W binary-without-manpage

All reports of binary-without-manpage for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

Each binary in /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /bin, /sbin or /usr/games should have a manual page

Note that though the man program has the capability to check for several program names in the NAMES section, each of these programs should have its own manual page (a symbolic link to the appropriate manual page is sufficient) because other manual page viewers such as xman or tkman don't support this.

If the name of the man page differs from the binary by case, man may be able to find it anyway; however, it is still best practice to make the case of the man page match the case of the binary.

If the man pages are provided by another package on which this package depends, lintian may not be able to determine that man pages are available. In this case, after confirming that all binaries do have man pages after this package and its dependencies are installed, please add a lintian override.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 12.1 (Manual pages) for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

Check: manpages, Type: binary

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

389-console (binary) overridden

389-dsgw (binary)

4store (binary)

a56 (binary)

abcde (binary)

abinit (binary)

abootimg (binary)

abtransfers (binary)

account-plugin-tools (binary)

aces3 (binary)

acfax (binary)

acgvision-agent (binary)

activemq (binary)

activity-log-manager (binary)

adlint (binary)

adns-tools (binary)

afflib-tools (binary)

aften (binary)

agda-bin (binary)

aiksaurus (binary)

akonadi-backend-mysql (binary)

akonadi-facebook (binary)

akonadi-kde-resource-googledata (binary)

akonadi-server (binary)

akonadiconsole (binary)

akregator (binary)

alac-decoder (binary)

alliance (binary)

alsa-base (binary)

alsa-firmware-loaders (binary)

alsa-tools (binary)

alsa-tools-gui (binary)

alsa-utils (binary)

alt-ergo (binary)

amarok (binary)

amarok-utils (binary)

amavisd-new (binary)

amora-applet (binary)

anc-api-tools (binary)

android-tools-fastboot (binary)

anjuta (binary)

anthy (binary)

aolserver4-daemon (binary)

apport-retrace (binary)

aprsd (binary)

apt-btrfs-snapshot (binary)

apt-file (binary)

apt-offline-gui (binary)

aqbanking-tools (binary)

arcjobtool (binary)

ardour (binary)

ardour-i686 (binary)

argus-client (binary)

arkose (binary)

arkose-gui (binary)

arpwatch (binary)

asciidoc (binary)

asciijump (binary)

assaultcube (binary) overridden

asterisk (binary)

athena-jot (binary)

atlc (binary)

atm-tools (binary)

atomicparsley (binary)

atop (binary)

auto-upgrade-tester (binary)

autodir (binary)

automoc (binary)

autopkgtest (binary)

autopkgtest-xenlvm (binary)

autossh (binary)

avahi-ui-utils (binary)

avce00 (binary)

avfs (binary)

avr-libc (binary)

awesfx (binary)

ax25-tools (binary)

ax25-xtools (binary)

babel-1.4.0 (binary)

banshee (binary)

barnowl (binary)

basenji (binary)

basilisk2 (binary)

bastille (binary)

baycomusb (binary)

bcfg2-server (binary)

bcov (binary)

bcrelay (binary)

beast-mcmc (binary)

bedtools (binary)

bibshelf (binary)

bikeshed (binary)

bindgraph (binary) overridden

binutils-arm-linux-gnueabi (binary)

binutils-arm-linux-gnueabihf (binary)

binutils-msp430 (binary)

binutils-multiarch (binary) overridden

binutils-static (binary) overridden

binutils-z80 (binary) overridden

bioperl (binary)

bird (binary)

bird6 (binary)

bitmeter (binary)

blinken (binary)

blogilo (binary)

bluedevil (binary) overridden

bluez (binary) overridden

bluez-btsco (binary)

bnfc (binary)

bomber (binary)

bonnie++ (binary)

bookview (binary)

bovo (binary)

brightside (binary)

brltty (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-ac (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-bh7 (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-extra (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-laser (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-laser1 (binary)

brother-lpr-drivers-mfc9420cn (binary)

btrfs-tools (binary)

busybox-static (binary)

buzztard (binary)

bzr-git (binary)

bzr-gtk (binary)

c-repl (binary)

cabal-install (binary)

caca-utils (binary)

cagibi (binary)

cairo-perf-utils (binary)

calgebra (binary)

calibre (binary)

calligra-libs (binary)

calligraactive (binary)

camgrab (binary)

canna (binary)

canna-utils (binary)

cantor (binary)

cantor-backend-r (binary)

capiutils (binary)

carettah (binary)

caribou (binary)

carto (binary)

casper (binary)

cba (binary)

cbedic (binary)

cbmc (binary)

cc1111 (binary)

cd-hit (binary)

cdo (binary)

cec-utils (binary)

celt (binary)

ceph (binary)

cgns-convert (binary)

cgroup-lite (binary)

chaplin (binary)

check-mk-agent (binary)

check-mk-livestatus (binary)

check-mk-server (binary)

chef-expander (binary)

chef-server-api (binary)

chef-server-webui (binary)

chef-solr (binary)

chiark-backup (binary)

chiark-scripts (binary)

chiark-utils-bin (binary)

chipmunk-dev (binary)

cicero (binary)

ciopfs (binary)

cipux-cat-web (binary)

citadel-client (binary)

citadel-server (binary)

cli-common-dev (binary)

cloud-init (binary)

cloud-utils (binary)

cluster-agents (binary)

cluster-glue (binary)

cman (binary)

cobbler (binary)

coffeescript (binary)

colibri (binary)

comgt (binary)

compiz-core (binary) overridden

compiz-fusion-bcop (binary)

composite (binary)

condor (binary)

conduit (binary)

conmux (binary)

connectomeviewer (binary) overridden

console-setup-mini (binary)

consolekit (binary)

context (binary)

contour (binary)

controlaula (binary)

convertall (binary)

couchdb-bin (binary)

courier-authdaemon (binary)

courier-authlib-dev (binary)

courier-authlib-userdb (binary)

courier-mlm (binary)

couriergraph (binary)

cp2k (binary)

createfp (binary)

createrepo (binary)

criticalmass (binary)

crm114 (binary)

crossfire-client (binary)

csound (binary) overridden

csound-utils (binary) overridden

ctdb (binary)

cups-client (binary)

cvm (binary)

cvm-mysql (binary)

cvm-pgsql (binary)

cycfx2prog (binary)

cyrus-clients-2.4 (binary)

cyrus-common (binary)

cyrus-common-2.4 (binary)

cython (binary)

d-itg (binary)

d52 (binary)

dahdi (binary)

dans-gdal-scripts (binary)

darktable (binary)

das-watchdog (binary)

db-util (binary)

db4.8-util (binary)

db4otool (binary)

db5.1-sql-util (binary)

db5.1-util (binary)

db5.3-sql-util (binary)

db5.3-util (binary)

dbndns (binary)

dbus-test-runner (binary)

dc-qt (binary)

dconf-tools (binary)

dds2tar (binary)

