin (source)

opt (source)

optcomplete (source)

opticalraytracer (source)

opus (source)

opus-tools (source)

orbital-eunuchs-sniper (source)

original-awk (source)

orville-write (source)

os8 (source)

osdclock (source)

osdsh (source)

osm2pgsql (source)

osmium (source)

osptoolkit (source)

oss-preserve (source)

ossim (source)

otf (source)

otp (source)

otrs2-doc (source) overridden

otter (source)

out-of-order (source)

outdoors-theme (source)

outguess (source)

overgod (source)

owasp-java-html-sanitizer (source)

owncloud-client (source)

owx (source)

oxref (source)

oxygen-icons (source)

oxygencursors (source)

p0f (source)

p10cfgd (source)

p2kmoto (source)

p3scan (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

pachi (source)

packit (source)

pacman (source)

pairs (source)

palp (source)

pam-dbus (source)

pam-mysql (source)

pandora (source)

pango-graphite (source)

paperkey (source)

parchive (source)

paredit-el (source)

pari-elldata (source)

pari-extra (source)

pari-galdata (source)

pari-galpol (source)

pari-seadata (source)

paris-traceroute (source)

parley (source)

parprouted (source)

parsewiki (source)

partimage (source)

partimage-doc (source)

pasaffe (source)

pasco (source)

passwdqc (source)

patcher (source)

pathogen (source)

pathological-music (source)

paw (source) overridden

pax-britannica (source)

paxtest (source)

pbnj (source)

pcalendar (source)

pcaputils (source)

pccts (source)

pcd2html (source)

pclcomp (source)

pcsc-cyberjack (source)

pd-wiimote (source)

pdfrw (source)

pdi2iso (source)

pdl (source)

pdlzip (source)

peace-look (source)

pear-phpunit-channel (source)

pear-symfony-project-channel (source)

pebl (source)

peg-e (source)

pegasus-wms (source)

penguin-command (source)

pennmush (source)

perceptualdiff (source)

perdition (source)

perforate (source)

perftest (source)

perl-byacc (source)

perl-doc-html (source) overridden

perlkde (source)

perlpanel (source)

perlqt (source)

pescetti (source)

petitboot (source)

petris (source)

pfb2t1c2pfb (source)

pforth (source)

pgapack (source)

pgf (source)

pgfincore (source)

pgloader (source)

pgmfindclip (source)

pgn2web (source)

pgpgpg (source)

pgplot5 (source)

pgstaging (source)

phenny (source) overridden

phlipple (source)

phnxdeco (source)

phoneui-apps (source)

photopc (source)

php-auth-pam (source)

php-imlib (source)

php-letodms-core (source)

php-letodms-lucene (source)

php-mongo (source)

php-xajax (source)

picocom (source)

picon-domains (source)

picon-misc (source)

picon-news (source)

picon-unknown (source)

picon-usenix (source)

picon-users (source)

picon-weather (source)

pictor (source)

picviz (source)

pidentd (source)

pidgin-blinklight (source)

pidgin-hotkeys (source)

pidgin-mra (source)

pidgin-skype (source)

pigz (source)

pilot-manager (source)

pipebench (source)

pisg (source)

piwi (source)

pixmap (source)

pkcs11-data (source)

pkcs11-dump (source)

pkg-config (source)

plan (source)

planet-venus (source)

planet.rb (source)

planfacile (source)

plasma-mobile-config (source)

plasma-runner-kopete (source)

plasma-widget-activitymanager (source)

plasma-widget-bkodama (source)

plasma-widget-cpuload (source)

plasma-widget-drop2ftp (source)

plasma-widget-facebook (source)

plasma-widget-fastuserswitch (source)

plasma-widget-flickr (source)

plasma-widget-fortunoid (source)

plasma-widget-googlecalendar (source)

plasma-widget-kbstate (source)

plasma-widget-lastmoid (source)

plasma-widget-mail (source)

plasma-widget-makestatus (source)

plasma-widget-memusage (source)

plasma-widget-nextwallpaper (source)

plasma-widget-pgame (source)

plasma-widget-playwolf (source)

plasma-widget-quickaccess (source)

plasma-widget-runcommand (source)

plasma-widget-searchmoid (source)

plasma-widget-simplemonitor (source)

