I binary-control-field-duplicates-source

All reports of binary-control-field-duplicates-source for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

In debian/control, this field for a binary package duplicates the value inherited from the source package paragraph. This doesn't hurt anything, but you may want to take advantage of the inheritance and set the value in only one place. It prevents missing duplicate places that need to be fixed if the value ever changes.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: control-file, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

abuse-sdl (source)

adacontrol (source)

addresses-for-gnustep (source)

afnix (source)

agda (source)

alien (source)

allegro4.2 (source)

alpine (source)

am-utils (source)

amiga-fdisk (source)

ant1.7 (source)

aolserver4 (source)

apcalc (source)

apertium (source)

apmd (source)

appmenu-gtk (source)

apt-src (source)

apwal (source)

argyll (source)

armadillo (source)

asis (source)

aspell-hu (source)

astk (source)

aubio (source)

audio-convert (source)

augeas (source)

automake (source)

avahi (source)

avarice (source)

avrdude (source)

babel (source)

bakery2.6 (source)

ball (source)

barada-pam (source)

base-files (source)

bash (source)

bcron (source)

binutils (source)

binutils-avr (source)

binutils-m68hc1x (source)

biosig4c++ (source)

bird (source)

bison (source)

blends (source)

blockade (source)

blt (source)

bobcat (source)

bognor-regis (source)

boolstuff (source)

boost-mpi-source1.49 (source)

boost1.49 (source)

boost1.50 (source)

booth (source)

botan1.10 (source)

brltty (source)

bullet (source)

bzip2 (source)

cagibi (source)

cairo (source)

cairomm (source)

cal3d (source)

calligra (source)

camlidl-doc (source)

cardstories (source)

casper (source)

cbedic (source)

cbflib (source)

ccfits (source)

cclib (source)

cclib-data (source)

cddlib (source)

cdo (source)

cdrdao (source)

celt (source)

cgilib (source)

cgsi-gsoap (source)

chase (source)

checkbot (source)

chiark-utils (source)

chicken (source)

chise-base (source)

cl-launch (source)

clam (source)

clearsilver (source)

clirr (source)

cln (source)

cloog (source)

cloog-parma (source)

cloog-ppl (source)

clucene-core (source)

clutter-gesture (source)

clutter-gst-2.0 (source)

clutter-imcontext (source)

cnf (source)

code-saturne (source)

colorblind (source)

concurrent-dfsg (source)

confuse (source)

console-cyrillic (source)

console-data (source)

console-setup (source)

console-tools (source)

consolekit (source)

context (source)

context-modules (source)

corosync (source)

couchdb-glib (source)

cppunit (source)

cramfs (source)

crashmail (source)

crasm (source)

ctn (source)

cudf (source)

cunit (source)

cups (source)

cups-filters (source)

cutter-testing-framework (source)

cvector (source)

cvs-buildpackage (source)

cwidget (source)

cxref (source)

cyrus-imapd-2.4 (source)

dacs (source)

dancer-xml (source)

daq (source)

db (source)

db-defaults (source)

dbacl (source)

dballe (source)

dbus-java (source)

dconf-qt (source)

dcraw (source)

debian-faq (source)

debian-installer-launcher (source)

debiandoc-sgml-doc (source)

debiandoc-sgml-doc-pt-br (source)

debianutils (source)

debram (source)

debtags (source)

desktop-webmail (source)

devio (source)

dhis-tools-dns (source)

di-netboot-assistant (source)

diffmon (source)

distorm64 (source)

dita-ot (source)

dmapi (source)

doc-linux-fr (source)

doc-linux-ja (source)

doc-linux-nonfree (source)

dolphin-plugins-bazaar (source)

doodle (source)

dotconf (source)

drbd8 (source)

drift (source)

dtaus (source)

dv4l (source)

dvbstreamer (source)

dvdtape (source)

dxflib (source)

dynamite (source)

dzen2 (source)

eb (source)

ecryptfs-utils (source)

edgy-community-wallpapers (source)

edgy-session-splashes (source)

edgy-wallpapers (source)

eglibc (source)

elastix (source)

electric-fence (source)

elmer-doc (source)

elmerfem (source)

emacs23-non-dfsg (source)

emacs24-non-dfsg (source)

epic5 (source)