debfoster (binary)

debnest (binary)

debroster (binary)

dee-tools (binary)

delta (binary)

deps-tools-cli (binary)

desktop-webmail (binary)

dh-buildinfo (binary)

dia (binary) overridden

dia-gnome (binary) overridden

digikam (binary)

digitools (binary)

dillo (binary)

dino (binary)

dis51 (binary)

djbdns (binary)

dl10n (binary)

dmraid (binary)

dmucs (binary)

dolphin (binary)

dooble (binary)

dpkg (binary) overridden

dpt-i2o-raidutils (binary)

dracut (binary)

drbd8-utils (binary)

drizzle-client (binary)

dumphd (binary)

dvb-apps (binary)

dvb-tools (binary)

dvblast (binary)

dvbstreamer (binary)

dvcs-autosync (binary)

dvdrip (binary)

dvdrip-utils (binary)

dvdwizard (binary)

dwarves (binary)

dynamite (binary)

ebview (binary)

ec2-ami-tools (binary)

ec2-api-tools (binary)

echelon (binary)

ecpg-xc (binary) overridden

ecryptfs-utils (binary)

edid-decode (binary)

edubuntu-live (binary)

edubuntu-live-welcome (binary)

edubuntu-netboot (binary)

eikazo (binary)

ekiga (binary)

elfutils (binary)

elmer (binary)

elvis-tiny (binary) overridden

emacs-mozc-bin (binary) overridden

emacs23-bin-common (binary) overridden

emacs24-bin-common (binary) overridden

emboss (binary)

empathy (binary)

encfs (binary)

environment-modules (binary)

epiphany-browser (binary)

epsilon-bin (binary)

ept-cache (binary)

epwutil (binary)

erlang-guestfs (binary)

esys-particle (binary)

euca2ools (binary)

evemu-tools (binary)

evince (binary)

evince-gtk (binary)

evolution-rss (binary)

ewipe (binary)

exonerate (binary)

expect-dev (binary)

eztrace (binary)

f-spot (binary)

fact++ (binary)

fai-client (binary)

fai-nfsroot (binary)

fai-server (binary)

fakechroot (binary) overridden

fatrace (binary)

fatrat (binary)

faust (binary)

faustworks (binary)

fcc (binary) overridden

fcitx-bin (binary) overridden

fcitx-config-gtk (binary) overridden

fcitx-config-gtk2 (binary) overridden

fcitx-frontend-fbterm (binary) overridden

fcitx-libs-dev (binary) overridden

fcoe-utils (binary)

fdclock (binary)

fdpowermon (binary)

feed2omb (binary)

feel++-apps (binary)

fence-agents (binary)

ferret-vis (binary)

ffmsindex (binary)

fgetty (binary)

fgfs-atlas (binary)

filelight (binary)

filler (binary)

filo (binary)

firebird2.5-classic-common (binary) overridden

firmware-tools-cli (binary)

fixincludes (binary)

fl-cow (binary)

flamethrower (binary)

flatzinc (binary)

flegita (binary)

flightgear (binary)

flmsg (binary)

flvstreamer (binary)

flwrap (binary)

folks-tools (binary)

foo-yc20 (binary)

foomatic-db-engine (binary) overridden

forg (binary)

fortune-zh (binary)

foundry (binary)

foxtrotgps (binary)

freeradius-utils (binary)

freetds-bin (binary)

freetype2-demos (binary)

freevo (binary)

freewnn-cserver (binary)

freewnn-jserver (binary)

freewnn-kserver (binary)

fso-datad (binary)

fso-frameworkd (binary)

fstransform (binary)

fts (binary)

funnelweb (binary)

fwbuilder (binary)

fxcyberjack (binary)

fxt-tools (binary)

g++-mingw-w64-i686 (binary) overridden

g++-mingw-w64-x86-64 (binary) overridden

gadfly (binary)

gaiksaurus (binary)

galax (binary)

galax-extra (binary)

galaxd (binary)

garmin-ant-downloader (binary)

garmin-forerunner-tools (binary)

gauche-c-wrapper (binary)

gcc-4.7 (binary)

gcc-avr (binary)

gcc-h8300-hms (binary)

gcc-m68hc1x (binary)

gcc-mingw-w64-i686 (binary) overridden

gcc-mingw-w64-x86-64 (binary) overridden

gcc-mingw32 (binary) overridden

gcc-msp430 (binary)

gcc-opt (binary)

gconf2 (binary)

gcovr (binary)

gcr (binary)

gdal-bin (binary)

gdb-multiarch (binary)

gdm (binary)

gearhead2 (binary)

geda-gattrib (binary)

geda-gnetlist (binary)

geda-gschem (binary)

geda-utils (binary)

gegl (binary)

geis-tools (binary)

gendarme (binary)

genisoimage (binary)

genius (binary)

genus2reduction (binary)

geoclue-examples (binary)

geographiclib-tools (binary)

geomview (binary)

geotiff-bin (binary)

gerris (binary)

gerris-mpi (binary)

ges0.10-tools (binary)

gettext-base (binary)

gettext-kde (binary)

gfarm-client (binary)

gfmd (binary)

gfortran-mingw-w64-i686 (binary) overridden

gfortran-mingw-w64-x86-64 (binary) overridden

gfs2-cluster (binary)

gfs2-utils (binary)

gfsd (binary)

ggcov (binary)

ghc (binary)

ghc-mod (binary)

ghostscript (binary)

gifti-bin (binary)

gigedit (binary)

gimp-dimage-color (binary)

git-extras (binary)

git-stuff (binary)

gitolite (binary)

gjots2 (binary)

gjs (binary)

gkbd-capplet (binary)

gksu-polkit (binary)

glade (binary)

gladish (binary)

glance-api (binary)

glance-client (binary)

glance-common (binary)

glance-registry (binary)

glew-utils (binary)

global (binary)

globs (binary)

globus-common-progs (binary)

globus-core (binary)

globus-gass-cache-program (binary)

globus-gass-server-ez-progs (binary)

globus-gfork-progs (binary)

globus-gram-client-tools (binary)

globus-gram-job-manager (binary)

globus-gridftp-server-progs (binary)

globus-scheduler-event-generator-progs (binary)

globus-xioperf (binary)

glom-utils (binary)

glue-sprite (binary) overridden

gm-notify (binary)

gmerlin (binary)

gmorgan (binary)

gmt-coast-low (binary)

gnash (binary) overridden

gnat-mingw-w64-i686 (binary) overridden

gnat-mingw-w64-x86-64 (binary) overridden

gnome-applets (binary)

gnome-blog (binary)

gnome-boxes (binary)

gnome-clocks (binary)

gnome-codec-install (binary)

gnome-common (binary)

gnome-contacts (binary)

gnome-control-center (binary)

gnome-doc-utils (binary)

gnome-documents (binary)

gnome-exe-thumbnailer (binary)

gnome-font-viewer (binary)

gnome-genius (binary)