plasma-widget-smooth-tasks (source)

plasma-widget-stockquote (source)

plasma-widget-teacooker (source)

plasma-widget-tictactoe (source)

plasma-widget-tvprogramme (source)

plasma-widget-weatherforecast (source)

plasma-widget-wifi (source)

playmidi (source)

plopfolio.app (source)

ploticus (source)

ploticus-doc (source)

plptools (source)

plum (source)

plzip (source)

pmake (source)

pmw (source)

png23d (source)

png2html (source)

pnglite (source)

pngmeta (source)

pocketpc-cab (source)

podget (source)

podracer (source)

poker-engine (source)

poker-eval (source)

poker-network (source)

poldi (source)

policyrcd-script-zg2 (source)

polkit-kde-1 (source)

polkit-qt-1 (source)

polybori (source)

pommed (source)

pop3browser (source)

poppass-cgi (source)

populations (source)

pork (source)

posixlock (source)

post-el (source)

post-faq (source)

poster (source)

postfix (source)

postfix-cluebringer (source)

postfix-gld (source)

postgresql-debversion (source)

postmark (source)

postnews (source)

powerdebug (source)

powernap (source)

powstatd (source)

ppm (source)

pps-tools (source)

pptview (source)

pq (source)

prads (source)

predict (source)

prefix (source)

prelink (source)

preload (source)

prelude-notify (source)

premail (source)

prepaid-manager-applet (source)

price.app (source)

primaxscan (source)

prime (source)

prime-dict (source)

print-manager (source)

printer-applet (source)

printfilters-ppd (source)

procmail (source)

proj-ps-doc (source)

project-x (source)

prolog-el (source)

prosper (source)

protobuf-c (source)

psiconv (source)

psmisc (source)

ptex-base (source)

ptex-buildsupport (source)

ptex-jisfonts (source)

ptex-jtex (source)

publib (source)

pure-ftpd (source)

purifyeps (source)

purrr (source)

pvcam-dkms (source)

pvm (source)

pvpgn (source)

pwgen (source)

pxsl-tools (source)

py-libmpdclient (source)

pyacidobasic (source)

pyao (source)

pybootchartgui (source)

pyca (source)

pyclamd (source)

pycode-browser (source)

pydirector (source)

pyew (source)

pygrace (source)

pyjavaproperties (source)

pyjunitxml (source)

pykde4 (source)

pykerberos (source)

pylibtiff (source)

pymissile (source)

pymtbl (source)

pymtp (source)

pypoker-eval (source)

pyroman (source)

pyromaths (source)

pysatellites (source)

pysendfile (source)

pysesame (source)

pysieved (source)

pyspeex (source)

pysycache (source)

python-adodb (source)

python-ase (source)

python-bitbucket (source)

python-bsddb3 (source)

python-cddb (source)

python-cliapp (source)

python-cloudfiles (source)

python-cluster (source)

python-coverage-test-runner (source)

python-csa (source)

python-ctypeslib (source)

python-demgengeo (source)

python-django-nova (source)

python-enet (source)

python-fabio (source)

python-facebook (source)

python-feedvalidator (source)

python-fftw (source)

python-fixtures (source)

python-geoip (source)

python-glpk (source)

python-gtk2-tutorial (source)

python-gvgen (source)

python-htmltmpl (source)

python-id3 (source)

python-imaging (source)

python-imaging-doc-handbook (source)

python-iso8601 (source)

python-jsonschema (source)

python-larch (source)

python-ldap-doc (source)

python-libpcap (source)

python-lightblue (source)

python-logging-extra (source)

python-ltsp (source)

python-lua (source)

python-melangeclient (source)

python-meld3 (source)

python-nids (source)

python-pam (source)

python-peak.util (source)

python-phoneutils (source)

python-plwm (source)

python-pqueue (source)

python-prctl (source)

python-pyaudio (source)

python-pyrss2gen (source)

python-repoze.what-plugins (source)

python-repoze.who-plugins (source)

python-scriptutil (source)

python-shelltoolbox (source)

python-smbpasswd (source)

python-soaplib (source)

python-sponge (source)

python-tcpwrap (source)

python-testscenarios (source)

python-torctl (source)

python-tracing (source)

python-ttystatus (source)