espeakup (source)

espresso (source)

etckeeper (source)

eventlog (source)

evolver (source)

exempi (source)

exo (source)

extrema (source)

eyed3 (source)

ez-ipupdate (source)

eztrace (source)

fastlink (source)

fatsort (source)

feel++ (source)

feh (source)

feisty-session-splashes (source)

feisty-wallpapers (source)

fftw (source)

file (source)

firedns (source)

firestring (source)

fish (source)

flex (source)

flex-old (source)

flickcurl (source)

flint (source)

fontconfig (source)

fonts-larabie (source)

fonts-unikurdweb (source)

fortunes-bg (source)

freeipmi (source)

freerdp (source)

freetts (source)

freetype (source)

frei0r (source)

ftgl (source)

fuse (source)

fwts (source)

fxt (source)

g15composer (source)

g15daemon (source)

g15macro (source)

g15stats (source)

gadmin-bind (source)

gambas3 (source)

gauche (source)

gcc-3.3 (source)

gcc-4.4 (source)

gcc-4.4-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.4-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.5 (source)

gcc-4.5-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.5-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.6 (source)

gcc-4.6-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.6-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-4.7 (source)

gcc-4.7-armel-cross (source)

gcc-4.7-armhf-cross (source)

gcc-avr (source)

gcc-defaults (source)

gcc-m68hc1x (source)

gcc-snapshot (source)

gcj-4.6 (source)

gcj-4.7 (source)

gconfmm2.6 (source)

gdal (source)

gdb (source)

gdb-avr (source)

gdc-4.4 (source)

gdc-4.6 (source)

gecode (source)

geki2 (source)

geki3 (source)

geneweb (source)

geomview (source)

getfem++ (source)

gettext (source)

gfaim (source)

gfarm (source)

gifticlib (source)

gigolo (source)

ginac (source)

git-annex (source)

github-backup (source)

glade-3 (source)

glbsp (source)

glee (source)

glibmm2.4 (source)

globus-common (source)

globus-core (source)

globus-gass-cache-program (source)

globus-gass-copy (source)

globus-gass-server-ez (source)

globus-gatekeeper (source)

globus-gfork (source)

globus-gram-audit (source)

globus-gram-client-tools (source)

globus-gram-job-manager (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-condor (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-fork (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-pbs (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-scripts (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-sge (source)

globus-gridftp-server (source)

globus-gsi-cert-utils (source)

globus-gss-assist (source)

globus-openssl-module (source)

globus-proxy-utils (source)

globus-rls-client (source)

globus-rls-server (source)

globus-scheduler-event-generator (source)

globus-simple-ca (source)

globus-xioperf (source)

gloox (source)

glrr (source)

glrr-widgets (source)

gmod (source)

gmp (source)

gmp-doc (source)

gmp4 (source)

gnat-4.6 (source)

gnelib (source)

gnet (source)

gnome-control-center (source)

gnome-hwp-support (source)

gnome-icon-theme (source)

gnome-icon-theme-extras (source)

gnome-icon-theme-symbolic (source)

gnome-panel (source)

gnome-speech (source)

gnome-vfsmm2.6 (source)

gnudoq (source)

gnus (source)

gnuvd (source)

goffice (source)

google-perftools (source)

gopersist (source)

gosmore (source)

gpe-clock (source)

gpgme1.0 (source)

gpm (source)

graphite2 (source)

grass (source)

gray-theme (source)

gretl (source)

gri (source)

grib-api (source)

gsettings-desktop-schemas (source)

gsfonts-other (source)

gsl (source)

gsmlib (source)

gsoap (source)

gssdp (source)

gst-chromaprint (source)

gst-fluendo-mp3 (source)

gst-libav1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-bad-multiverse0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-bad0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-bad1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-base0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-base1.0 (source)

gst-plugins-good0.10 (source)

gst-plugins-good1.0 (source)

gstreamer-vaapi (source)

gstreamer0.10 (source)

gstreamer0.10-editing-services (source)

gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg (source)

gstreamer1.0 (source)

gstreamermm (source)

gtg-trace (source)

gtick (source)

gtk-chtheme (source)

gtk2-engines-xfce (source)

gtkglext (source)

gtkhotkey (source)

gtkmm-documentation (source)