gnome-hwp-support (binary)

gnome-keyring (binary)

gnome-mastermind (binary)

gnome-media-profiles (binary)

gnome-menus (binary)

gnome-nettool (binary)

gnome-packagekit (binary)

gnome-packagekit-tools (binary)

gnome-raw-thumbnailer (binary)

gnome-rdp (binary)

gnome-session-fallback (binary)

gnome-shell (binary)

gnome-shell-timer (binary)

gnome-sushi (binary)

gnome-tweak-tool (binary)

gnome-user-share (binary)

gnome-web-photo (binary)

gnome-xcf-thumbnailer (binary)

gnu-smalltalk (binary)

gnucap (binary)

gnuminishogi (binary)

gnupg-agent (binary)

gnupg2 (binary)

gobject-introspection (binary)

gocr-tk (binary)

god (binary)

gogo (binary)

golly (binary)

goto-fai (binary)

goto-fai-progress (binary)

gpaco (binary)

gparted (binary)

gpm (binary)

gpsbabel-gui (binary)

gpsdrive-scripts (binary)

grabcd-encode (binary)

grabcd-rip (binary)

gradm2 (binary)

grads (binary)

granatier (binary)

granule (binary)

grid-packaging-tools (binary)

gridengine-exec (binary)

grub (binary)

grub-emu (binary)

grub-legacy-ec2 (binary)

grub-pc (binary)

gscanbus (binary)

gshare (binary)

gsm-utils (binary)

gssdp-tools (binary)

gstreamer-dbus-media-service (binary)

gstreamer-tools (binary)

gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-apps (binary)

gsutil (binary)

gtk-3-examples (binary)

gtk-doc-tools (binary)

gtk-gnutella (binary)

gtk-vector-screenshot (binary)

gtk2.0-examples (binary)

gtktrain (binary)

gtodo (binary)

guake (binary) overridden

guestfsd (binary)

guile-1.6 (binary)

guile-1.6-dev (binary)

guile-1.8 (binary)

guile-1.8-dev (binary)

guile-2.0-dev (binary)

guile-2.0-libs (binary)

gunicorn (binary)

gupnp-dlna-tools (binary)

gupnp-tools (binary)

guymager (binary)

gvfs-bin (binary)

gvncviewer (binary)

gwave (binary)

gweled (binary)

gwenhywfar-tools (binary)

gwenrename (binary)

gwenview (binary)

gwibber (binary)

gwibber-service (binary)

gworkspace.app (binary)

gyp (binary)

gyrus (binary)

h5utils (binary)

hal (binary)

hamster-applet (binary)

hannah-foo2zjs (binary)

hardening-wrapper (binary) overridden

hbro (binary)

hdf4-tools (binary)

hdf5-tools (binary)

hdfview (binary)

hdhomerun-config-gui (binary)

heartbeat (binary)

heimdal-clients (binary)

hercules (binary)

hledger (binary)

hledger-interest (binary)

hledger-vty (binary)

hledger-web (binary)

hocr-gtk (binary)

honeyd (binary)

hostap-utils (binary)

hotwire (binary)

hpcc (binary)

hplip (binary)

hplip-gui (binary)

hpsockd (binary)

hsc (binary)

hscolour (binary)

hspell (binary)

htdig (binary)

httperf (binary)

httpie (binary)

hugs (binary)

hunspell-tools (binary)

hunt (binary)

hyde (binary)

hydrogen (binary)

hyperestraier (binary) overridden

i2c-tools (binary)

iamcli (binary)

ibmasm-utils (binary) overridden

ibus-hangul (binary)

ibus-table (binary) overridden

icecc (binary)

icedax (binary)

icewm-experimental (binary)

icinga-idoutils (binary)

icontool (binary)

idjc (binary)

ifscheme (binary)

imposm (binary)

indi-apogee (binary)

indi-bin (binary)

indi-sbig (binary)

indicator-appmenu-tools (binary)

indicator-multiload (binary)

indicator-network (binary)

indigo-utils (binary)

inguma (binary)

intel-gpu-tools (binary)

inventor-clients (binary)

iog (binary)

iozone3 (binary)

ipe (binary)

iptables (binary)

ircii (binary)

irpas (binary)

isdnutils-xtools (binary)

isns (binary)

isns-client (binary)

isync (binary)

italc-client (binary)

italc-master (binary)

ivtools-bin (binary)

ivtv-utils (binary)

jabber-muc (binary)

jack-rack (binary)

jackd1 (binary)

jackd2 (binary)

jemboss (binary)

jeuclid-mathviewer (binary)

jhbuild (binary)

jimsh (binary)

jlint (binary)

jmeter (binary)

jockey-common (binary)

jockey-kde (binary)

jovie (binary)

jparse (binary) overridden

jruby (binary)

js-of-ocaml (binary)

juk (binary)

julius (binary)

k3b (binary)

kaddressbook (binary)

kaddressbook-mobile (binary)

kaffeine (binary)

kajongg (binary)

kakasi (binary)

kalarm (binary)

kalgebra (binary)

kalgebramobile (binary)

kamailio (binary)

kamailio-berkeley-bin (binary)

kanagram (binary)

kannel-sqlbox (binary)

kapman (binary)

kate (binary)

kazam (binary)

kblocks (binary)

kbreakout (binary)

kcalc (binary)

kcharselect (binary)

kcheckers (binary)

kcolorchooser (binary)

kde-baseapps-bin (binary)

kde-config-touchpad (binary)

kde-runtime (binary)

kde-style-oxygen (binary)

kde-telepathy-call-ui (binary)

kde-telepathy-contact-list (binary)

kde-telepathy-debugger (binary)

kde-telepathy-send-file (binary)

kde-telepathy-text-ui (binary)

kde-window-manager (binary)

kde-window-manager-active (binary)

kde-window-manager-active-gles (binary)

kde-window-manager-gles (binary)

kde-workspace-bin (binary)

kdelibs-bin (binary)

kdelibs5-dev (binary)

kdepasswd (binary)

kdepim-runtime (binary)

kdesdk-kio-plugins (binary)

kdesdk-misc (binary)

kdesdk-scripts (binary)

kdevelop (binary)

kdevelop-pg-qt (binary)

kdevplatform6-libs (binary)

kdf (binary)

kdiamond (binary)

kdoctools (binary)

kepas (binary)

kerneloops-applet (binary)

kerneloops-daemon (binary)

kernelshark (binary)

keurocalc (binary)

kexi (binary)

keyboards-rg (binary)

keystone (binary)

kfilereplace (binary)

kfloppy (binary)

kgamma (binary)

kgeography (binary)

kget (binary)

kgpg (binary)

kgraphviewer (binary)

khelpcenter4 (binary)

kicad (binary)

kig (binary)

kigo (binary)

killbots (binary)

kimagemapeditor (binary)

kinfocenter (binary)

kipi-plugins (binary)

kiriki (binary)

kismet (binary)