python-tx-tftp (source)

python-webunit (source)

python-whiteboard (source)

python-wordpress-library (source)

python-xmpp (source)

pythondialog (source)

pytrainer (source)

pywebdav (source)

q-tools (source)

qca2-plugin-gnupg (source)

qcad (source)

qcam (source)

qchat (source)

qdjango (source)

qedje (source)

qfits (source)

qimageblitz (source)

qla-tools (source)

qlvnictools (source)

qmail (source)

qmc (source)

qmf (source)

qmhandle (source)

qmk-groundstation (source)

qoauth (source)

qt-assistant-compat (source)

qt-at-spi (source)

qt-gstreamer (source)

qt-x11-free (source)

qt4reactor (source)

qtgain (source)

qthid-fcd-controller (source)

qtmobility (source)

qtnx (source)

qtscriptgenerator (source)

qtscrob (source)

qtwebkit-source (source)

quelcom (source)

queuegraph (source)

quicklisp (source)

quickml (source)

quisk (source)

quixote1 (source)

qutemol (source)

qutim (source)

qviaggiatreno (source)

qwbfsmanager (source)

qwt (source)

qxmlrpc (source)

qzion (source)

r-noncran-lindsey (source)

r-revolution-revobase (source)

r5rs-doc (source)

rabbitsign (source)

radiance (source)

radiusd-livingston (source)

rafkill (source)

rail (source)

raincat (source)

randomsound (source)

rant (source)

raspell (source)

rat (source)

rawdog (source)

rbbr (source)

rblcheck (source)

rbootd (source)

rdd (source)

rdflib (source)

rdist (source)

rds-tools (source)

rdscli (source)

rdup (source)

re (source)

readseq (source)

realtimebattle (source)

recite (source)

recordmydesktop (source)

recover (source)

recoverdm (source)

redet (source)

ree (source)

referencer (source)

refit (source)

reformat (source)

refpolicy-ubuntu (source)

regina-normal (source)

regionset (source)

relatorio (source)

remem (source)

remember-el (source)

remote-tty (source)

render-bench (source)

resapplet (source)

resilience-theme (source)

rest2web (source)

restlet (source)

retty (source)

revelation (source)

reverend (source)

revolution-mkl (source)

rhmessaging (source)

rhnsd (source)

rifiuti (source)

rifiuti2 (source)

rig (source)

rinetd (source)

rio (source)

ripmake (source)

rlog (source)

rlpr (source)

rnc-mode (source)

rng-tools (source)

robotfindskitten (source) overridden

rocs (source)

rofs-fuse (source)

root-tail (source)

rootstrap (source)

rotix (source)

roundcube-plugins-extra (source)

rp-pppoe (source)

rsbac-admin (source)

rsh-redone (source)

rsync (source)

rtpg (source)

rubber (source)

rubrica (source)

ruby-algorithm-diff (source)

ruby-bsearch (source)

ruby-eb (source)

ruby-event-loop (source)

ruby-exif (source)

ruby-filesystem (source)

ruby-kakasi (source)

ruby-rvm (source)

rubybook (source)

rubyfilter (source)

run-one (source)

runit (source)

rxp (source)

rzip (source)

sac (source)

safe-hole-perl (source)

samhain (source)

sampleicc (source)

sane-backends (source)

sane-frontends (source)

sanlock (source)

sary (source)

sary-ruby (source)

sash (source)

sass-elisp (source)

sauerbraten (source)

sauerbraten-data (source)

sauerbraten-wake6 (source)

sawfish-merlin-ugliness (source)

saytime (source)

sbackup (source)

sbig (source)

sbjson (source)

sblim-cmpi-devel (source)

sblim-sfcb (source)

sblim-sfcc (source)

sblim-wbemcli (source)

sbsigntool (source)

sbuild (source)

sc (source)

scala-mode-el (source)

scalapack (source)

scalapack-doc (source)

scalpel (source)

scamper (source)

scanbuttond (source)

scgi (source)

scheme2c (source)

schroot (source)

scid-rating-data (source)

scid-spell-data (source)

scilab-scimysql (source)

scim-canna (source)

scim-kmfl-imengine (source)

scim-prime (source)

scim-skk (source)

scim-unikey (source)

sciplot (source)

scm (source)