gtkmm2.4 (source)

gtkmm3.0 (source)

gtkspell (source)

guacamole (source)

guacd (source)

guava (source)

gui-apt-key (source)

gupnp (source)

gupnp-av (source)

gupnp-dlna (source)

gutenprint (source)

gutsy-wallpapers (source)

gypsy (source)

haml-elisp (source)

haskell-dummy (source)

haskell-hscurses (source)

haskell-hsh (source)

haskell-stream (source)

haskell-uulib (source)

haxe (source)

hdf5 (source)

hesiod (source)

hfsplus (source)

hivex (source)

hoauth (source)

honeyd (source)

horae (source)

hplip (source)

htag (source)

hugs98 (source)

human-netbook-theme (source)

hyphen (source)

i2c-tools (source)

ibam (source)

icon-naming-utils (source)

icu (source)

ido (source)

ido-gtk2 (source)

ifstat (source)

iirish (source)

imlib2 (source)

indent (source)

indigo (source)

industrialtango-theme (source)

inetutils (source)

inform (source)

inkscape (source)

inventor (source)

isakmpd (source)

isc-dhcp (source)

isl (source)

itcl3 (source)

itk3 (source)

itksnap (source)

iwidgets4 (source)

jana (source)

jasper (source)

jasper-initramfs (source)

jaula (source)

jbig2dec (source)

jbigkit (source)

jetring (source)

jigit (source)

jspwiki (source)

jts (source)

judy (source)

jython (source)

kannel (source)

kde-icons-crystal (source)

kdeadmin (source)

kdenetwork (source)

kdepim (source)

kdepim-runtime (source)

kdepimlibs (source)

kdesvn (source)

kdewebdev (source)

kdrill (source)

keepalived (source)

keybinder-3.0 (source)

keyutils (source)

kgraphviewer (source)

kimwitu++ (source)

kluppe (source)

kmflcomp (source)

knot (source)

kolab-cyrus-imapd (source)

krb5 (source)

kubuntu-web-shortcuts (source)

lam (source)

lasi (source)

lasso (source)

latd (source)

launchpad-integration (source)

lcgdm (source)

lcms (source)

lcms2 (source)

lcov (source)

ldap-haskell (source)

ldns (source)

legacyhuman-theme (source)

leptonlib (source)

libaccounts-glib (source)

libaccounts-qt (source)

libacpi (source)

libai-fann-perl (source)

libalberta2 (source)

libantlr3c (source)

libappframework-java (source)

libapreq2 (source)

libaqbanking (source)

libassa (source)

libatasmart (source)

libatomic-ops (source)

libaudiomask (source)

libaunit (source)

libaws (source)

libbind (source)

libbinio (source)

libbitmask (source)

libblocksruntime (source)

libbpp-core (source)

libbpp-phyl (source)

libbpp-popgen (source)

libbpp-qt (source)

libbpp-raa (source)

libbpp-seq (source)

libcaca (source)

libcap-ng (source)

libccss (source)

libcdio (source)

libcdr (source)

libcgi-formalware-perl (source)

libcgi-xml-perl (source)

libcgi-xmlapplication-perl (source)

libcgi-xmlform-perl (source)

libcgic (source)

libcgicc (source)

libchemistry-formula-perl (source)

libchipcard (source)

libcli (source)

libcmis (source)

libcompface (source)

libconfigreader-perl (source)

libconstantine-java (source)

libcontactsdb (source)

libcorelinux (source)

libcoyotl (source)

libcpuset (source)

libcroco (source)

libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl (source)

libcrypto++ (source)

libcsoap (source)

libctapimkt (source)

libcxgb3 (source)

libdbix-xml-rdb-perl (source)

libdbix-xmlmessage-perl (source)

libdc1394-22 (source)

libdecodeqr (source)

libdispatch (source)

libdisplaymigration (source)

libdjconsole (source)

libdkim (source)

libdlna (source)

libdmapsharing (source)

libdri2 (source)

libdrm (source)

libdshconfig (source)

libdumb (source)

libdvdnav (source)

libedit (source)

libee (source)

libelf (source)

libept (source)

liberror-perl (source)

libesmtp (source)

libestr (source)

libevent1 (source)

libevocosm (source)

libextractor (source)