kiten (binary)

kjots (binary)

kjumpingcube (binary)

klash (binary) overridden

kleopatra (binary)

klettres (binary)

klinkstatus (binary)

klipper (binary)

klustakwik (binary) overridden

kmail (binary)

kmail-mobile (binary)

kmenuedit (binary)

kmix (binary)

kmldonkey (binary)

kmplayer (binary)

kmtrace (binary)

knemo (binary)

knode (binary)

knotes (binary)

knotes-mobile (binary)

kolab-cyrus-common (binary)

kolabd (binary)

kollision (binary)

kolourpaint4 (binary)

kommander (binary)

kon2 (binary)

konq-plugins (binary)

konqueror-nsplugins (binary)

konsole (binary)

konsolekalendar (binary)

kontact (binary)

kontrolpack (binary)

konversation (binary)

kopete (binary)

korganizer (binary)

korganizer-mobile (binary)

kpartloader (binary)

kppp (binary)

krb5-gss-samples (binary)

krdc (binary)

kremotecontrol (binary)

krename (binary)

krfb (binary)

kruler (binary)

krusader (binary)

kscd (binary)

kscope (binary)

kscreensaver (binary)

kscreensaver-xsavers (binary)

ksirk (binary)

ksnapshot (binary)

ksquares (binary)

kstars (binary)

ksudoku (binary)

ksysguard (binary)

ksysguardd (binary)

ksystemlog (binary)

kteatime (binary)

ktimer (binary)

ktimetracker (binary)

ktnef (binary)

ktorrent (binary)

ktouch (binary)

ktron (binary)

kturtle (binary)

ktux (binary)

kubrick (binary)

kubuntu-debug-installer (binary)

kubuntu-firefox-installer (binary)

kup-client (binary)

kwalletmanager (binary)

kwordquiz (binary)

kwrite (binary)

labyrinth (binary)

ladish (binary)

lakai (binary)

lambdabot (binary)

landscape-client (binary)

landscape-client-ui (binary)

landscape-client-ui-install (binary)

landscape-common (binary)

latrace (binary)

launchpad-integration (binary)

lcrack (binary)

ld10k1 (binary)

ldm (binary)

legit (binary)

leksah (binary)

leksah-server (binary)

libaccounts-glib-tools (binary)

libadios-dev (binary)

libantlr-dev (binary)

libapache2-mod-nss (binary)

libapache2-modsecurity (binary)

libapp-repl-perl (binary)

libapreq2-dev (binary)

libaprutil1-dev (binary)

libassa3.5-5-dev (binary)

libatasmart-bin (binary)

libbg1-dev (binary)

libbind-dev (binary)

libbio-graphics-perl (binary)

libbio-samtools-perl (binary)

libbonobo2-bin (binary)

libbonoboui2-dev (binary)

libc-bin (binary)

libc-dev-bin (binary)

libcam-pdf-perl (binary)

libcap2-bin (binary)

libcdio-utils (binary)

libcdr-tools (binary)

libchipcard-dev (binary)

libchipcard-tools (binary)

libcloog-parma-dev (binary)

libcomedi0 (binary)

libcppunit-dev (binary)

libcroco-tools (binary)

libctemplate-dev (binary)

libdap-bin (binary)

libdap-dev (binary)

libdaq-dev (binary)

libdata-faker-perl (binary)

libdbus-glib-1-dev (binary)

libdevel-ebug-perl (binary)

libdevil1c2 (binary)

libdigidoc-dev (binary)

libdirectfb-bin (binary)

libdkim-dev (binary)

libdune-common-dev (binary)

libdvdread-dev (binary)

libedje-bin (binary)

libelementary-bin (binary)

libelmer-dev (binary)

libestraier-perl (binary) overridden

libevent-execflow-perl (binary)

libfame-dev (binary)

libfm-gtk-bin (binary)

libfreecell-solver-dev (binary) overridden

libgadap-dev (binary)

libgcj-common (binary)

libgconf2.0-cil-dev (binary)

libgcrypt11-dev (binary)

libgda-5.0-bin (binary)

libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev (binary)

libgetfem++-dev (binary)

libghc-ghc-events-dev (binary)

libghc-haskelldb-hdbc-odbc-dev (binary)

libghc-haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql-dev (binary)

libghc-haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3-dev (binary)

libghc-hsx-dev (binary)

libghc-wash-dev (binary)

libgivaro-dev (binary) overridden

libgksu-polkit0 (binary)

libglobus-common-dev (binary)

libgnome-speech7 (binary)

libgnomevfs2-bin (binary)

libgphoto2-2-dev (binary)

libgpod-common (binary)

libgrib-api-tools (binary)

libgstreamer0.10-dev (binary)

libgstreamer1.0-dev (binary)

libgtk-3-bin (binary)

libiec61883-dev (binary)

libirman-dev (binary)

libiscsi-bin (binary)

libjconv-bin (binary)

libjmac-java (binary)

libjpeg-turbo-test (binary)

libkactivities-bin (binary)

libkiokudb-perl (binary)

liblablgtk2-ocaml-dev (binary)

liblas-bin (binary)

liblas-dev (binary)

liblo-tools (binary)

liblog4c-dev (binary)

liblog4cpp5-dev (binary)

liblwt-ocaml-dev (binary)

libm17n-dev (binary) overridden

libmagics++-dev (binary)

libmailutils-dev (binary)

libmed-tools (binary)

libming-util (binary)

libmozjs185-dev (binary)

libmpich2-dev (binary)

libmrml1-dev (binary)

libmysqld-pic (binary)

libmyth-python (binary)

libnet-hiveminder-perl (binary)

libnjb-tools (binary)

libnl-utils (binary)

libnmz7-dev (binary)

libnpth0-dev (binary)

libnspr4-dev (binary) overridden

libnss3-dev (binary)

libnss3-tools (binary)

libnxcl-bin (binary)

libocamlnet-ocaml-bin (binary)

libogdi3.2-dev (binary)

liboil0.3-dev (binary)

libopencv-dev (binary) overridden

libopenmpi1.6-dev (binary)

libopenturns-dev (binary)

liborc-0.4-dev (binary)

libosinfo-bin (binary)

libossim-dev (binary)

libossp-sa-dev (binary)

libotf-bin (binary)

libots0 (binary)

libowl-directsemantics-perl (binary)

libpam-barada (binary)

libpam-ccreds (binary)

libpam-modules-bin (binary)

libpcre++-dev (binary)

libpeas-doc (binary)

libphone-utils-dev (binary)

libpion-net-dev (binary) overridden

libpodofo-utils (binary)

libpolarssl-runtime (binary)

libprelude-dev (binary)

libpreludedb-dev (binary)

libproxy-tools (binary)

libpurple-bin (binary)

libpycaml-ocaml-dev (binary)

libqapt-runtime (binary) overridden

libqmfmessageserver1 (binary)

libqt4-dev-bin (binary)