scmxx (source)

scolasync (source)

scolily (source)

scottfree (source)

scowl (source)

scratch (source)

screader (source)

screen-message (source)

screenie-qt (source)

screenkey (source)

screenruler (source)

screensaver-default-images (source)

scribus-doc (source)

scribus-ng-doc (source)

scribus-template (source)

scrollz (source)

scsh-install-lib (source)

scummvm (source)

sdf (source)

sdic (source)

sdlpango (source)

sdparm (source)

sdpnetstat (source)

sea-defender (source)

searchandrescue (source)

searchandrescue-data (source)

sec (source)

seccure (source)

segment (source)

seivot (source)

sendfile (source)

sendpage (source)

sendxmpp (source)

service-wrapper-java (source)

set-crontab-perl (source)

set6x86 (source)

setcd (source)

setpwc (source)

setserial (source)

seyon (source)

sfact (source)

sfront (source)

sfst (source)

sgml2x (source)

sgmltools-lite (source)

shapetools-tutorial (source)

share-like-connect (source)

sharutils (source)

shell-fm (source)

shhmsg (source)

shhopt (source)

shimmer-themes (source)

shoes (source)

sidplay-base (source)

sidplayfp (source)

signing-party (source)

silgraphite2.0 (source)

silicon-theme (source)

silo-llnl (source)

simage (source)

simba (source)

simhash (source)

simplelist (source)

simulpic (source)

sinfo (source)

singular (source)

singularity (source)

singularity-music (source)

six (source)

sixpack (source)

skalibs (source)

skinedit (source)

skkdic (source)

skksearch (source)

sks-ecc (source)

skyeye (source)

sl (source)

slbackup (source)

sleepenh (source)

slim (source)

slugimage (source)

slurm-drmaa (source)

sma (source)

smart (source)

smart-notifier (source)

smartdoc (source)

smartlist (source)

smarty (source)

smpeg (source)

snacc (source)

snappea (source)

snappy (source)

snappy-player (source)

snarf (source)

snmpkit (source)

snort (source)

snowball (source)

snowdrop (source)

so-synth-lv2 (source)

socket (source)

socklog (source)

socks4-server (source)

sockstat (source)

sofia-sip (source)

softcatala-spell (source)

solarwolf (source)

sortmail (source)

sorune (source)

sound-icons (source)

soundconverter (source)

soundkonverter (source)

sp-gxmlcpp (source)

spacearyarya (source)

spark (source)

sparql-wrapper-python (source)

sparse (source)

sparskit (source)

spd (source)

spectacle (source)

spectemu (source)

specto (source)

speech-dispatcher (source)

speechd-el (source)

speex (source)

spellcast (source)

spellutils (source)

spew (source)

spherepack (source)

spkproxy (source)

splat (source)

splay (source)

splitvt (source)

spooles (source)

spout (source)

spread (source)

spring-kernelpanic (source)

sprng (source)

sputnik (source)

sqcwa (source)

sqlite (source)

sqlite3-pcre (source)

sqsh (source)

squashfs-tools (source)

squeak-image3.9 (source)

squeak-plugin-image (source)

squeak-plugins-scratch (source)

squeak-sources3 (source)

squeak-sources3.9 (source)

squeak-vm (source)

sqwebmail-de (source)

src2tex (source)

srg (source)

srptools (source)

ssh-askpass (source)

ssh-askpass-fullscreen (source)

ssh-import-id (source)

ssl-cert-check (source)

sslsniff (source)

ssmping (source)

ssmtp (source)

stalin (source)

stardict-xmlittre (source)

starfighter (source)

startactive (source)

starvoyager (source)

statserial (source)

stax (source)

stax-utils (source)

stealth (source)

steghide (source)

step (source)

stimfit (source)

stl-manual (source)

stlport4.6 (source)

stone (source)

stopmotion (source)

stress (source)

structure-synth (source)

stx2any (source)

stylebook (source)

subtle (source)

suck (source)

suckless-tools (source)

sudo (source)

sudoku (source)

suds (source)

suede (source)

sugar-connect-activity (source)

sugar-flipsticks-activity (source)

sugar-jigsawpuzzle-activity (source)

sugar-logviewer-activity (source)

sugar-poll-activity (source)