libextractor-java (source)

libexttextcat (source)

libfakekey (source)

libfcgi (source)

libffado (source)

libffi (source)

libflaim (source)

libflorist (source)

libforms (source)

libfortune-perl (source)

libftdi (source)

libfxscintilla (source)

libg15 (source)

libg15render (source)

libgconf-bridge (source)

libgdata (source)

libgdf (source)

libgee (source)

libgee-0.8 (source)

libgenome (source)

libgeotiff-dfsg (source)

libgeotiff-epsg (source)

libgetdata (source)

libgetopt-argvfile-perl (source)

libgetopt-mixed-perl (source)

libggi (source)

libggimisc (source)

libgii (source)

libglademm2.4 (source)

libgnome-media-profiles (source)

libgnomecanvasmm2.6 (source)

libgnomecups (source)

libgnomemm2.6 (source)

libgnomeprint (source)

libgnomeprintui (source)

libgnomeui (source)

libgnomeuimm2.6 (source)

libgpepimc (source)

libgpeschedule (source)

libgrapple (source)

libgsf (source)

libgsm (source)

libgssglue (source)

libgtkdatabox (source)

libgtksourceviewmm (source)

libguac (source)

libguac-client-rdp (source)

libguac-client-vnc (source)

libguestfs (source)

libgweather (source)

libgwenhywfar (source)

libhaapi (source)

libhangul (source)

libhdf4 (source)

libhmsbeagle (source)

libhtml-table-perl (source)

libhtp (source)

libhugetlbfs (source)

libhx (source)

libibcm (source)

libibmad (source)

libibtk (source)

libibumad (source)

libibverbs (source)

libident (source)

libidl (source)

libiec61883 (source)

libieee1284 (source)

libiksemel (source)

libimage-base-bundle-perl (source)

libimage-exiftool-perl (source)

libimage-info-perl (source)

libindicate (source)

libindicator (source)

libiodbc2 (source)

libipathverbs (source)

libiptcdata (source)

libircclient (source)

libitpp (source)

libjama (source)

libjconv (source)

libjgraphx-java (source)

libjlatexmath-java (source)

libjlha-java (source)

libjna-posix-java (source)

libjnr-posix-java (source)

libjsoncpp (source)

libkmfl (source)

libksba (source)

liblastfm (source)

liblinux-kernelsort-perl (source)

liblip (source)

liblo (source)

liblockfile (source)

liblognorm (source)

liblrdf (source)

liblunar (source)

libmailtools-perl (source)

libmatchbox (source)

libmcrypt (source)

libmdsp (source)

libmemcache (source)

libmesh (source)

libmimedir-gnome (source)

libmimic (source)

libmlx4 (source)

libmodelfile (source)

libmodplug (source)

libmpc (source)

libmpeg3 (source)

libmsv (source)

libmthca (source)

libmusicbrainz (source)

libmusicbrainz3 (source)

libnb-svnclientadapter-java (source)

libnes (source)

libnet-snpp-perl (source)

libnet-telnet-perl (source)

libnetfilter-cttimeout (source)

libnfsidmap (source)

libnids (source)

libnih (source)

libnoise (source)

libntlm (source)

libnzb (source)

libogg (source)

liboil (source)

libomxil-bellagio (source)

libomxil-components (source)

liboop (source)

libopenspc (source)

libopkele (source)

liborigin (source)

libowfat (source)

libpam-mount (source)

libpam-rsa (source)

libpcl1 (source)

libpcre++ (source)

libpeas (source)

libpgm (source)

libpng (source)

libpoe-component-client-ident-perl (source)

libprelude (source)

libpreludedb (source)

libprinterconf (source)

libprintsys (source)

libproc-pid-file-perl (source)

libpthread-stubs (source)

libpthread-workqueue (source)

libqb (source)

libqglviewer (source)

libranlip (source)

libraw1394 (source)

librcc (source)

librcps (source)

librdmacm (source)

librelp (source)

libresample (source)

libroman-perl (source)

libromana-perligata-perl (source)

librostlab (source)

librpcsecgss (source)

librsvg (source)

librtas (source)

libsdp (source)

libsexy (source)

libsgmls-perl (source)

libshout (source)

libsieve (source)

libsigc++ (source)

libsignon-glib (source)