libqtgui4-perl (binary)

libradiusclient-ng-dev (binary)

librapi2-tools (binary)

librdf-query-perl (binary)

libreoffice-common (binary)

librsvg2-bin (binary)

librtai-dev (binary)

librtaudio-dev (binary)

libs3-2 (binary)

libsaxon-java (binary)

libsidl-dev (binary)

libsigc++-dev (binary)

libsilo-bin (binary)

libsmartcardpp-dev (binary)

libstaden-read-dev (binary)

libtag-extras-dev (binary) overridden

libtag1-dev (binary) overridden

libtext-sass-perl (binary)

libtheora-bin (binary)

libtorque2-dev (binary)

libtrain-bin (binary)

libtulip-dev (binary)

libunity-tools (binary)

libuuidm-ocaml-dev (binary)

libvdkxdb2-dev (binary)

libvia-doc (binary)

libvisio-tools (binary)

libvoikko-dev (binary)

libwayland-dev (binary)

libwbxml2-utils (binary)

libwmf-bin (binary)

libwmf-dev (binary)

libwnck-3-dev (binary)

libwpd-tools (binary)

libwpg-tools (binary)

libwps-tools (binary)

libwvstreams-dev (binary)

libxar-dev (binary)

libxbase2.0-bin (binary)

libxbase2.0-dev (binary)

libxdb-dev (binary)

libxgks-dev (binary)

libxmlm-ocaml-dev (binary)

libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev (binary)

libykclient-dev (binary)

libyubikey-dev (binary)

lightdm (binary)

lightdm-gtk-greeter (binary)

lightdm-kde-greeter (binary)

lightdm-webkit-greeter (binary)

lightsoff (binary)

lighttpd (binary)

likewise-open (binary)

likewise-open-gui (binary)

lilv-utils (binary)

linaro-boot-utils (binary)

linaro-image-tools (binary)

linphone (binary)

lintian4python (binary)

linux-tools-3.5.0-15 (binary)

lio-utils (binary)

live-f1 (binary)

live-tools (binary)

livecd-rootfs (binary)

livemedia-utils (binary)

lksctp-tools (binary)

llvm (binary)

llvm-2.9 (binary)

llvm-3.0 (binary)

llvm-3.1 (binary)

llvm-gcc-4.6 (binary)

llvm-gcc-4.7 (binary)

lokalize (binary)

looptools (binary) overridden

loqui (binary)

lordsawar (binary)

lp-solve (binary)

lptools (binary)

lsb-invalid-mta (binary)

ltsp-client-core (binary)

ltsp-controlaula (binary)

ltsp-manager (binary)

luajit (binary)

lubuntu-default-settings (binary)

luminance-hdr (binary)

lupin-support (binary)

lustre-utils (binary) overridden

lxc (binary)

lxctl (binary)

lxdm (binary)

lxkeymap (binary)

lxlauncher (binary)

lxpolkit (binary)

lxsession (binary)

lxsession-edit (binary)

lxshortcut (binary)

lxtask (binary)

lyricue (binary)

m17n-db (binary) overridden

m17n-lib-bin (binary) overridden

m2vrequantiser (binary)

maas (binary)

maas-enlist (binary)

maas-provision (binary)

mach (binary)

magics++ (binary)

mago (binary)

maildir-utils-extra (binary)

mailfront (binary)

mailutils-guile (binary)

makedumpfile (binary)

mandelbulber (binary)

mapserver-bin (binary)

maq (binary)

maqview (binary)

marble (binary)

marble-touch (binary)

matita (binary)

mc (binary)

mcollective (binary)

mcollective-client (binary)

mcollective-plugins-registration-monitor (binary)

mcrl2 (binary)

megaglest (binary)

melange (binary)

melange-client (binary)

memaker (binary)

meshlab (binary)

meterec (binary)

metis-edf (binary)

mgp (binary)

mic2 (binary)

micropolis (binary)

mighttpd2 (binary)

mime-support (binary)

mimedefang (binary)

minc-tools (binary)

mingw-ocaml (binary) overridden

mingw32 (binary)

mingw32-binutils (binary)

mira-assembler (binary)

mirmon (binary)

miro (binary)

misery (binary)

mitmproxy (binary)

mjpegtools (binary)

mkvtoolnix-gui (binary)

mlmmj (binary)

mlocate (binary)

mnemosyne (binary)

mobyle-utils (binary)

modemmanager (binary)

molly-guard (binary)

mona (binary)

monav-client (binary)

monav-preprocessor (binary)

monav-routing-daemon (binary)

mono-4.0-service (binary)

mono-apache-server (binary)

mono-devel (binary)

mono-profiler (binary)

mono-runtime-sgen (binary)

mono-tools-devel (binary)

mono-tools-gui (binary)

mono-upnp-bin (binary)

mono-utils (binary)

mono-vbnc (binary)

monodoc-base (binary)

monodoc-browser (binary)

monopd (binary)

mountall (binary)

mountpy (binary)

mova (binary)

mp3info-gtk (binary)

mp4v2-utils (binary)

mpdcron (binary)

mpeg3-utils (binary)

mpglen (binary)

mpich2 (binary)

mplayer-gui (binary)

msp430mcu (binary)

msrtool (binary)

mtd-utils (binary)

mtools (binary)

muddleftpd (binary)

mudita24 (binary)

multicat (binary)

mummer (binary)

munin (binary) overridden

munin-libvirt-plugins (binary)

munin-node (binary) overridden

muon-discover (binary)

muon-installer (binary)

muon-updater (binary)

musepack-tools (binary)

musescore (binary)

mustang-plug (binary)

mutextrace (binary)

mutrace (binary)

mutt (binary) overridden

mutt-patched (binary) overridden

myproxy (binary)

myproxy-admin (binary)

myspell-tools (binary)

mysql-client-5.5 (binary)

mysql-mmm-agent (binary)

mysql-mmm-monitor (binary)

mysql-mmm-tools (binary)

mysql-proxy (binary)

mytharchive (binary)

mythbuntu-diskless-client (binary)

mythexport (binary)

mythnetvision (binary)

mythtv-backend (binary)

mythtv-common (binary)

mythtv-frontend (binary)

mythtv-transcode-utils (binary)

mythzoneminder (binary)

mzclient (binary)

nailgun (binary)

namazu2 (binary)

namazu2-index-tools (binary)

nautilus (binary)

nautilus-filename-repairer (binary)

nbibtex (binary)

ncaptool (binary)

ncbi-blast+ (binary)

ncc (binary)

ndoutils-nagios3-mysql (binary)

nec2c (binary)

nekobee (binary)

nepomuk-core (binary)

nepomuk-core-dev (binary)

net-tools (binary)

netams (binary)

netatalk (binary)

netcdf-bin (binary)

netmaze (binary)

network-manager-gnome (binary)

nfs-common (binary)

ng-common (binary)

ninvaders (binary)

nis (binary)

node-express (binary)