sugar-pollbuilder-activity (source)

sugar-sliderpuzzle-activity (source)

sugarplum (source)

suikyo (source)

summain (source)

sun-javadb (source)

sup (source)

superkaramba (source)

superlu (source)

supertransball2 (source)

supertux-stable (source)

suphp (source)

sushi (source)

sux (source)

svgpart (source)

svgsalamander (source)

svn-all-fast-export (source)

svn-load (source)

svox (source)

swauth (source)

sweep (source)

sweeper (source)

swift-im (source)

swift-plugin-s3 (source)

swing-layout (source)

switchconf (source)

sword-comm-scofield (source)

sword-comm-tdavid (source)

sword-dict-strongs-greek (source)

sword-dict-strongs-hebrew (source)

sword-text-arasvd (source)

sword-text-dutsvv (source)

sword-text-gerlut1545 (source)

sword-text-kjv (source)

sword-text-sparv (source) overridden

sword-text-swahili (source)

sword-text-tr (source)

sword-text-wlc (source)

swt-paperclips (source)

swtcalendar (source)

sylseg-sk (source)

symmetrica (source)

sympow (source)

syncbbdb (source)

syrep (source)

sysadmin-guide (source)

sysklogd (source)

syslinux (source)

syslinux-legacy (source)

syslinux-themes-debian (source)

sysrqd (source)

system-config-cluster (source)

system-config-date (source)

system-config-kickstart (source)

system-config-samba (source)

systraq (source)

t-code (source)

tacacs+ (source)

tachyon (source)

tads (source)

tads2-mode (source)

tagcloud (source)

tagcoll2 (source)

taglog (source)

talksoup.app (source)

tamil-gtk2im (source)

tango-icon-theme-common (source)

tango-icon-theme-extras (source)

tapecalc (source)

tar (source)

tar-doc (source)

tatan (source)

tbb (source) overridden

tcd-utils (source)

tclgeoip (source)

tclodbc (source)

tclx8.4 (source)

tcp-wrappers (source)

tcpflow (source)

tcpspy (source)

tcptrace (source)

tcputils (source)

tcs (source)

tdiary-contrib (source)

tdl (source)

telak (source)

tendra (source)

tendra-doc (source)

terraintool (source)

tessa (source)

tesseract-afr (source)

tesseract-ara (source)

tesseract-aze (source)

tesseract-bel (source)

tesseract-ben (source)

tesseract-bul (source)

tesseract-cat (source)

tesseract-ces (source)

tesseract-chi-sim (source)

tesseract-chi-tra (source)

tesseract-chr (source)

tesseract-dan (source)

tesseract-deu (source)

tesseract-deu-frak (source)

tesseract-ell (source)

tesseract-eng (source)

tesseract-enm (source)

tesseract-epo (source)

tesseract-equ (source)

tesseract-est (source)

tesseract-eus (source)

tesseract-fin (source)

tesseract-fra (source)

tesseract-frk (source)

tesseract-frm (source)

tesseract-glg (source)

tesseract-heb (source)

tesseract-hin (source)

tesseract-hrv (source)

tesseract-hun (source)

tesseract-ind (source)

tesseract-isl (source)

tesseract-ita (source)

tesseract-ita-old (source)

tesseract-jpn (source)

tesseract-kan (source)

tesseract-kor (source)

tesseract-lav (source)

tesseract-lit (source)

tesseract-mal (source)

tesseract-mkd (source)

tesseract-mlt (source)

tesseract-msa (source)

tesseract-nld (source)

tesseract-nor (source)

tesseract-osd (source)

tesseract-pol (source)

tesseract-por (source)

tesseract-ron (source)

tesseract-rus (source)

tesseract-slk (source)

tesseract-slk-frak (source)

tesseract-slv (source)

tesseract-spa (source)

tesseract-spa-old (source)

tesseract-sqi (source)

tesseract-srp (source)

tesseract-swa (source)

tesseract-swe (source)

tesseract-tam (source)

tesseract-tel (source)

tesseract-tgl (source)

tesseract-tha (source)

tesseract-tur (source)

tesseract-ukr (source)

tesseract-vie (source)

testdrive (source)

testng (source)

testrepository (source)

testresources (source)

tetradraw (source)

tetrinetx (source)