libsigrok (source)

libsigrokdecode (source)

libsmbios (source)

libspf2 (source)

libspiro (source)

libstatgrab (source)

libstruts1.2-java (source)

libswingworker-java (source)

libsyncml (source)

libtcd (source)

libtemplates-parser (source)

libtext-typography-perl (source)

libtextwrap (source)

libticalcs (source)

libticonv (source)

libtifiles (source)

libtirpc (source)

libtk-img (source)

libtnt (source)

libtododb (source)

libtool (source)

libtrace3 (source)

libtrain (source)

libtuxcap (source)

libtwin (source)

libubuntuone (source)

libunicode-map-perl (source)

libunicode-maputf8-perl (source)

libuninameslist (source)

libuninum (source)

libunique3 (source)

libunity-misc (source)

libunity-webapps (source)

libusb (source)

libusbtc08 (source)

libusbx (source)

libuser (source)

libv8-i18n (source)

libverto (source)

libview (source)

libvisio (source)

libvmime (source)

libwacom (source)

libwebapp-ruby (source)

libwebp (source)

libwfut (source)

libwpg (source)

libwps (source)

libwsbm (source)

libxalan2-java (source)

libxbase (source)

libxcb (source)

libxcrypt (source)

libxfce4ui (source)

libxflaim (source)

libxml-csv-perl (source)

libxml-dom-perl (source)

libxml-namespacesupport-perl (source)

libxml-twig-perl (source)

libxml-xupdate-libxml-perl (source)

libxmlada (source)

libxmltok (source)

libxray-absorption-perl (source)

libxray-scattering-perl (source)

libxray-spacegroup-perl (source)

libxsettings (source)

libxsettings-client (source)

libyubikey (source)

libzapojit (source)

libzerg (source)

libzorpll (source)

lighttpd (source)

linux (source)

linux-firmware (source)

linux-firmware-nonfree (source)

linux-lowlatency (source)

linux-meta (source)

linux-meta-lowlatency (source)

linux-ntfs (source)

linux86 (source)

lksctp-tools (source)

lm-sensors (source)

lmbench (source)

lmodern (source)

localechooser (source)

lockdev (source)

log4cplus (source)

log4cpp (source)

loki (source)

luakit (source)

lvm2 (source)

lwipv6 (source)

lyskom-server (source)

lzlib (source)

madplay (source)

magic-haskell (source)

maildir-utils (source)

mailto (source)

make-dfsg (source)

make-doc-non-dfsg (source)

malaga (source)

maloc (source)

manpages (source)

manpages-fr (source)

manpages-fr-extra (source)

manpages-hu (source)

manpages-ja (source)

matchbox-desktop (source)

matlab-support (source)

matrixssl (source)

maven-ant-helper (source)

med-fichier (source)

menu-cache (source)

mesa (source)

mesa-demos (source)

meta-telepathy (source)

metacity (source)

mffm-fftw (source)

mhonarc (source)

micro-proxy (source)

mii-diag (source)

ming (source)

mingetty (source)

mit-scheme (source)

mjpegtools (source)

mmm-mode (source)

mod-mono (source)

mono-basic (source)

moodle-book (source)

mpclib (source)

mpich (source)

mr (source)

mriconvert (source)

mricron (source)

mrtgutils (source)

mrtrix (source)

mtr (source)

music (source)

mx (source)

myodbc (source)

myproxy (source)

mysql-connector-c++ (source)

nas (source)

nautilus-script-manager (source)

nautilus-svn-scripts (source)

nbd (source)

ncap (source)

ncpfs (source)

net-snmp (source)

netatalk (source)

netcdf (source)

netcf (source)

netmaze (source)

netpipe (source)

netw-ib-ox-ag (source)

network-manager-applet (source)

newt (source)

nexus (source)

nfdump (source)

nfs-utils (source)

nifticlib (source)

nodejs (source)

notmuch (source)

nspr (source)

nss (source)

nss-mdns (source)

ntfs-3g (source)

ntfs-config (source)

numactl (source)

nux (source)

nxcl (source)

nxcompshad (source)

obexd (source)

obexftp (source)

ocaml-expat (source)

oce (source)

ocfs2-tools (source)

oflib (source)

opari (source)

open-vm-tools (source)