node-jake (binary)

node-less (binary)

node-mapnik (binary)

node-mbtiles (binary)

node-tilelive (binary)

node-vows (binary)

nova-xvpvncproxy (binary)

ns2 (binary) overridden

ns3 (binary)

ntfs-3g (binary)

ntp (binary)

nuauth-utils (binary)

nulog (binary)

nunit-gui (binary)

nut-monitor (binary)

nwchem (binary)

oasis3 (binary)

oasis3-examples (binary)

obnam (binary)

ocaml (binary)

ocaml-findlib (binary)

ocaml-mode (binary)

ocfs2-tools-cman (binary) overridden

ocfs2-tools-pacemaker (binary) overridden

oem-config (binary)

oem-config-gtk (binary)

oem-config-remaster (binary)

ofono (binary)

ofono-phonesim (binary)

ogdi-bin (binary)

ogmrip (binary)

ogmrip-mpeg (binary)

ogre-1.8-samples (binary) overridden

ogre-samples (binary) overridden

okteta (binary)

okular (binary)

olpc-kbdshim (binary)

olpc-powerd (binary)

olvwm (binary)

olwm (binary)

omake (binary)

onboard (binary) overridden

oneconf (binary)

ontv (binary)

open-cobol (binary)

open-vm-toolbox (binary)

open-vm-tools (binary)

openafs-client (binary)

openafs-fileserver (binary)

openais (binary)

openchangeclient (binary)

openct (binary)

opendnssec-common (binary)

openerp6.1-core (binary) overridden

opengtl-tools (binary)

openjpeg-tools (binary)

openmpi1.6-bin (binary)

opennebula (binary)

opensyncutils (binary)

openwsman (binary)

openxenmanager (binary)

os-prober (binary)

osgearth (binary)

ossim-core (binary)

outguess (binary)

owncloud-client (binary)

p2kmoto (binary)

pacemaker (binary)

pacemaker-mgmt-client (binary) overridden

paco (binary)

pairs (binary)

palapeli (binary)

paml (binary)

parley (binary)

partclone (binary)

partitionmanager (binary)

pasaffe (binary)

pax-utils (binary)

pbuilder-scripts (binary)

pbundler (binary)

pccts (binary)

pclcomp (binary)

pdfmod (binary)

pdfsam (binary)

pdumpfs-rsync (binary)

pentium-builder (binary)

perl (binary) overridden

perlpanel (binary)

perlqt-dev (binary)

pescetti (binary)

pgadmin3 (binary)

pgmfindclip (binary)

pgpool2 (binary)

pgxnclient (binary)

phantomjs (binary)

phasex (binary)

php-horde-db (binary)

php-horde-prefs (binary)

php-horde-vfs (binary)

php-pear (binary)

php5-common (binary)

phyml (binary)

pida (binary)

pipewalker (binary)

piuparts-slave (binary)

pkg-config-arm-linux-gnueabi (binary)

pkg-config-arm-linux-gnueabihf (binary)

pkg-create-dbgsym (binary)

pkg-kde-tools (binary)

pkgbinarymangler (binary)

pkgme (binary)

planet.rb (binary)

plasma-active (binary)

plasma-active-keyboardcontainer (binary)

plasma-active-settings (binary)

plasma-active-webbrowser (binary)

plasma-desktop (binary)

plasma-netbook (binary)

plasma-scriptengine-superkaramba (binary)

plasma-widget-amule (binary)

plasma-widget-lancelot (binary)

plasma-widget-makestatus (binary)

playitslowly (binary)

plum (binary)

plymouth (binary)

plymouth-x11 (binary)

pmacct (binary)

policycoreutils (binary)

polylib-utils (binary)

postgis (binary)

postgres-xc (binary)

postgres-xc-contrib (binary)

postgres-xc-pltcl (binary)

postgres-xc-server-dev (binary)

postgresql-client-common (binary) overridden

postgresql-common (binary) overridden

postr (binary)

powermanagement-interface (binary)

ppm (binary)

prelude-correlator (binary)

prelude-lml (binary)

prelude-notify (binary)

prepaid-manager-applet (binary)

prewikka (binary)

prime (binary)

printer-applet (binary)

printer-driver-foo2zjs (binary)

printer-driver-m2300w (binary)

printer-driver-pxljr (binary)

proftpd-basic (binary) overridden

proguard (binary)

protobuf-c-compiler (binary)

pst-utils (binary)

ptex-buildsupport (binary)

pulseaudio-esound-compat (binary)

pure-ftpd (binary) overridden

pure-ftpd-ldap (binary) overridden

pure-ftpd-mysql (binary) overridden

pure-ftpd-postgresql (binary) overridden

pvm-dev (binary)

pvm-examples (binary)

pybootchartgui (binary)

pyca (binary)

pyew (binary)

pykaraoke-bin (binary)

pymissile (binary)

pyscrabble (binary)

pyscrabble-server (binary)

python-autopilot (binary)

python-bobo (binary)

python-carquinyol-0.96 (binary)

python-central (binary)

python-cheetah (binary)

python-chemfp (binary)

python-cinderclient (binary)

python-dtest (binary)

python-dulwich (binary)

python-forgetsql (binary)

python-gdal (binary)

python-glanceclient (binary)

python-gobject-2-dev (binary)

python-gtk2-dev (binary)

python-gtk2-doc (binary)

python-guidata (binary)

python-guiqwt (binary)

python-imaging (binary)

python-jenkinsapi (binary)

python-jsonpipe (binary)

python-jsonrpc2 (binary)

python-kde4-dev (binary)

python-keystoneclient (binary)

python-kiwi (binary)

python-launchpadlib-toolkit (binary)

python-mygpoclient (binary)

python-neuroshare (binary)

python-nipy (binary)

python-nipype (binary)

python-nose (binary)

python-openstack-compute (binary)

python-pocket-lint (binary)

python-py++ (binary)

python-pyramid (binary)

python-pysnmp4-apps (binary)

python-qt4reactor (binary)

python-quantumclient (binary)

python-restkit (binary)

python-schooltool (binary)

python-scientific (binary)

python-scour (binary)

python-serial (binary)

python-setuptools (binary)

python-subversion (binary)

python-sugar3 (binary)

python-swift (binary)

python-swiftclient (binary)

python-tegakitools (binary)

python-tlslite (binary)

python-unittest2 (binary)

python-van.pydeb (binary)

python-zc.buildout (binary)

python-zconfig (binary)

python-zdaemon (binary)

python-zodb (binary)

python-zope.app.apidoc (binary)

python-zope.app.appsetup (binary)

python-zope.app.locales (binary)

python-zope.sendmail (binary)

python-zope.testrunner (binary)

python3-nose (binary)

python3-numpy (binary)

python3-setuptools (binary)

python3-zope.testrunner (binary)

pythontracer (binary)

pytrainer (binary)

qapt-batch (binary) overridden

qapt-deb-installer (binary) overridden

qcake (binary)