tex-gyre (source)

texify (source)

texinfo-doc-nonfree (source)

texlive-bin (source)

textdraw (source)

textedit.app (source)

texworks (source)

tf (source)

tfdocgen (source)

tftp-hpa (source)

thin-client-manager (source)

thp (source)

thrust (source)

thunderbird (source)

tickcount (source)

tidy (source)

tiemu (source)

tightvnc-java (source)

tilda (source)

tilp2 (source)

timemon.app (source)

timingframework (source)

timps (source)

tinc (source)

tintin++ (source)

tinydyndns (source)

tinyirc (source)

tinymce (source)

tinymux (source)

tinyscheme (source)

tinywm (source)

tinyxml2 (source)

tiobench (source)

titantools (source)

tk2 (source)

tk5 (source)

tk707 (source)

tkcvs (source)

tkinfo (source)

tkinspect (source)

tkpng (source)

tktray (source)

tktreectrl (source)

tmview (source)

tntdb (source)

tntnet (source)

toga2 (source)

toilet (source)

tokyocabinet (source) overridden

topal (source)

topgit (source)

tophide (source)

tor-arm (source)

torch3 (source)

touchegg (source)

tourney-manager (source)

towitoko (source)

tpm-tools (source)

tpp (source)

trac-batchmodify (source)

trac-datefieldplugin (source)

trac-git (source)

trac-graphviz (source)

trac-icalviewplugin (source)

trac-mastertickets (source)

trac-mercurial (source)

trac-odtexport (source)

trac-privateticketsplugin (source)

trac-roadmap (source)

trac-sensitivetickets (source)

trac-subtickets (source)

trac-tags (source)

trac-virtualticketpermissions (source)

trac-wikiprint (source)

trac-wikitablemacro (source)

trac-xmlrpc (source)

trace-cmd (source)

traceroute (source)

trackballs-music (source)

translate (source)

translatoid (source)

transset (source)

tre (source)

triangle (source)

trilead-ssh2 (source)

trimage (source)

tritium (source)

troffcvt (source)

tropic-look (source)

tryton-client (source)

tryton-modules-account (source)

tryton-modules-account-be (source)

tryton-modules-account-de-skr03 (source)

tryton-modules-account-invoice (source)

tryton-modules-account-invoice-history (source)

tryton-modules-account-invoice-line-standalone (source)

tryton-modules-account-product (source)

tryton-modules-account-statement (source)

tryton-modules-analytic-account (source)

tryton-modules-analytic-invoice (source)

tryton-modules-analytic-purchase (source)

tryton-modules-analytic-sale (source)

tryton-modules-calendar (source)

tryton-modules-calendar-classification (source)

tryton-modules-calendar-scheduling (source)

tryton-modules-calendar-todo (source)

tryton-modules-company (source)

tryton-modules-company-work-time (source)

tryton-modules-country (source)

tryton-modules-currency (source)

tryton-modules-dashboard (source)

tryton-modules-google-maps (source)

tryton-modules-ldap-authentication (source)

tryton-modules-ldap-connection (source)

tryton-modules-party (source)

tryton-modules-party-siret (source)

tryton-modules-party-vcarddav (source)

tryton-modules-product (source)

tryton-modules-product-cost-fifo (source)

tryton-modules-product-cost-history (source)

tryton-modules-product-price-list (source)

tryton-modules-project (source)

tryton-modules-project-plan (source)

tryton-modules-project-revenue (source)

tryton-modules-purchase (source)

tryton-modules-purchase-invoice-line-standalone (source)

tryton-modules-sale (source)

tryton-modules-sale-opportunity (source)

tryton-modules-sale-price-list (source)

tryton-modules-stock (source)

tryton-modules-stock-forecast (source)

tryton-modules-stock-inventory-location (source)

tryton-modules-stock-location-sequence (source)

tryton-modules-stock-product-location (source)

tryton-modules-stock-supply (source)

tryton-modules-stock-supply-day (source)

tryton-modules-timesheet (source)

tryton-neso (source)

tryton-proteus (source)

tryton-server (source)

tse3 (source)

tstools (source)

ttf-adf (source)

ttf-aenigma (source)

ttf-bitstream-vera (source)

ttf-femkeklaver (source)

ttf-jsmath (source)