openais (source)

opencascade (source)

opencsg (source)

openct (source)

opendnssec (source)

openhpi (source)

openipmi (source)

openjpeg (source)

openldap (source)

openmotif (source)

openoffice.org-dictionaries (source)

openoffice.org-en-au (source)

opensc (source)

openscap (source)

opensrs-client (source)

openssl (source)

openssl098 (source)

opentoken (source)

openturns (source)

openvas-libnasl (source)

openvas-libraries (source)

orage (source)

orc (source)

oroborus (source)

osgearth (source)

osptoolkit (source)

otf (source)

otpw (source)

outdoors-theme (source)

overlay-scrollbar (source)

oxygen-icons (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

pacparser (source)

pam (source)

pandoc (source)

pango-graphite (source)

pari (source)

parmetis (source)

parser-mysql (source)

pciutils (source)

pcre3 (source)

pdns (source)

peace-look (source)

pegasus-wms (source)

performous (source)

perl (source)

pfqueue (source)

pgtap (source)

phylip (source)

pidentd (source)

pidgin (source)

pigment (source)

pkcs11-helper (source)

pkgsel (source)

plexus-container-default (source)

ploticus (source)

pmw (source)

poker-engine (source)

poker-network (source)

polarssl (source)

popt (source)

portmidi (source)

poster (source)

potrace (source)

pp-popularity-contest (source)

ppp (source)

pristine-tar (source)

profnet (source)

proj (source)

protobuf-c (source)

purelibc (source)

pwlib (source)

pwrkap (source)

pxlib (source)

py-radix (source)

python-defer (source)

python-gevent (source)

python-launchpadlib-toolkit (source)

python-melangeclient (source)

python-meld3 (source)

python-quantities (source)

python-wordpress-library (source)

python-wxmpl (source)

python2.7 (source)

python3.2 (source)

python3.3 (source)

pythoncard (source)

qbankmanager (source)

qd (source)

qedje (source)

qemu-kvm (source)

qfits (source)

qoauth (source)

qpdf (source)

qt-x11-free (source)

qtnx (source)

quagga (source)

quantlib-refman-html (source)

qutemol (source)

qzion (source)

rafkill (source)

randomplay (source)

rdate (source)

rdkit (source)

rds (source)

readline5 (source)

readline6 (source)

recode (source)

recutils (source)

regina-normal (source)

rescue (source)

rheolef (source)

ri-li (source)

rlog (source)

rrdcollect (source)

rsyslog (source)

rtai (source)

rubberband (source)

ruby-extlib (source)

ruby-filesystem (source)

ruby-imagesize (source)

ruby-moneta (source)

ruby-net-netrc (source)

ruby-nora (source)

ruli (source)

rxp (source)

salliere (source)

samba (source)

sampleicc (source)

sane-backends (source)

sane-frontends (source)

sash (source)

sass-elisp (source)

sblim-cmpi-devel (source)

sblim-wbemcli (source)

scalable-cyrfonts (source)

scalc (source)

scim-kmfl-imengine (source)

scm (source)

scowl (source)

scribus-doc (source)

scribus-ng-doc (source)

scribus-template (source)

sdf (source)

sendfile (source)

sendip (source)

sendmail (source)

sensible-utils (source)

serf (source)

sfact (source)

sgml-base (source)

shapetools (source)

sharutils (source)

shhmsg (source)

shhopt (source)

sidplay-base (source)

sidplayfp (source)

signon (source)

signon-plugin-oauth2 (source)

silgraphite2.0 (source)

silicon-theme (source)

slepc (source)

snappy (source)

snmp-mibs-downloader (source)

snort (source)

socklog (source)

sofia-sip (source)

softhsm (source)

sope (source)

sp-gxmlcpp (source)

spacearyarya (source)

sparse (source)

spring-kernelpanic (source)

sprng (source)

squizz (source)

srcinst (source)

srtp (source)

starpu (source)

stimfit (source)

suikyo (source)

sun-javadb (source)

sweep (source)

swift-im (source)

sysklogd (source)

sysprofile (source)

system-config-cluster (source)

system-integrity-check (source)

t1lib (source)

tagcoll2 (source)

tamil-gtk2im (source)

tango (source)

tango-icon-theme-common (source)