qemu-common (binary)

qemu-kvm (binary)

qemu-kvm-spice (binary)

qemu-user-static (binary)

qfits-tools (binary)

qgo (binary)

qiime (binary)

qjackrcd (binary)

qlandkartegt (binary)

qlo10k1 (binary)

qmail (binary)

qmail-run (binary)

qmf-examples (binary)

qmfgen (binary)

qmk-groundstation (binary)

qpid-tools (binary)

qt-assistant-compat (binary)

qt3-assistant (binary)

qt3-designer (binary)

qt3-dev-tools (binary)

qt3-dev-tools-compat (binary)

qt4-demos (binary)

qt4-dev-tools (binary)

qt4-qmlviewer (binary)

qtcreator (binary)

qtemu (binary)

qtgain (binary)

qtmobility-dev (binary)

qtnx (binary)

qtscript-tools (binary)

quantum-common (binary)

quantum-dhcp-agent (binary)

quantum-espresso (binary)

quantum-l3-agent (binary)

quickml (binary)

quicktime-utils (binary)

quicktime-x11utils (binary)

quota (binary)

qv4l2 (binary)

qviaggiatreno (binary)

qwbfsmanager (binary)

racket (binary)

radeontool (binary)

radiance (binary)

radiusclient1 (binary)

rakarrack (binary)

rarian-compat (binary)

rasterlite-bin (binary)

rat (binary)

rdsconsole (binary)

rdsserver (binary)

rdsutils (binary)

rdup (binary)

reaver (binary)

rebuildd (binary)

recorditnow (binary)

recoverdm (binary)

redboot-tools (binary)

redis-server (binary)

referencer (binary)

rekonq (binary)

resource-agents (binary) overridden

rest-bench (binary)

rgmanager (binary)

ripmake (binary)

ripoff (binary)

ripperx (binary)

robojournal (binary)

rocs (binary)

routino (binary)

rox-filer (binary)

roxterm-gtk2 (binary)

roxterm-gtk3 (binary)

rsbac-klogd (binary)

rss-glx (binary)

rss2irc (binary)

rtmpdump (binary)

ruby-bio (binary)

ruby-bundler (binary) overridden

ruby-diff-lcs (binary)

ruby-fog (binary)

ruby-god (binary)

ruby-hoe (binary)

ruby-merb-core (binary)

ruby-oauth (binary)

ruby-packet (binary)

ruby-railties-3.2 (binary)

ruby-ruby2ruby (binary)

ruby-rubyforge (binary)

ruby-rvm (binary)

ruby-sass (binary)

ruby-sprockets (binary)

ruby-term-ansicolor (binary)

ruby-thor (binary)

ruby-tioga (binary)

ruby-twitter4r (binary)

runsnakerun (binary)

rygel-preferences (binary)

safe-rm (binary) overridden

salliere (binary)

samba-tools (binary)

samba4 (binary)

samba4-clients (binary)

samba4-common-bin (binary)

sandbox-upgrader (binary)

sane-utils (binary)

sapgui-package (binary)

sasl2-bin (binary)

sauce (binary)

sbackup (binary)

sbackup-gtk (binary)

sbrsh (binary)

sbrshd (binary)

sc (binary)

scanbuttond (binary)

scantailor (binary)

scheme2c (binary)

scheme9 (binary)

schleuder (binary)

scilab-full-bin (binary)

scilab-minimal-bin (binary) overridden

scim-im-agent (binary)

scite (binary)

scmail (binary)

scmxx (binary)

scratchbox2 (binary)

scribble (binary)

scribes (binary)

sd (binary)

sdf (binary)

seivot (binary)

selinux (binary)

selinux-basics (binary)

selinux-utils (binary)

sendmail-bin (binary)

servicefw (binary)

sfact (binary)

sfcb (binary)

shared-mime-info (binary)

sheepdog (binary)

shntool (binary)

shotwell (binary)

sift (binary)

signon-plugin-oauth2-tests (binary)

signon-ui (binary)

signond (binary)

sigviewer (binary)

simgrid (binary)

simple-image-reducer (binary)

simutrans (binary)

sitesummary (binary)

sitesummary-client (binary)

skrooge (binary)

skyeye (binary)

slapos-client (binary)

slapos-node-unofficial (binary)

slimit (binary)

slony1-2-bin (binary)

smartdoc (binary)

smartmontools (binary)

smartshine (binary)

smb4k (binary)

smbios-utils (binary)

smoke-dev-tools (binary)

smokeping (binary)

smuxi-frontend-gnome (binary)

smuxi-frontend-stfl (binary)

smuxi-server (binary)

snappy (binary)

snmptt (binary)

software-center (binary)

software-center-aptdaemon-plugins (binary)

sogo (binary)

soprano-daemon (binary)

sordi (binary)

sortsmill-tools (binary)

soundkonverter (binary)

spambayes (binary)

spark (binary)

sparkleshare (binary)

sparse (binary)

spatialite-bin (binary)

spatialite-gui (binary)

speakup-tools (binary)

spectacle (binary)

speechd-up (binary)

spellcast (binary)

spfquery (binary)

sphinxsearch (binary)

spl-core (binary)

spl-dev (binary)

spl-webspl (binary)

splat (binary)

sra-toolkit (binary)

srcinst (binary)

srtp-utils (binary)

ssh-contact-client (binary)

ssl-cert-check (binary)

staden-io-lib-utils (binary)

starpu-top (binary)

startactive (binary)

step (binary)

stgit-contrib (binary)

stow (binary)

strigi-client (binary)

strigi-daemon (binary)

strigi-utils (binary)

submux-dvd (binary)

subtitleripper (binary)

subunit (binary)

subversion (binary)

subversion-tools (binary)

suckless-tools (binary)

sugar-emulator-0.96 (binary)

sugar-session-0.96 (binary)

sugar-tools-0.96 (binary)

supervisor (binary)

svgtoipe (binary)

svn-workbench (binary)

swauth (binary)

sweeper (binary)

swell-foop (binary)

swi-prolog-x (binary)

swift (binary)

swift-account (binary)

swift-container (binary)

swift-object (binary)

swift-proxy (binary)

swig (binary)

swish-e-dev (binary)

sympa (binary)

sympow (binary)

synaptic (binary)

syncevolution-http (binary)

sysinfo (binary)

sysrqd (binary)

system-config-cluster (binary)

system-config-printer-common (binary)

system-config-printer-gnome (binary)

systemsettings (binary)

t38modem (binary)

tads2 (binary)

tads2-dev (binary)

tads3 (binary)

tads3-dev (binary)

tao-cosconcurrency (binary)

tao-cosevent (binary)

tao-coslifecycle (binary)

tao-cosnaming (binary)

tao-cosnotification (binary)

tao-costime (binary)

tao-costrading (binary)

tao-ft (binary)

tao-ftrtevent (binary)

tao-ifr (binary)

tao-imr (binary)