ttf-marvosym (source)

ttf-summersby (source)

ttf-wqy-microhei (source)

ttf-wqy-zenhei (source)

ttf2ufm (source)

ttt (source)

tty-clock (source)

tua (source)

tucnak2 (source)

tunnelx (source)

turbogears2-doc (source)

tuxmath (source)

tuxpaint-config (source)

tuxpaint-stamps (source)

tuxpuck (source)

tuxracer-extras (source)

tuxtype (source)

tvflash (source)

twatch (source)

twisted-calendarserver (source)

twitter-bootstrap (source)

twoftpd (source)

txw2 (source)

typogrify (source)

tzc (source)

uanytun (source)

uapevent (source)

uaputl (source)

ubufox (source)

ubuntu-font-family-sources (source)

ucblogo (source)

uclmmbase (source)

ucspi-proxy (source)

ucspi-tcp (source)

ucspi-unix (source)

udftools (source)

udns (source)

udo (source)

ufraw (source)

uhd (source)

uicilibris (source)

uif2iso (source)

ulex0.8 (source)

uligo (source)

uml-utilities (source)

unac (source)

unhide.rb (source) overridden

unhtml (source)

unicode-data (source)

unicon (source)

units (source)

units-filter (source)

uniutils (source)

universalindentgui (source)

unixodbc (source)

unixodbc-gui-qt (source)

unknown-horizons (source)

unmass (source)

unmo3 (source)

unsort (source)

unzip (source)

update-motd (source)

upstart (source)

uqwk (source)

ureadahead (source)

usbtc08-python (source)

usbutils (source)

user-mode-linux-doc (source)

userconfig (source)

ussp-push (source)

utalk (source)

uucp (source)

uucpsend (source)

uudeview (source)

val-and-rick (source)

valadoc (source)

valgrind (source)

van.testing (source)

vanessa-adt (source)

vanessa-logger (source)

vanessa-socket (source)

varmon (source)

vatnumber (source)

vblade (source)

vblade-persist (source)

vcheck (source)

vdk-doc (source)

vdk2 (source)

vdk2-tutorial (source)

vdkbuilder2 (source)

vdkxdb2 (source)

veromix (source)

vftool (source)

vgrabbj (source)

video-dvdrip-doc (source)

videolan-doc (source)

viewmol (source)

viewvc (source)

vim-syntax-gtk (source)

vinetto (source)

virt-goodies (source)

visitors (source)

visolate (source)

vistrails (source)

visualvm (source)

vite (source)

vlan (source)

vlogger (source)

vmmlib (source)

vmware-manager (source)

vmware-view-open-client (source)

vnc-java (source)

vnc4 (source)

vobcopy (source)

volumecontrol.app (source)

voms (source)

voms-api-java (source)

voms-mysql-plugin (source)

voxbo (source)

vpb-driver (source)

vpim (source)

vrrpd (source)

vtgrab (source)

vtkdata (source)

vtkedge (source)

vzctl (source)

vzquota (source)

w3-recs (source)

w3af (source)

w3c-dtd-xhtml (source)

wacomtablet (source)

waili (source)

walinuxagent (source)

wavesurfer (source)

wayv (source)

wbxml2 (source)

wcalc (source)

wdg-html-validator (source)

wdm (source)

weathermap4rrd (source)

webkit-image (source)

webkitkde (source)

webrtc-audio-processing (source)

websockify (source)

weechat-scripts (source) overridden

weex (source)

west-chamber (source)

wget (source)

what-utils (source)

wherpygo (source)

whizzytex (source)

whowatch (source)

widemargin (source)

wiipdf (source)

wikidiff2 (source)

wily (source)

wims (source)

wims-extra (source)

wims-help (source)

wims-modules-es (source)

windows-el (source)

wine-gecko1.4 (source)

winefish (source)

wing (source)

winwrangler (source)

wireless-tools (source)

wmail (source)

wmaloader (source)

wmbubble (source)

wmbutton (source)

wmcalclock (source)

wmcdplay (source)

wmcoincoin (source)

wmcpuload (source)

wmdiskmon (source)

wmf (source)

wmifs (source)

wmii (source)

wmii-doc (source)

wmix (source)

wmlongrun (source)

wmmail (source)

wmpinboard (source)