tango-icon-theme-extras (source)

tarantool (source)

tcl8.4 (source)

tcl8.5 (source)

tcllib (source)

tclreadline (source)

tcltk-defaults (source)

tcludp (source)

tclx8.4 (source)

telepathy-logger-qt (source)

tex-gyre (source)

texinfo (source)

thunar (source)

thunar-vfs (source)

thunar-volman (source)

tidy (source)

timidity (source)

tinyxml2 (source)

tix (source)

tk8.4 (source)

tk8.5 (source)

tkdesk (source)

tklib (source)

togl (source)

tolua (source)

torch3 (source)

towitoko (source)

tpm-tools (source)

trace-cmd (source)

trackballs (source)

triangle (source)

tropic-look (source)

trscripts (source)

tumbler (source)

tuxguitar (source)

twatch (source)

twitter-bootstrap (source)

twolame (source)

u1db (source)

uae (source)

ubuntu-keyring (source)

ubuntu-sso-client (source)

ubuntuone-client-gnome (source)

ubuntuone-control-panel (source)

ubuntustudio-controls (source)

ubuntustudio-icon-theme (source)

uchardet (source)

uclmmbase (source)

uddi4j (source)

udns (source)

udunits (source)

unac (source)

unicap (source)

unittest++ (source)

unixodbc (source)

unixodbc-gui-qt (source)

unshield (source)

uphpmvault (source)

urg (source)

usbutils (source)

user-setup (source)

util-linux (source)

uw-imap (source)

vanessa-logger (source)

vanessa-socket (source)

vblade-persist (source)

vcheck (source)

vde2 (source)

vdk2 (source)

vdkbuilder2 (source)

vdkxdb2 (source)

vdr (source)

vdr-plugin-mp3 (source)

vdr-plugin-streamdev (source)

vdr-plugin-svdrposd (source)

vdr-plugin-svdrpservice (source)

vera (source)

vflib3 (source)

via (source)

vips (source)

vistrails (source)

vlan (source)

vm (source)

vmfs-tools (source)

volpack (source)

voms (source)

voms-api-java (source)

voms-mysql-plugin (source)

voxbo (source)

vpb-driver (source)

vpim (source)

vrb (source)

vtk (source)

wader (source)

wbxml2 (source)

wdiff (source)

webkit (source)

webrtc-audio-processing (source)

wiipdf (source)

wine1.4 (source)

wireless-tools (source)

wmaker-data (source)

wmaloader (source)

wmbutton (source)

wmcdplay (source)

wmppp.app (source)

wmrack (source)

wreport (source)

wsil4j (source)

x2x (source)

xapian-bindings (source)

xapian-core (source)

xapian-omega (source)

xcircuit (source)

xdb (source)

xenomai (source)

xf86-input-wacom (source)

xfaces (source)

xfce4 (source)

xfce4-appfinder (source)

xfce4-clipman-plugin (source)

xfce4-dev-tools (source)

xfce4-mailwatch-plugin (source)

xfce4-mixer (source)

xfce4-notifyd (source)

xfce4-panel (source)

xfce4-power-manager (source)

xfce4-session (source)

xfce4-settings (source)

xfce4-systemload-plugin (source)

xfce4-terminal (source)

xfce4-wavelan-plugin (source)

xfconf (source)

xfdesktop4 (source)

xfonts-bolkhov (source)

xfonts-cronyx (source)

xfonts-terminus (source)

xfprint4 (source)

xfwm4 (source)

xfwm4-themes (source)

xlockmore (source)

xmlrpc-c (source)

xmlrpc-epi (source)

xmlsec1 (source)

xmltex (source)

xmlunit (source)

xmorph (source)

xmpi (source)

xorg (source)

xplc (source)

xsane (source)

xscavenger (source)

xvt (source)

xzip (source)

yappy (source)

ygl (source)

ykclient (source)

yubikey-personalization (source)

yui (source)

yui3 (source)

zec (source)

zeroc-ice (source)

zeroc-ice-manual (source)

zeroc-icee (source)

zeroc-icee-java (source)

zeroc-icee-translators (source)

zlib (source)

zorp (source)

zsh-beta (source)

ztc (source)

zthreads (source)

zutils (source)

zziplib (source)

zzuf (source)