tao-load (binary)

tao-rtevent (binary)

tao-scheduling (binary)

targetcli (binary)

tasks-mobile (binary)

tau (binary)

tau-racy (binary)

tboot (binary)

tcd-utils (binary)

tcl-combat (binary)

tclcsound (binary) overridden

tcm (binary)

tcputils (binary)

telepathy-indicator (binary)

tessa (binary)

tessa-mpi (binary)

tesseract-ocr (binary)

testdrive-gtk (binary)

testrepository (binary)

tetzle (binary)

texlive-base (binary)

texlive-bibtex-extra (binary)

texlive-binaries (binary)

texlive-extra-utils (binary)

texlive-font-utils (binary)

texlive-lang-cjk (binary)

texlive-lang-greek (binary)

texlive-lang-indic (binary)

texlive-latex-base (binary)

texlive-latex-extra (binary)

texlive-luatex (binary)

texlive-pictures (binary)

texlive-pstricks (binary)

texlive-science (binary)

texlive-xetex (binary)

tf (binary)

thepeg (binary) overridden

thepeg-gui (binary) overridden

thewidgetfactory (binary)

thin-client-config-agent (binary)

thin-client-manager-backend (binary)

thrift-compiler (binary)

thuban (binary)

thunar (binary)

thunar-volman (binary)

tilestache (binary)

timps (binary)

tinyeartrainer (binary)

tkdesk (binary)

tkgate (binary)

tmispell-voikko (binary)

tnat64 (binary)

topgit (binary)

tophat (binary)

tora (binary)

torque-client (binary)

torque-client-x11 (binary)

torque-mom (binary)

torque-scheduler (binary)

torque-server (binary)

totem (binary)

touchegg (binary)

tpclient-pywx (binary)

tpm-tools (binary)

tracker-explorer (binary)

trafficserver (binary)

trafficserver-dev (binary)

transcode (binary)

transset (binary)

triangle-bin (binary)

trimage (binary)

trousers (binary)

tsocks (binary)

tty-clock (binary)

ttytter (binary)

tucnak2 (binary)

tulip (binary)

tuxfootball (binary)

tuxmath (binary)

tvnamer (binary)

twoftpd (binary)

tzdata (binary)

ubiquity (binary)

ubiquity-casper (binary)

ubumirror (binary)

ubuntu-drivers-common (binary)

ubuntu-online-tour (binary) overridden

ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt (binary)

ubuntuone-client (binary)

ubuntuone-couch (binary)

uck (binary)

ucspi-proxy (binary)

ucspi-tcp (binary)

ucspi-tcp-ipv6 (binary)

udev-discover (binary)

udftools (binary)

udisks (binary)

udisks2 (binary) overridden

udunits-bin (binary)

uim-dict-gtk (binary) overridden

uim-dict-gtk3 (binary) overridden

uim-el (binary) overridden

uim-fep (binary) overridden

uim-gtk2.0 (binary) overridden

uim-gtk3 (binary) overridden

uim-m17nlib (binary) overridden

uim-qt (binary) overridden

uim-utils (binary) overridden

uml-utilities (binary)

unagi (binary)

unattended-upgrades (binary)

unbound (binary)

undertaker (binary)

unity-webapps-service (binary)

unixodbc-bin (binary)

unscd (binary)

update-manager-core (binary)

update-manager-text (binary)

update-notifier (binary)

upstart (binary)

usb-modeswitch (binary)

usbutils (binary)

user-setup (binary) overridden

util-linux (binary)

util-vserver (binary)

v4l-utils (binary)

vagrant (binary)

vala-dep-scanner (binary)

valac-0.10 (binary)

valac-0.12 (binary)

valac-0.14 (binary)

valac-0.16 (binary)

valac-0.18 (binary)

valgrind (binary)

vdpauinfo (binary)

vdr-genindex (binary)

vflib3 (binary)

vflib3-bin (binary)

vflib3-dev (binary)

vftool (binary)

via-bin (binary)

viewvc-query (binary)

vile (binary) overridden

vim (binary) overridden

vim-athena (binary) overridden

vim-gnome (binary) overridden

vim-gtk (binary) overridden

vim-nox (binary) overridden

vim-tiny (binary) overridden

vino (binary)

vistrails (binary)

visualvm (binary)

vpim (binary)

vpx-tools (binary)

vrfy (binary)

vsd2odg (binary)

vtgrab (binary)

vzctl (binary)

walinuxagent (binary)

wally (binary)

wbemcli (binary)

weathermap4rrd (binary)

websockify (binary)

weirdx (binary)

weston (binary)

whoopsie (binary)

whyteboard (binary)

winbind4 (binary)

wine1.4 (binary)

wine1.4-amd64 (binary)

wine1.4-i386 (binary)

winetricks (binary)

wmii (binary)

wodim (binary)

wpd2odt (binary)

wpg2odg (binary)

wps2odt (binary)

writer2latex (binary)

wsjt (binary)

wv (binary)

x11-common (binary) overridden

x11-xserver-utils (binary)

xaralx-svg (binary)

xcutmp3 (binary)

xdg-user-dirs (binary)

xdg-user-dirs-gtk (binary)

xdiagnose (binary)

xdmx-tools (binary)

xemacs21-support (binary)

xen-utils-common (binary)

xenomai-runtime (binary)

xenstore-utils (binary)

xenwatch (binary)

xfce4-clipman (binary)

xfce4-dev-tools (binary)

xfce4-notes (binary)

xfce4-panel (binary)

xfce4-places-plugin (binary)

xfce4-power-manager (binary)

xfce4-session (binary)

xfce4-volumed (binary)

xfoil (binary)

xfprint4 (binary)

xicc (binary)

xine-console (binary)

xjdic (binary)

xkbset (binary)

xl2tpd (binary)

xmacro (binary)

xmlbeans (binary)

xnec2c (binary)

xoo (binary)

xorp (binary)

xpilot-extra (binary)

xqf (binary)

xrdp (binary)

xresprobe (binary)

xserver-xfbdev (binary)

xserver-xorg (binary) overridden

xserver-xorg-dev (binary)

xserver-xorg-input-wacom (binary)

xserver-xorg-video-vmware (binary)

xsettings-kde (binary)

xtel (binary)

xvattr (binary)

xvid4conf (binary)

xye (binary)

yagiuda (binary)

yate-qt4 (binary)

yelp-tools (binary)

yesod (binary)

yubikey-server-c (binary)

yum-utils (binary) overridden

z88 (binary)

z88dk-bin (binary) overridden

zanshin (binary)

zemberek-java-demo (binary)

zend-framework-bin (binary)

zenity (binary)

zenmap (binary)

zescrow-client (binary)

zh-autoconvert (binary)

zinnia-utils (binary) overridden

zita-alsa-pcmi-utils (binary)

zoneminder (binary)

zookeeper (binary)

ztclocalagent (binary)

zutils (binary)

zygrib (binary)