wmppp.app (source)

wmrack (source)

wmressel (source)

wmtime (source)

wmtv (source)

wmwave (source)

wnn7egg (source)

woof (source)

wordplay (source)

wordpress-openid (source)

wordpress-xrds-simple (source)

worklog (source)

wp2x (source)

wpa (source) overridden

wraplinux (source)

wrapsrv (source)

writer2latex (source)

writerperfect (source)

writetype (source)

wsil4j (source)

wsjt (source)

wuzzah (source)

wv2 (source)

wwl (source)

wxformbuilder (source)

wysihtml (source)

x-pgp-sig-el (source)

x11vnc (source)

x2 (source)

x2x (source)

xa (source)

xaralx (source)

xarchiver (source)

xaw3d (source)

xawtv (source)

xball (source)

xbattbar (source)

xbattle (source)

xbindkeys-config (source)

xcal (source)

xchat-xsys (source)

xcite (source)

xcolmix (source)

xcolors (source)

xcolorsel (source)

xcp-eliloader (source)

xcp-storage-managers (source)

xd (source)

xdb (source)

xdelta (source)

xdelta3 (source)

xdemineur (source)

xdesktopwaves (source)

xdmf (source)

xdrawchem (source)

xdu (source)

xdvik-ja (source)

xemacs21 (source)

xemacs21-packages (source)

xen (source)

xen-api-libs (source)

xenwatch (source)

xerces-c (source)

xerces-c2 (source)

xf86-input-mtrack (source)

xf86-input-multitouch (source)

xfaces (source)

xfireworks (source)

xfishtank (source)

xflip (source)

xflr5 (source) overridden

xfoil (source)

xfonts-a12k12 (source)

xfonts-ayu (source)

xfonts-biznet (source)

xfonts-bolkhov (source)

xfonts-cronyx (source)

xfonts-jisx0213 (source)

xfonts-kaname (source)

xfonts-kappa20 (source)

xfonts-marumoji (source)

xfonts-mona (source)

xfonts-mplus (source)

xfonts-naga10 (source)

xfonts-nexus (source)

xfonts-scalable-nonfree (source)

xfonts-terminus (source)

xfreecd (source)

xgammon (source)

xgks (source)

xinetd (source)

xinv3d (source)

xjig (source)

xjokes (source)

xjump (source)

xkbset (source)

xkeycaps (source)

xlbiff (source)

xlhtml (source)

xmacro (source)

xmail (source)

xmanpages-ja (source)

xmbmon (source)

xmhtml (source)

xmille (source)

xmix (source)

xmlcopyeditor (source)

xmlextras (source)

xmlrpc-c (source)

xmltex (source)

xmount (source)

xphoon (source)

xplot (source)

xprintidle (source)

xprobe (source)

xringd (source)

xrsh (source)

xsane (source)

xscavenger (source)

xsd (source)

xshisen (source)

xsmc-calc (source)

xsok (source)

xstow (source)

xsysinfo (source)

xteddy (source)

xtide (source)

xtide-coastline (source)

xtrkcad (source)

xtrs (source)

xttitle (source)

xtv (source)

xuxen-eu-spell (source)

xvid4conf (source)

xvier (source)

xview (source)

xvt (source)

xwatch (source)

xzgv (source)

xzip (source)

yacpi (source)

yagiuda (source)

yakuake (source)

yample (source)

yapps2 (source)

yappy (source)

yardradius (source)

yarssr (source)

yatm (source)

yforth (source)

ygraph (source)

yics (source)

yiyantang (source)

ykclient (source)

yodl (source)

yubikey-personalization (source)

yubikey-server-c (source)

yydebug (source)

z88dk (source)

zangband (source)

zanshin (source)

zathura-extras (source) overridden

zaz (source)

zec (source)

zekr-quran-translations-en (source)

zend-framework (source)

zephyr (source)

zeroc-ice-manual (source)

zescrow (source)

zhcon (source)

zip (source)

zipios++ (source)

zivot (source)

zlib (source)

zmakebas (source)

zomg (source)

zoomer (source)

zorp (source)

zpb-ttf (source)

zsh-beta (source)

zshdb (source)

zsnes (source)

ztc (source)

zutils (source)

zygrib (source)

zzuf (source)